Testing the new Surface Pro i5 in store!


Hi everyone! So today I went to the FNAC store here in Paris with my SP4 i5 4gb to try and compare it with the new Surface Pro (2017) of same configuration - the fanless version!

I had to test it with a benchmark tool available in the Windows Store as that is the only thing the vendor would allow me to install, so I used this that I found there: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9wzdncrdhlqt

As you can see in the two videos below, results are inconclusive: when the benchmark tool, that simulates 3D gaming, is set to mostly low quality and most high end options are left off, my old SP4 has a clear advantage over the new one both in score and in terms of average FPS. Yet in the second video, I maxed out all options (high quality shadows, reflections, etc etc) and in that test it was the new fanless SP that was the winner almost doubling the frames output of my SP4. See for yourselves:

High end options off: https://youtu.be/-DSbfiUfn2M
High end options on: https://youtu.be/DPm4So0cSTI (sorry this video was shot with the phone turned around so you’ll have to turn your screen around :slight_smile: )

What do you guys think?

One more thing: can anyone here with a Eve V i5 run the benchmarking software with the same options to see what fps and score it gets? Could anyone film it/upload it or at least take a picture?
Here’s again the link to the benchmarking app: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9wzdncrdhlqt

Thank you!!!

all my best,


Well, it could be that the second video results, that show the new SP as the winner by double, could be the result of my old SP4 going into Battery Saving mode - I can see that now when I watch the second video, you will notice the screen brightness suddenly went down between video 1 and 2 and that was Battery Saving mode. So it could well be that my SP4 is faster on the high-end 3D test too - I really can’t know that unfortunately. I’m dying to see the performance of Eve V on the same test! If similar to SP4 I think you have a new client :slight_smile:


can you re-run the benchmark on your SP4 at home with it connected to line power?


I’ll do!

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Once my local retailer has an new SP i5 out for testing, I’ll try to rerun Cinebench with Throttlestop active to see where it throttles :wink:


Ok I just tried it - plugging the SP4 does not make a difference, when 3D effects are maxed out it averages 6.54 frames this half of new SP 2017. Score is 512, half of the new SP.

I don’t know how to explain this!

I guess the new SP igpu is superior and thus when reflexions shadows etc are involved the new SP 2017 shines. Perhaps when graphs effects are left at minimum the main processor does most of the heavy lifting and the old SP4 cooling shines?

Otherwise how could we explain the results?


This made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:
SP4 going into battery saving mode for the second benchmark run :smiley:


LOL!! :smiley: that was funny


Can you try the benchmark app I posted above from the Microsoft Store on an Eve V i5? I’m really curious to see the results :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the V prototype I have is having a small issue with the SSD (that was already fixed in the Round 3 prototypes, but this one here is a Round 2 one) so I can’t test it on Windows - only Linux for now :confused:


Let me guess: The SSD is loose? :sweat_smile:


Yep, the SSD is loose :sweat_smile:
As said, we’ve luckily already found that issue and in the DVT3 units it’s fixed - but I’ve got a DVT2 one :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, it works again and is not broken anymore (those that were in Ulm might remember the wonderful DVT2 powerbank that did not turn on anymore - that’s the one I’m writing this post on right now ;))


The igpu in the SP4 and new SP are near identical. But the new SP has much better cooling so its throttles less and you get double the frames.


Yep, prettiest powerbank I have ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem with that thesis is that in the first video it was the the old SP4 that has better frame rate and score ??.

The difference between both trials was to turn on shadows, reflections, and to max out some other 3D effects: with effects maxed out, SP 2017 wins, whereas with effects set to minimum, SP4 wins and by a good margin.

I’m having trouble explaining this if not by igpu potential differences.

It would seem like SP4 works better when cpu load is lesser, whereas under maximum strain SP4 gives up and SP 2017 doubles it in performance. ??

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