The Eve V - too strong associations with Eevee?


Just a simple question, from the oh-so-nice-and-not-childish @pauliunas, what would you think of the potential association with Pokemon that naming the PF V might lead to?

P.S. This is just a silly, off-topics poll for those interested. :wink:

  • I don’t mind
  • I want the PF to be associated with Eevee
  • I don’t want to to be associated with child toys

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I really really really don’t mind :slight_smile:



Sorry to say this, but what a crappy poll is this?

Not just that it does absolutely not represent what @pauliunas stated in the other thread … Do we really have to waste our time on the personal offense you took from his comment?
Maybe you can sort it out in a private conversation (or a mature discussion in the naming-thread) but pls spare est of us with stuff like this :angry:



I took no offence at this. No idea where you got that from.
This is just a silly, off-topics poll for those interested.



Coming from someone who plays those “childish games” that no one over 20 plays (except quite a bunch of people I know) and who checks out reddit (where in the Pokémon go subreddit there still are a huge amount of people - also partially over 30 are hanging around) and I don’t mind an unofficial association with Eevee the cute & adaptable and but also strong Pokémon :slight_smile:



I also vote for a waterproof Pyramid Flipper with the name Vaporeon! :smiley:
Also a version with extra battery called Jolteon would be high on my wishlist :wink:



The one that started it all…


#8 common, its amazing! Also Eevee’s friend Pikachu has Thunderbolt!!!



@Tirigon, take it easy. This is an off topic thread so participation is voluntary. I think the Idea behind thread is fun but I agree with you that thread should not be started by saying some of our eve family members are childish.

@nawthor, please edit start of your post accordingly. Let’s not start threads by igniting argument with certain members. I bet you wouldnt like if @pauliunas would start the thread same way:) Otherwise it’s a great poll:)



I said “not-childish”. If that came across as sarcastic, this was not my intention. I was just trying to poke a little fun at @pauliunas seeming fear of being childish. I do not regard @pauliunas as childish.

If you have taken any offence at this @pauliunas, I am sorry. It was not my intention to offend you.



For the record, I don’t mind at all xD it’s a fun thread and it’s interesting to find out what people think. @nawthor I hope I didn’t offend you by asking for it :slight_smile: the results are indeed very interesting and totally absolutely against my expectations. Maybe because the majority of our community is young people?

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Greeeat guys! So we count it closed)



Offend me? How? I know very well your stance on things you regard as childish, so I was honestly expecting it to come up at some point.

I told you Pokemon is popular even outside the target audience.



I’m totally for it because this name is doing everything I felt was lacking with the previous name. People are associating something with the product as well as with the company logo. It’s a simple name. easy to say.
P.S. I’m not a young person at all. haha



I think it would be great if once we have full specs and dimensions if we could have a thread like this one where we could post links to Eevee or Pokémon products that are compatible with our product. Wireless mouse, pens, laptop sleeve perhaps?



Sorry but that would be like bundling teddy bears with the device.



Haha, I def never said bundle, in fact I never even suggested Eve sell them directly. All I suggested was perhaps have a little fun with the unofficial association of the V with Eevee and see what accessories one could find in stores or on EBay.

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Yeah I understand that. But IMO what you said would be hilarious, stupid (not necesserily in a bad way) and a bit creepy at the same time. Just like bundling soft toys with a tablet :smiley:



While were at it why not toss in this guys twitter handle :wink:

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Agreed. Based on a recent poll on his own twitter account people apparently pronounce his handle as EEVEE leaks :smiley: