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I agree with this post strongly. I want a phone the size of OnePlus X with killer battery life and awesome camera. Screen shouldn’t suck, gotta be LED, and bezels gotta be near as good as Samsung’s 10e. Never use front facing cam, finger print is nice and I’d miss it tbh if excluded, nfc is debatable in terms of necessity.

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Using Pixel XL and iPhone 5s.

Never sacrifice: front bezel design, battery, speed

Would sacrifice: if a non SD chip can do similar work I’m ok with that. Speakers (slightly), and thickness (slightly)

If Eve can do it cheaper, less middlemen, with similar specs and design, I’m game

I thought the Nexus 4 was a fantastic phone. Same with the pixel and nexus 6p. Pure unaltered experience. No risk of bloatware, goofy Samsung skin, reasonable price (nexus 4 for sure). And no risk of spyware. If Eve can source a good display, solid RAM and chip, I’d be game. It can be done - it’s just that Samsung and apple know people will pay lots for the name

  • What smartphone are you using now?

Oneplus 6

*What are the top 3 things you would never sacrifice on a smartphone?

Speed, battery life and timely updates

  • If you can choose to sacrifice 3 things on your smartphone to make it cheaper, what are they?

build quality, water resistance, screen resolution of 400+ ppi

  • There are already so many brands with many great products in the industry, is there still a unique value or innovation that Eve & the community could bring to smartphones?

there are no more flagships (or premium mid-tier) under 6", they all look kind of the same and everybody seems to think users love the shit they throw over android. Kudos for apple for being the only one selling a flagship smaller than 6" and keeping a clean software (although it’s ridiculously expensive).

  • Describe the next smartphone you want to buy (it can already be on the market, or maybe you want Eve to make it)
  • a mid range snapdragon without all the bells and whistles

  • 1080p screen that’s around 5" - 5.5" so it fits in one hand and doesn’t consume battery like chrome does ram

  • Good camera (don’t care how many sensors, just want a good output)

  • Usb-pd support so I can use the fast chargers I already have

  • NO NOTCH!!! Just put symmetrical bezels around the screen (preferably with stereo front facing speakers like HTC used to do)

  • A fingerprint reader that is (on order of preference) 1: under the screen, 2: side mounted, 3: centralized on the back

  • Sturdy build, no glass on the back, something that looks like batman would use

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So far none of the phones I or my relatives have owned had any problems with that. Winters here get down to -25C or -13F. That includes glass, metal, plastic… they all work just fine.


In the average use case where the phone is spending most of it’s time in a pocket or you are indoors more than outdoors, sure, they all work fine. That’s not my experience with extended outdoor use though.

We use phones and tablets for outdoor ticket sales and there is a noticable difference, especially with iPhones. The glass cased models last hours longer. Over the years we would see longer battery life with Android phones that had plastic bodies. I’ve taken my iPad Mini 3 out to do GPS mapping when it’s 45F and raining. It shuts off in half the time it normally lasts in warmer/dryer temps. I used my LG G6 (glass case) the other day in 15F (plus wind chill) on two 8 minute chairlift rides and watched the battery drain at more than twice it’s normal rate. That’s better than my G5 (metal) did but worse than my G3 (plastic) did in the cold.

In all of those scenarios the devices will show that still has significant battery life once you get them warmed up and powered back on. Obviously, case material isn’t the only factor but it has been a common denominators in my uses.


I do use them outdoors. Well, as much as you can use a phone without freezing off your fingers, that is. Maybe it’s a crapple thing then, lol

If your problem is battery life in cold environmens, what you’re looking for is thermal insulation. That will help the battery stay warm, but at the same time it’s a performance killer.

Samsung 7 Edge
Would not sacrifice:
1.Synced Email, Calendar and Contacts thru Google and GMail
2.Not tied to any particular service provider (unblocked?)
3.Room for at least 128GB SD card (preferably 256 if available)
Would sacrifice:
1.Phone manufacturer Bloatware!
2.4K Camera
3.Don’t have anything else worth considering
I am not sure about bringing value to the market. If they seamlessly intergrate with other Eve products, that would be a plus. I really don’t know much tech about phones. I’ve had good luck with Samsung Products like our phones and tablet, bad luck with LG phones. Honestly, I buy whatever of the better known brand name phones (or a name I’ve had good fortune with) I can afford that has good value for the features you get. My son has a Motorola Z Droid and he’s pretty happy with it, but he has limited use of it, but it hasn’t had any problems. I understand why most phones are purchased with phone service contracts, I have to buy them that way, as plopping down $700-$900 for each phone is pretty pricey with 3 of us in this house. But I hate the fact that they have already sold or otherwise let my phone numbers, whenever we had to get a new line,out to telemarketers and robocallers before I even get out of the door.

I would like to get:
1.Android phone which allows me to get my google apps and store apps.
2.It would be 32gb with options for larger sizes as people may want
3.Front and back cameras with decent (not fancy) capability and shake-proof pics and video recording for my seizures and tremors.
4.Sd card at least 128gb on up (LG I think goes up to 1TB capability though no one makes those SD’s yet).
5.Good reception, though maybe that is only a function of the phone service provider?
6.No curved edge (wish I hadn’t got that version, but the regular edge Samsung wasn’t on sale!)
7.Either make a deal with Otterbox or develop similar strength cases. Safety at least for 2 meter drop on concrete. (I’ve had Ottorboxes dropped 7 feet on concrete floor with no damage to the phone) and I heard that Otterbox claims you can run over them with a Ford Quad Cab truck without damage, not sure if that’s true, but they are hella strong!
8.USB-C charging port
9.usual accessories like cable and wall charger with option to buy a car charger, which would have to be developed, but since we have a wall charger that’s probably not an issue.

We have only 2 more payments on 2 of our 3 phones and then we will own them. Since they work fine, I doubt my wife will want to spend money on new phones so I’m in no rush. I would like to see Eve make one, but I think there are other things to work on first which you already have started planning for. I think its something to watch the market and see how things go. The Chinese already are in Brazil and South Africa and South Korea has a large percentage of its population owning phones. I think this is a tough market to get into unless you make something like a hybrid tablet-smartphone that will plug into your mini-PC or V. I don’t know the feasibility of this, I’m not a marketing person, just a number cruncher!

Personally, I think it benefits Eve to stick first with products that can be integrated with existing products or don’t take much development time and money. We have the dock, thoughts of the mini PC, possible tablets, these are items that can work well together which I believe makes them easier to sell under our one brand name and it’s all about the brand. Make great products which work together, have value, no junk included, will be recognizable when you see the name “Eve.”

I have no idea what I am saying. :laughing::smiley::laughing:

  • What smartphone are you using now?

iPhone SE, Essential Phone

  • What are the top 3 things you would never sacrifice on a smartphone?

Battery life, screen resolution & ppi, Aesthetics (no-notch design, no camera bump)

  • If you can choose to sacrifice 3 things on your smartphone to make it cheaper, what are they?

Weight, thickness, screen-to-body ratio

  • There are already so many brands with many great products in the industry, is there still a unique value or innovation that Eve & the community could bring to smartphones?

The manufacturers keep downsizing the form factors , making phones thinner and lighter with the trade-offs against battery life, durability, functionality and aesthetics.
It ends up ruining user experience.

The big names are now charging us more and more with adding new features that no one ask for, like Animoji, notches, excessive camera lens, etc.

I just want an affordable smartphone without compromises essential features.

  • Describe the next smartphone you want to buy (it can already be on the market, or maybe you want Eve to make it)

A smartphone that runs all day long, without ugly notches, fairly priced, have no bloatwares, no data breaches.
I believe Eve is capable of making it happen.

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  • What smartphone are you using now?
    oneplus 6T
  • What are the top 3 things you would never sacrifice on a smartphone?
    Battery life, light OS (similar to stock android), fingerprint sensor
  • If you can choose to sacrifice 3 things on your smartphone to make it cheaper, what are they?
    smaller panel size, some camera performance, duel sim
  • There are already so many brands with many great products in the industry, is there still a unique value or innovation that Eve & the community could bring to smartphones?
    eve likely doesn’t have the resources to really innovate but bringing a smaller panel size with modern specs even if it needs to be slightly thicker could be convincing
  • Describe the next smartphone you want to buy (it can already be on the market, or maybe you want Eve to make it)
    snapdragon 855, 6-8 gb of ram, capacitive finger sensor (to lower price, in display is not worth it), 3,700 mAh battery min., 5.5-6 inch screen, qi wireless charging, close to stock android, support for at least 3 years.

Welcome HiTechElf! You make many excellent points which I had forgotten about. I actually don’t like the very lightweight phones as I have brain injury problems which partially effect my grip. I was checking out a super-light phone my friend got (of course I don’t recall the name) and I kept bouncing around in my hand cause it was difficult for me to grasp, instead just shooting out of my hands. Like Elf, I would give up some size and screen to overall size ratio. And I frankly take a lot of video and still pics with my Samsung phone and post to Instagram or Facebook and they are just fine for that. I guess if someone was looking for high quality, why not just buy a very good digital camera instead? But great points again HiTechElf.

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Welcome aboard Rabid_Cow!

  • What smartphone are you using now?
    Samsung Galaxy S10 plus

  • What are the top 3 things you would never sacrifice on a smartphone?
    Camera, Battery life, Performance

  • If you can choose to sacrifice 3 things on your smartphone to make it cheaper, what are they?
    Weight, Reverse Wireless Charging, Expandable Storage

  • There are already so many brands with many great products in the industry, is there still a unique value or innovation that Eve & the community could bring to smartphones?
    Removable battery. Not just for emergencies, but also to give longevity

  • Describe the next smartphone you want to buy (it can already be on the market, or maybe you want Eve to make it)

Dream phone:
Samsung Galaxy S10 plus display, dual speakers, size, build quality, headphone jack
Oneplus UI
Razer screen refresh rate (120 hz)
iPhone camera software
P30 Pro camera hardware and battery life
Removable battery

Realistic eve phone
Poco F1 with a removable battery
Keep it simple with last years flagship snapdragon processor, 6gb ram, plastic build (for durability) 1080p screen, rear capacitive fingerprint sensor, 4k mAh battery, Android one (or license Oxygen OS from Oneplus if possible) and go with single cameras but optimise the gcam app. Overall though, the selling point will be a price tag around 200 usd

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Having said all that, on reflection the problem is huge competition and the need for a new product every year to keep pace.

As such, not a wise move for eve imho

Too many choice, rather go with a Smartwatch


Currently using my Essential PH-1
3 things I would never sacrifice in a phone.

  1. Build quality - one thing I love about my Essential PH-1 is it is virtually indestructible, made of ultra premium looking and feeling materials and I have literally ran it over with a truck and it still works fine (typing on it right now).
  2. Battery Life - it must be a device that can last all day with heavy use , 2 days with mixed use, and multiple days on standby.
  3. Performance Specs - everyone knows that in today’s market everyone is going to compare specs and call out the competition on the things they’re missing, we also know that when it comes to designing tech products (phones especially) it’s about compromising to get a product that’s well rounded. What I mean when I say performance Specs is current generation or better tech packed inside. That goes for processors and cameras double!

3 things I could live without in a phone.

  1. Size - it doesn’t need to be a giant phablet with a 10" screen, it needs to fit comfortably in my hand and my pocket the screen should still be large and with sharp clear images and colours (I’m thinking 4K OLED in the palm of my hand) and the screen to body ratio should be nearing :100:%
  2. Bloatware - it slows down phones and it’s completely unnecessary. Create a theme for the phone… Yes. Run a proprietary OS over top of say android… No. A pure android experience is the best imo. Fast snappy response from the OS and fast updates (usually within 24 hours of being released) are another reason I love my Essential PH-1.
  3. Wireless charging - do I like it… Yes. Do I want it in my phone… Yeah, who doesn’t want to eliminate as many cords as possible. Would I die if wasn’t there ? No, until I can charge my phone while it’s in my pocket while I’m walking around with it all day I don’t think it’s essential. That being said, I have always loved the idea of getting a phone that came with a charging dock that not only wirelessly charged my phone but also looked like a miniature art sculpture and held my phone so that I could actually glance at notifications or the time while it was sitting on my night stand.

The smartphone industry is plagued by the domineering forces of Apple and Samsung. People have accepted the fact that they will simply be locked in to one ecosystem of products or another. What breaks this cycle I feel is a truly compelling product. If you’re going to pay the premium smartphone price, then you should get a premium smartphone. That’s what I believe. And I think that the major companies are focusing so much on throwing bells and whistles into their phones so that they can make all kinds of claims against competitors to make people chose their phone over someone else’s that they’ve got so complicated that people literally don’t know half of the things their phone is capable of. I believe that EVE could be the solution to build an elegant, powerful, and simple phone that is an indestructible tank has a premium look and feel and is packed with goodies in a small form factor.

What do I want in a phone?
I want my Essential PH-1 with a monster processor and ton of RAM huge internal storage, like 1TB or at least expandable storage up to 1TB, it’s gotta be waterproof for undersea adventure, it’s should have wireless and wired fast charging with a battery that can last a whole day of constant use streaming video calls, 5G cellular, it should come with accessories like a sick wireless charging dock that looks awesome on it’s own while sitting on your night stand but even better when it’s holding your phone like your own personal alarm clock and notifications hub, a usb-C fast charging travel charger, a usb-C to 3.5mm jack that also has a usb-C charge port so you can finally be able to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time, audiophile grade usb-C ear buds, a rear camera that has all the sensors and flashes to take photos like a pro with none of the hassle (have you seen this product this guy is kickstarting called Arsenal? The camera needs to be capable of doing that same kind of quick analysis and compose the optimal image with live preveiwing) the front camera should be just as good as the rear with all of the same camera functions of the rear one, the screen should be 4K OLED with a bright backlight and an edge to edge display, the graphics processor should be capable of playing next gen games at full 4K HDR @ 60 fps, an advanced fingerprint scanner on the back in an ergonomic position and just enough texture to feel it easily, an integrated kickstand to prop up the phone to watch videos on a flat surface, a hidden stylus that can be pulled out and used to write or draw, very loud very clear stereo speakers, the best ANC microphones for the clearest and best call quality, it should have options when it comes to colours not just boring black and white, an RGB EVE logo on the back that lights up different colours depending on what notifications you receive, could you throw in some antennas capable of picking up broadcast radio and tv over the airwaves ? And of course it’s gotta have all the other stuff we expect of a flagship smartphone that I’ve probably missed. Hell if you can do all that you could give it a huge pricetag and I’d be happy to pay it! Of course I’m going to be completely unreasonable and ask that you do all that and more fore a reasonable price… :sweat_smile:


I should like to know what you think about photo/ camera quality.

I too am using the Essential PH-1 and the camera app was bad at launch but I find it overall satisfactory now. I don’t take many photos but the quality when I do take one meets my needs but it won’t compete with the Pixel or iPhone.

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  • What smartphone are you using now?

OnePlus 5t

  • What are the top 3 things you would never sacrifice on a smartphone?

Long battery life, fast charging, build quality (material)

  • If you can choose to sacrifice 3 things on your smartphone to make it cheaper, what are they?

storage, display quality, sim card slot

  • There are already so many brands with many great products in the industry, is there still a unique value or innovation that Eve & the community could bring to smartphones?

The Idea of the Essential Phone was pretty good in my opinion. Make a simple phone with great quality. And please just use stock android. Most (budget) android phones use an ugly skin which just makes the phone worse by for example delaying updates drastically.

  • Describe the next smartphone you want to buy (it can already be on the market, or maybe you want Eve to make it)

My phone doesn’t need to have crazy features. Just do the fundamentals right and stay at a reasonable price. Currently, I’m thinking about buying an iPhone just because the apple watch is the best smartwatch in the market. All android smartwatches aren’t that great mostly to the fact that they try to look like a traditional watch and don’t accept being a smartwatch which makes using them harder. Precisely I’m talking about the round displays which make reading text way harder and make it harder for developers to create apps. I would love to see an Eve Smartwatch!

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Samsung Galaxy S10e

  • Display quality
  • Fast and responsive user experience
  • Premium build and feel
  • Cameras (if I want any high quality photos I want to use my dedicated camera anyway)
  • Excessive spec increases for the sake of bigger numbers (e.g. 12 GB of RAM)
  • Custom manufacturer specific android skins (just use stock android and put the time and effort that would otherwise be spent making some shitty skin elsewhere)

Also, I have no real love of wireless charging

I think there is room for a product somewhere between the Fairphone, the Librem 5, and traditional mid/high-end smartphones. I love the idea of the Fairphone and Librem 5, in terms of their focus on modularity and repairability, privacy and user control, and sustainable and fairly sourced materials. In practice though, the compromises that they have in terms of specifications (SOCs from early 2014 in the case of the fairphone, cheap LCDs, plastic chassis) was too much for me to swallow.

  • Moderately sized (~5.8 inch in 18:9 aspect ratio) AMOLED, minimal bezels but I do generally prefer no notch, so maybe something like the s8 in terms of front design

  • Metal chassis with removable back (maybe option for different colours or glass/ceramic replacement backs for those who want wireless charging)

  • Removable back allowing for access to replace parts, which would be available direct from the manufacturer at reasonable prices

  • Flagship/near-flagship SOC (Snapdragon 700/800 series)

  • Headphone jack with good quality output. I’d pay a few bucks more for a quality DAC and amp

  • Largeish battery, preferably above ~3500 mah, although since I’m a relatively light user in terms of screen on time the 3100 mah battery in my s10e doesn’t bother me as much as I was afraid it might.

  • Cameras… not really too fussed here. As I said I prefer to use dedicated cameras for any serious photography. That said I certainly wouldn’t complain about a good phone camera.

  • NFC

  • Extra niceties like an IR blaster

  • Preferably it would run an open-source stripped-down linux derivative as the ‘main’ OS, with just basic apps (phone, secure messaging e.g. Signal, browser, email, music, camera). I think with under a dozen apps you could cover a lot of user’s needs, especially if like me they don’t mind using browsers rather than dedicated apps. Android is such a mess security wise, this seems like the only way to give the user security and decent control over their privacy. Plus it could be made very light-weight, responsive even on older stuff and battery efficient. Then there could be an option to run Android in a VM for any other apps/games, which would allow Androids access to device hardware and user info to be finely controlled.
    This might be a bit of a fringe request, and would require a lot of time and effort to pull off, so I would also be willing to use android as the main and only OS, but if I had the option I would prefer to avoid it. Who knows though, maybe you guys could collaborate with Librem or something :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot to add that a >60 hz refresh rate screen would be amazing, but possibly not feasible from a cost perspective…


Honestly, it’s decent… the colour sensors for the front and back are good enough to take decent quality photos any time of day and low light shots are good too.!!! Where it really shines is the monochrome sensor,

the black and whites I’ve shot with it look spectacular! Problems I do find are that sometimes the camera software can be a little glitchy and sometimes I find it hard to get the camera to focus on what I want it to. For me it’s enough, like most people today I think I’m mostly using the camera to shoot stuff for instagram or Snapchat. I would like a better quality colour shot and more camera features but for the point and shoot of everyday it’s good. When I really want to get a dramatic professional look photo I switch it to black and white and everything this sensor picks up makes the shots look so good :heart_eyes: