Thanks, Moderators, for giving me a huge middle finger in my face



So I went on a tirade about what I stumbled upon after being absent for some time.

Apparently, being in China influenced EVE who have moved beyond moderating, and apparently started censoring the forum, as my thread has been removed after an hour, or so. Was it bringing sth to the table? Not much, my anger and disappointment, I suppose. Nothing this forum isn’t full of already. I got a reply from @Helios saying sth like “It was my understanding that all pending clients have received an email about the latest delay, let me look into that.”, for which I am thankful, but is this a reason for removal?

Well, I haven’t received that memo, and now that’s water under the bridge. But still, the thread was removed and it wasn’t addressed otherwise.

And yeah, I bet you have better things to do than deleting threads, like GETTING YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, EVE. And sending out some V’s.

But still,

NOT COOL. (-_- )


If what ur saying is true , then wow Eve .
Edit : Wait till this one gets deleted lol


I would recommend you give and the Eve support team a read. Do note

we expect many support issues may still end up in the community. We will be closing or removing such topics and privately referring these users to our support team.

which is more or less what happened in this situation.

(We’re also working on another update following it, but it’s not ready quite yet).


It didn’t get deleted, but archived.
Then again @nawthor could have also moved the post to a more appropriate thread…


So I see, ur doing this so potential buyers looking around in this community wouldn’t see these issues .


Hey buddy @Rzabadabadoo
even some of my posts were removed and they were not an issue for prospective buyers to see.
I was venting my feelings too, but not quite like you did.

I fully understand that what the mods did was appropriate and justified, as was also the case with your post and thread.

In the end I just sucked it up and got on with it.
I didn’t spend my time crying about it.

I suggest you do the same!

Oh No - There it is again!
I wake up today and once again I noticed a few more of my posts removed.

So What!

That’s their prerogative, and their way of keeping the forum orderly, because sometimes I like to take things a little too off topic and that doesn’t work for them.

C’est la vie!


Don’t loose too much hope,
Frustration venting is sometimes necessary and may even help to know that we will survive.