The Big Update: Spectrum Unveiled!

Hey community!

I know that we’ve been quiet about our monitor for some time, but today’s a big day for Project: Spectrum and we’re here to tell you all about it!

The design is (finally) here!

When we last talked about the design of Spectrum we were in the process of tweaking our ideas into something amazing with our designers. In the end, our industrial design looked awesome: All we had to do was build it, stick some electronics inside, and we’re off to the races… …or so we thought. When we received the first response from our manufacturing partner where they adapted this design to fit all the components it needed to contain, it didn’t look like our designers’ vision at all.

We knew from our experiences with the design stage of the V that changes would inevitably have to be made to ensure a good fit for the components and to make sure the parts could actually be manufactured and assembled. This time around, the process took longer than anticipated, with the design moving back and forth between the manufacturer and design team many times. But in the end, we’ve come to a design that both looks great and is functional!


From here we move onto the electronic design, where we make sure the monitor has all the features we want, and that those features work properly. This phase brings us that much closer to prototypes being built for testing!

Not one, not two, but three cutting edge panels

Development takes time, and technology doesn’t stand still. These two facts make it so that by the time we’re finally done building something new with you guys, something newer or better may have already come along. Or do they?

Now that we’ve already got a design, a list of features, and more, we are in a position where we can more easily jump on new developments. So when our display manufacturer came up with new and improved display panels that fit into our current design? That’s an opportunity!

Of course we know that even with our original specifications, Spectrum is unique in the market. And with the right price, many people will consider it just what they need! So if you were happy with what we’ve talked about so far, don’t worry, we’re still building that.

But if you were looking for something… more, then hold on to your hats, we’ve got news!

Our new selection:
Spectrum as we know it 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD up to 144Hz HDR400
Spectrum, faster than ever before 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD up to 240Hz HDR600
Spectrum, sharper than ever before 3840 x 2160 Ultra-HD up to 144Hz HDR600

These two new options make use of state-of-the-art IPS oxide panels. They do come at additional cost, but offer higher brightness, as well as your choice of higher refresh rate or higher resolution.

It’s a real product now

When we first asked you to help us name our monitor project, we were very clear that this was not about naming the end product, just a fun name to refer to our crowd-development project. That said, ‘Spectrum’ has kind of grown on us. So much so, that we’ve decided to stick with it for our end product. So once development of Project: Spectrum is done, our monitor officially graduates as Eve Spectrum.

5 - king of ports copy

Sales and shipping

Our pre-sales go live today. If you really want to get your hands on Spectrum, you can lock down your price with a payment of one hundred bucks. So why would you pre-order now instead of wait, and what’s all this locking down the price business?

Generally, when you pre-order something, the vendor will give you something extra. Early access to a service, extra in-game features, a unique accessory. We can’t let you use your monitor before it’s built and shipped, and we can’t give you more monitor as thanks for ordering early. What we can do, is guarantee you the best price for your purchase!

So instead of putting our monitor up for sale and then dropping the price for special offers soon after, we’ll reward everyone who placed their trust in our product with the best deal they’ll get, at all times. Our pre-sales start with the lowest special offer price, and as time goes on the price will gradually increase until it evens out at MSRP. You don’t have to wait for a newsletter to tell you it’s on sale. Now is always the best price you’ll see… …unless you already ordered it yesterday!

That said, what does it cost, and when will you get it?

resolution refresh rate brightness starting price estimated delivery
2560 x 1440 QHD up to 144Hz HDR400 $ 349 / € 349 Q3 2020
2560 x 1440 QHD up to 240Hz HDR600 $ 489 / € 489 Q4 2020
3840 x 2160 UHD up to 144Hz HDR600 $ 589 / € 589 Q4 2020

These prices do not include the stand, which is available separately at $ 99 / € 99. So don’t wait too long to order your very own Spectrum!


Can’t really party without toad, can you? tumblr_myvymhpYkU1t0ple2o1_250


Congrats to the Team! Looks Good. Love the port selection. Splurged on the 4K panel…
Strapping in for the ride!


I just wanted to ask if the reservation for Spectrum only happens today. I want to reserve the 4K 144hz panel tomorrow as that’s when my card is filled, will I be too late?

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There are 500 units at this price, if they sell out today you’ll be to late :slight_smile:

Reservations will be available all the way up to launch, but the price will steadily go up as time goes on. So you will be able to make a reservation tomorrow, but I can’t promise you the price will still be the same…

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Great stuff!

One simlple Question: How can I use my “5% Eve lifetime discount!” ?
As does no longer exist I had to create a new account at that knows nothing from me…

Kind regards


The 5% discount still applies, and will be processed when the order is finalized. If you use the same e-mail address that you used for the original V order, it should be processed automatically, if not, I’d recommend contacting support about it and they’ll sort you out.


Yeah same. When I tried to login to my old account, it wasn’t found so I had to quickly create a new account (hopefully it’s within first 500 people). Didn’t know this would happen.

Any ETA on reviews (TFT Central specially)?
Is the hdr400 panel still the same as in previous updates?
Will it still be available on amazon on release?

For me it all falls down to how close it will be to the nvidia 3000 series launch.

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So…no option for a chrome/silver colored stand and back of the monitor? Like in the original Blade concept.

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There’s only one color option but there will be some skins you can buy to customize it


To what point will the deposit be refundable?

And to anyone who has already placed an order; how easy is to see where you can get a refund. or is it behind ‘send us a message’ type thing?

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Thx, i have seen that there will be skins for the monitors back and that is nice, but what about the silver/chrome stand? I liked that one a lot more than this black one.

It’s explained in the .pdf below the monitor options. It’s called Pre-Order Agreement.

4.1 The Pre-Order purchase will be used to deduct the total cost of the Product upon balance

4.2 Until your pre-order is matched to a Product, you may cancel your pre-order at any time,
in which case you will receive a full refund of your Pre-Order Payment. Until your preorder is matched to a Product, you may make changes to your Product Configuration. If
you make changes to your Product Configuration, you may be subject to potential price
increases for any pricing adjustments made since your original Pre-Order Date. Any
changes made by you to your Product Configuration, including changes to the delivery
location or estimated delivery date might be due to pricing changes.

This means probably until you finalise the order and they plan to send out confirmation mails 8 week before production starts to collect the rest, if I understood it correctly. It’s probably safe to say that you will get your money back as long as you haven’t paid in full :smiley:


Quick question here as it’s not specified in the specifications: How much does it weigh? This is a factor when deciding whether to purchase a stand or not.

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Probably not before mini-mass-production at the earliest.

The Quad-HD 144Hz HDR400 model is what we’ve been talking about so far. The other two models were made possible because the panel manufacturer has new toys to play with!

We’ll try to offer it in all ways that make sense, I’m sure Amazon will also be considered again!

Just the color scheme as shown. The exact finish is still being worked on and finalized, but that’s what we’re going for.

That is a good question! At this time, we don’t have any weights yet. But if you place an order with a stand now, you’ll be able to change that before you finalize. And if you order without a stand now, you’ll be able to add one later. We should have much more detailed size and weight information close to launch!


That there will only be one color for the monitor back i can understand (with plastic casting and such) and with the planned skins this is not really a problem.

I’m curious if it would be a lot of additional work/cost to offer the separately sold stand in different color options? Especially when you are still finalizing the finish.


That’s a good question, and something we will have to look into. So no concrete answer at this time, sorry!


No need to be sorry! I’m glad you guys are even thinking about it…i mean…maybe i’m the only one who likes the chrome stand more than the black one :sweat_smile:

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