Thanks for this INSANE start of the flash sale!



Hello dear community!

EDIT: Important update by your favourite orange @Konstantinos:

Thanks to everyone who hit up the store as soon as we went live! We simply could not believe that within the first 5 minutes over 2000 people hit up the store!

We were prepared for a small storm to hit the webshop, but you rocked us like a hurricane! Even our analytics tools have begun lagging at this point, so here’s huge THANK YOU for all your support & grabbing a V! :slight_smile:

I have just been informed our Analytics for the store crashed multiple times! Thank you for your INSANE support everyone!

We look forward to bring all the people that ordered a V their device as soon as we can! :slight_smile:


Community Digest 11.12

Insane buyers required insanely good customer support… I hope.


I just wanted to thank everyone involved for creating such an awesome product and having such an inspiring and open minded development team!

I can’t wait to receive my V and I, like everyone here am so glad to be able to support such an amazing company and community!
Thank You!


I were a bit nervous. But I ordered everything I wanted.

Now there is another question: where can I change the password for the store? I took anbeasy one to be able to type in as fast as possible. now I want to change it to a lot of safer one.
Last time I used the password forgotten way. Is that the only way?


How many orders as of now?


We might reveal the number of orders after the end of the flash sale - please bear in mind while we’re flipping the pyramid we can’t reveal everything on our backend as soon as it happens.

@Christoph There should be an option, I’ll message you about this one! :slight_smile:


We are now offering Feb/Mar shipping as Jan/Feb sold out pretty damn quick :smiley:


Hi Konsta, are you sure about Jan/Feb and Feb/Mar shipping timelines? There will be Chinese New Year in the middle of February … Plus what is shipping/delivery status of LEBs and 1 TB HEBs??


I was happy to get in and out of the store even though going over my purchase about 4 times before completing it all in under 9 minutes! :laughing:

Though I have to ask when can I order things like the carrycase shown in the store? I couldn’t get it to add to my cart so I assumed they just were set to be sold sometime down the road.


Actually you should have put it in your shopping cart yesturday but I think if you contact the Eve support they will find a way to help you:


I was ready after 30 sec. But I forgot to Hit add to basket for the 2 assissories I wanted. So I had to Start again.
Small I5, Screenshots protection and USB C to hdmi. Now I am waiting for Januar.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I did get the international plug adapter kit and an extra charging cable (both pieces) since I have a habit if either losing them or bending the ends. I am hoping the usb-c is much better than the usb-a in that regard. My son’s Motorola phone has the usb-c and it seems better made but I don’t use it so I’ll wait and see (I have a Samsung phone with the usb-a). When I ordered my V the carrying case didn’t come up as an accessory available to order then.


Do you mean the magnetic or zipper sleeves? As far as I know they were available and not sold out or something like that yesturday. Eve support will help you :blush:


That’s it, the zipper case. It didn’t have the add to cart function and I tried different things but didn’t want to lose my V just for a case. I’ll contact support as you suggest. Maybe a US thing? Anyways it’s not too much of a big deal, I wad able to get a Eve purchase confirm 9 minutes after the start of the sale so I am a happy camper! Hopefully maybe it will be delivered before I go into surgery late Jan.