Thanks, Moderators, for giving me a huge middle finger in my face


You do understand there is no where else for me to do this and I am here out of frustration, RIGHT?

I’m not here because I want to be here, I’m here because I’m forced to be here. There’s a huge difference between the two. I’m not entitled, I paid for a product, it’s not living up to it’s end of the bargain. The people who claim to support it are taking way too long to do so and leaving me in the dark throughout the process.

Not I can’t get a refund and move on. I HAVE to deal with their process and I NEED to get their attention.

What would you do if you had a $1800 paperweight sitting on your desk? Just wait around hoping for things to magically get better?

What would you do with any other brand of product, that doesn’t have a separate, completely unrelated forum? Go, do that! - Blow up their social media. I’m trying to save that for the final straw.


You never answered my question:
What would you do with any other brand of product, that doesn’t have a separate, completely unrelated forum?

That’s what you should do!


I edited my response in:

What would you do with any other brand of product, that doesn’t have a separate, completely unrelated forum? Go, do that! - Blow up their social media. I’m trying to save that for the final straw.


Wouldn’t you know… They don’t even have social media… Wonder why.


So now you’re just contradicting yourself…
You said “I have nowhere else to go” and that you are forced to come here with this. But now you’re saying you have a last resort? So… What is is?
Either way: this forum has nothing to do with the support of the product you bought! So there’s nothing for you here if that’s what you want


What an amazing and empathetic community. Find it really interesting that the people on here taking me to task are “Senior Creators” directly involved with the product and are defending the company over instead of having them help someone who is clearly having problems with his device.

The last straw would have been social media… which doesn’t exist for this company. How curious they have no other way to get in touch with the company other than a support that ignores you… and a hostile forum that tells you to figure it out another way and not “bother the community” with your “entitlement”.

What a great way to launch a product.


Haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Try walking into a car development center, complain about not getting support for the car you bought over and over, and then start crying about how no one at the development studio is helping you. Let us know how that works out for you :slight_smile:


Um, buying a vehicle is significantly better than buying a computer.

First, there’s a major corporation that is there or you to reach multitude levels of support for people to help you resolve your problem.

Second, you can start your process at a dealership… where you first buy your new car. With a warranty of 4 year of 50,000 miles in some cases.

Third, there are actual laws to protect you in the US from companies ripping you off. You can’t sell someone a car that doesn’t work and then tell them to buzz off.

You’re not very good at this are you? Picking a major manufacturing industry and comparing their support structure to this? Normally, one exhausts each and every option. After coming on this forum and reading some of the threads, I see I am not the only one encountering problems. I also see I am not the only one who is told no one cares about your problems. As clearly evidenced by your posts and demeanor in general.


Granted, Eve is not a major corporation, but there are support for people to help you resolve your problem. Reach out to them! Yes, AGAIN.

You do have warranty on your V. What makes you think otherwise?

And why do you think these laws does not apply to Eve? There has been a good bit of discussion about the different warranty duration in EU vs rest of the world, since Eve has to follow the law.

So, I’m quiet a bit, better than you think it seems :facepalm:
And again: I agree that you should get support. But THIS IS NOT THE PLACE WHERE YOU’LL GET IT! Please stop repeating that you want support from this forum, that doesn’t have any thing to offer you!


You are both right. And yes @Johandea you should be a bit more empathetic. If you don’t understand that then I don’t want to waste time to explain that to you. He got a point and you are too.

@rdc anyway I think you understand why a level 100 is not acceptable as a solution. So what is your problem atm ? And you should at the same time doing new tickets if they don’t answer you. And if they still don’t you have for sure a federal agency to support you about the warranty thing.


I hate to break it to all the people that keep saying that this is not a support forum:

“_Our customer support is fueled by our active community and core team. _
_ASK QUESTIONS Receive a reply from an Evengelist within one work day. _
Search frequently asked questions as selected by our community. FIND ANSWERS

Where does this come from? The bottom of this page:

So, anyone who claims this forum does not provide any support to V iusers is contradicting Eve. They should also read this thread:

Allow me to quote Konstantinos:


I couldn’t care less about that, not just Eve, but in general.


Maybe he’s unable to politely write a ticket or his tickets don’t make sense at all so they are stuck in a low priority queue, God knows what happened to them.


No, this is a public forum and there is no way to connect your account with a purchase to get these levels granted from the beginning so you’re stuck with this situation.

It’s rly not hard to get the first trust level tho.


I’ve been pestering people to have this removed for a long time, but with the focus on investment, no one have gotten around to removing it.

Look at when this topic was posted. March 2017. If you were to read the more recent announcement, and the Eve support team, from January this year, you’d see this is no longer the case.

I’ll add nothing more to this topic beyond what’s already been said. The community is not a support community, and support issues are only handled through the support page.


Just saying… my first post was a new thread.


@TheDestiny let’s try to not take that road because it would certainly end up badly and you can’t seriously take into account those kind of things. Support is support. We are not on stackoverflow platform and any kind of after sales support should certainly not be handle that way.

@rdc I’m going to repeat my self and I hate that. Where did you post your problem ? And if you didn’t what is it ?


@iKirin or @nawthor guys I think there is a problem here. I’m discussing with @rdc (ricardo) by PM and are there limitations for private messaging? because apparently there are ridiculous ones… Can we discuss it? he sends me a video about it when he tries to respond to my messages and it seems abnormal …


I’ve replied to the messages in question.


Thank you once again, EVE, for pissing on the community with an update on 8.06 that everything is going according to plan only to postpone the shipment dates on our estimators a few days later.


You have lost my trust. I would like to know specifically what stage my order is on, where is it, and what steps are there ahead of shipment. Because the estimator is just smoke and mirrors. I want specific answers at this point. I want to know exactly on which day my V is supposed to be shipped and I want to see which stages are taking so long and why.