Tell us what you think about headphones


May i suggest the bowers and wilkins px as a benchmark for build quality.


*** Describe yourself as a user. When and where do you use headphones?**

I work as a sound engineer for live events/concerts

*** What kind of headphones are you currently using?**

My primary headset these days is Sony MDR-7520
Sounds very clean and has a tight, extended bass/sub response, the best I´ve heard in a headset.
I also have Sennheiser HD-25 as a spare set and Beyer 770 pro as spare-spare (they are crap)
For doing in ear monitor mixing I have JH11
Souns good, but a bit lacking in the bass/sub region.
And Shure SE425 as spare set for them
And for travelling, Bose QC35
They sound OK and have ok noise cancelling, but they get annoying in windy conditions

Why did you choose these?

I bought the sony headset after doing extensive research. I was looking for something indestructible, with proper bass response, high power handling and good isolation and they deliver on everything.
The HD-25 I bought because they are kind of a standard in the live audio industry.
Beyer 770 because I was stupid and young
JH11 because someone recomended them to me. As they are custom molds, its dificult to get to try different models…
QC35 because everyone has them and they sounded good in the store.

*** If you were to get new headphones, which form factor of headphone would you pick next and why?**

My next headphone purchase will probably be new custom moulded in ear monitors, as my current set is getting old. I need them for work.
I would also be interested in noise cancelling travel headphones of the in ear type if I can find something that is both comfortable for hours of use, sounds good and has proper noise cancelling.

*** What are the best headphones available on the market today, and why are they the best?**

For pro audio use I believe the sony 7520 are the best sounding, at least out of the ones I have tried.
For travelling the bose set is nice, but it is kind of big.

*** Is there a BIG problem in the headphone market? Is there a unique value or innovation that Eve & the community could bring to this product category?**

There are loads of crap sounding headsets out there.
Please don´t make another one.
Making a good sounding speaker or headset requires a lot more than computer skills and I would be very surprised if the new EVE EARS set sounded anything other than total crap. So I would focus on other traits, making something for working, training or other arenas where sound quality isn´t the most important thing. Think connectivity, design, noise cancelling / ambient noice enhancement/safety when jogging/cycling or something simliar

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