The crowd has spoken. Here are Eve’s next projects!


It will be coming up this week! So stay tuned !

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There is no other way than replace upgrade program, like on samsung phones but better.


I also can confirm this first-hand.

I connected my V to a Thunderbolt 3 dock with 2xDisplayPort. Each has a 4k monitor attached to it.
I’m afraid with this setup, the performance limitations of the V immediately become visible. The first one is that, for some reason, attaching the TB3 dock means a temperature increase of 10 degrees on the processor, which also means that the processor will throttle. The second is that, regardless of this throttling, it just can’t keep up with it.

A dual 4k setup definitely needs something more powerful. This is why I’m looking to buy a Mini-PC now, so that I can free the V for what’s its intended use: highly mobile device.

I wouldn’t worry about having the monitor integrate with the V (it can… it’s just that the V is not designed for it). I’d rather have a monitor with mounting points on the back for both Vesa and a Mini-PC.


I’m excited about the mini PC as my laptop is slowly dying and I’ve been looking at a mini PC as a replacement. Being able to buy a newer monitor and a doc to go with it (and my V) are just icing on the cake!!

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Looking at activity would be an better way to judge where the interest is. Though it can be a bit misleading via a small really enthusiastic group or a big group with relative less input per person. But a poll can be just as misleading.

You can’t make a topic?

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Well yes, yes I can make a topic.


Like the idea of a monitor. For me it would need to be a big size though. I have a dual setup but want to go singular with a larger screen. Better for productivity.

Codename Vivid

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I have to admit that I am not that expert in the market and I am only a consumer. My feeling is that I do see a lot of potential for Eve in the mini-pc market and some in the monitor one but I am sceptical about the headphones one.

Reading tests on ANC headphones it looks like it is difficult to built headphone with really good ANC functionality. Even Microsoft seems to have problems with this and really put a lot of effort in it. For me a good example of passive noice cancelling are RHA in-ear headphones (


Interesting choices! Can’t say I really need any of those devices, but I am genuinely interested in what the minds behind the V can do with something like headphones. In any case, Eve’s future looks intriguing. :slight_smile:

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project codename: Trenzalore
background: trenzalore is the planet where the doctor died. 1st rule of time travel is NEVER go to where you die.


For the Mini PC, 2 things. Please make it powered over USB-C, and please add the possibility of attaching a battery module. IMO, these are the 2 things missing from Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC.

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Would love to see a dock (especially since my keyboard loses connectivity sometimes).

Or for a second act, something like an Eve UMPC.


Good news for you :slight_smile:

And the latest post in that topic;