The Felt on the Keyboard, feels nice, BUT


I really like the soft feel of the felt on the V keyboard, but EVERYTHING sticks to it. I REALLY don’t like that my V always looks dirty. :frowning: You guys should create one with the same material as the V itself and offer backers a significant discount, or allow us to send this one back in exchange.

P.S. for the most part, love my V though. :slight_smile:


By felt do you mean Alcantara?


Just clean it then. Yes it will collect dust etc but is easily cleaned with a sticky roll


I don’t agree Eve should be exchanging them, but we will need a way to buy replacement keyboards at some point and to offer a different material might be nice.


Dont know where you guys are keeping your keyboards, how your home/office looks like, but I been using V for a week, on lap, on bed, on table, on beanbag… everywhere… and its clean, few white dust dots just cleans with a swipe of a hand, not much more dust on V than was on my older laptop… so clean up your homes first :slight_smile:


Pretty sure this is the most stupid thing I have seen put on here as a point. It was always going to be Alcantara and has been extensively tested by K and it is a great material.


The alcantara does pick up dust easily, but it also wipes off very easily. I just wipe mine with my hand every once and a while and it stays clean.


Thanks a lot. So I disagree with the OP, who said that Eve should take back the original keyboards, and get called stupid. Oh well.


A ordinary microfiber cloth works very good too.


Offering a discount or allowing you to send them back in exchange for new ones is really unrealistic. I’d have to agree with @olires and say they should sell replacement keyboards on the store, not just because of the Alcantara material but just in general in case you spill on it or break it. It should be available to V users as a readily accessible and replaceable part. Would be nice to have different colour/material options in the future too!


Sorry I misread your reply and apologise, I agree that there should be no reason to replace the keyboards as we all knew what they were going to be like.


The same material is the material of choice in a lot of cars for interior trim panels, because of its hard wearing nature. We also knew this was coming well before the product launched.


As @olires says, I think it would be nice the replacement keyboards without Alcantara is available in the future. Palm area of the keyboard of the laptop must be always a major problem in every product. It gets easily dirty and damaged. If V sells the one with flat palm area, DBrand will prepare the skin for that (sorry for poor joke).


Hello everyone, thanks for all the input. I am pretty offended by a couple of the comments. We are a community, right? I gave honest feedback on a feature I am not satisfied with. @MariusLT telling me to “clean up” my home is uncalled for. You have no idea how I live or what my circumstances are. I keep a very clean home and office, but I have kids, I have pets. That wasn’t constructive, it was just rude. @nickdbaker you are also entitled to your opinion, if you like the Alcantara, great, I am happy for you. I don’t, you don’t need to call me or my concern “Stupid.” That is not helpful. This is the problem with the world today, if you can say something nice or helpful, don’t speak. I am not trolling these forums looking to insult people. I like the people that gave constructive ideas like a sticky roller or soft cloth. That being said, I don’t think I should have to sticky roller my keyboard. I am happy to buy a new one if it is offered.


Ok, @cdmcmillon, sorry for that “clean up” part. My mistake.
Other than that, if you have dogs and kids, then - yes. plastic or metal probably fits better for you.
In other circumstances, alcantara works really great as described in my comment.
Had a plastic-body and metal-body laptops before V, so probably metal is the best solution in terms of keeping it clean in messy situations.

Again, sorry for insulting comment.


@MariusLT appreciate that, it just proves that what works from some, may not work for others. I also realize you can make 100% of the people 100% of the time. I would just like the option of having a metal bodied keyboard that matches the rest of the V. :slight_smile: