The Eve Stream is LIVE NOW!



Hiya people!

The Stream is now LIVE! Watch it right here!


Competition can close down now. Eve V is coming.


Some notes for those who couldn’t watch the stream live:

Most important facts first: Konstas cat couldn’t make it for the live screen. She is very sorry. A picture will come with every V.
(No, that was a joke).

What about the newest battery runtime tests? With new screen and new Samsung 1TB SSD?

  • no real tests were done yet, but will come later

  • “1TB SSD should have lower power consumption” and “does not decrase runtime”

  • They “hope for 10-20% more battery” with the new Sharp screen
    edit: as @ToiletSheep and @Mohammad_Hadi have pointed out: it’s now 5-10% with hoping for 10-20% later
    Comparison to Surface 4 screen was done live on YouTube:

  • Sharp screen: contrasts (difference of dark and bright areas) looked better to me

  • Sharp screen looked better balanced to me (personally), Surface screen looked like a camera that was blowing the highlights

V on the left, Surface Pro on the right:

More about the Sharp Screen

  • each V will get precise calibration with color meters
  • Delta E will be very low (didn’t get the number in the stream)
  • pen will be recognized when hovering around 5mm over the screen, palm rejection will then work


  • shipping of Hyper Early Birds should happen last week of October, or latest: first week of November
  • Early Birds will ship 2-3 weeks later

Web Store

  • shipping time of shop orders not yet fully clear, they hope to ship orders in December (first come, first serve)
  • prices: more expansive, exact prices will get announced later
  • two stores: EU + Rest of the world
  • taxes will (mostly?) be included, shipping will go straight to the door
  • shipping from local warehouses (US, Europe, …), not from china


  • Any N-Trig pen will work.
  • original V pen: 1024 pressure levels
  • newest MS Surface Pen will basically work with V, but about more pressure levels than original V pen Konsta said: “matter of drivers”, I guess a full answer will come later

Surface Dial

  • will work with the V
  • Artur uses it for scrolling or volume.
  • Either I didnt’t get more info or there were no more information. Not sure… :rofl:
  • edit: as @pauliunas added: “it will also work on the screen and will trigger those fancy menus like Microsoft demo’ed with the Surface Studio”


  • Eve uses iFixit toolkit themselves
  • more information about repairs and consumer service will come later
  • there will be local repair services, users will not have to ship it to China

Some random stuff

  • There will be constant driver updates after shipping.
  • Linux: 98% is working, only the fingerprint reader does not work (yet?)
  • There won’t be a Kaby Lake refresh because there is no newer Core i-Y version, heat management is developed for Y versions and wouldn’t work with normal Core i CPUs.

Because the stream quality was really not so good:

  • Would be cool if you could later record a 1080p/2160p video that is NOT live but very high resolution. Optimal: Comparing old and new screen and newest Surface.
  • Could you later do some high resolution pics of the new V? Also comparison pics would be cool.
  • If you spot any errors in my transcription: Please tell me, I will correct my post. Or feel free correct it directly.

Thanks for the stream. You guys rock. :star_struck:

See the livestream recording here + mini one liner update 22.09
Your feedback needed for the live stream!

So we took a ~9 month delay (speaking of when the V will be delivered) and still are at the same exact spot as before: No UEFI-touch, no fp-driver, nothing. Crazy.


Hi, thanks for the transcript.
I am confident ( for about 70%) to really have my V as a hyper early backer by begin of nov in my hand.

I am not so confident about the 1tb ssd. They said that the bottleneck could be the processor for having not the max performance. But in this case I am afraid we are having an expansive high performance ssd with maybe an not optimal price performance ratio.

The main screen advantage of sharp was for me personally not the color but the battery live reason which seems in reality (so far not 100% optimized) not really matters…


Not 100% sure on this but I think they were only expecting 5-10% improvement on battery life.


They said 5-10% right now but possibly 10-20% in the future.


IMHO these kind of “future promises” tend to keep coming back to bite your own ass, which is the reason these kind of things shouldn’t be said unless there is data or facts to show that.

Just as a general comment :slight_smile:


@hellbender I`m with you :+1:


Well, they said it will also work on the screen and will trigger those fancy menus like Microsoft demo’ed with the Surface Studio… That is something I haven’t heard before :slight_smile: Previously they said it will work for scrolling etc., but not sure in the screen.

Sorry but haven’t you noticed they were a bit… busy? They were working their ass off to get the new screens to us ASAP.


Thanks for the remark, I added it to my post. Was kind of multitasking with different things when watching the stream and making my notes.