Team EVE retire mode?


Based on my observant, it seems that they are no longer active in forum nowadays ( Bz celebrating CNY :thinking: ?) or even non existence no doubt the last batch of LB & 1TB upgrade shipping priority is no longer their concern as expected! I maybe be wrong just want to hear from others.


I second that thought. We have been informed that the final batch is in the warehouse. Should we wait for a Friday for an update? seems crazy to me, its been more than a week since the V’s left the factory and we still don’t know when we will get our devices.


Actually I’m more concern on their existence in forum, I hardly see them replying to thread nowadays instead they came here to CLOSED thread for housekeeping! :roll_eyes:

  1. I’m Chinese, and not even we have started celebrating Chinese New Year yet.

  2. 0% of the process from supplier -> customer happens on the forum.

  3. 0% of the people involved with closing threads for housekeeping have anything to do with the supplier -> customer process.

Yep, you’re wrong.

i don’t understand - waiting for friday for the end of the week seems crazy? when is the end of the week for you?


FYI Chinese New Year begins next Friday, I’m still waiting on tracking. But the Team should provide another weekly update within the day (or tomorrow.)


U are Chinese from which island? 你从哪里? I’m already munching my CNY goodies!

I’m a backer for your info not a customer with just buy and go attitude!

So u are representing the whole community?

I would also appreciate u reply post with substance and not adding senseless post counts!


I think the general sentiment for this last batch of IGG backers is that less information is being provided. When HEB shipped, there were statuses almost daily, updates of packages being sent to 4px, info on where the devices were. It seems this time around, there’s less info from team, I don’t recall seeing anything all week besides “please be more patient”. That’s my perception on it.


Well, they are also experimenting with a different shipping method(s). I presume that is causing a chunk of the team to focus on other things. Some are also most likely focusing on a bit of the manufacturing of new devices. Maybe a post mortem is going on as well? There are so many things that could be going on that consume the time of such a small team. Let’s face it, Eve is a teeny tiny team in comparison to the teams that actually build devices of this caliber. I think it seems fair to give them some breathing room to get stuff done as they focus on surviving as a company and moving onto the next step.


Yup, really eager to see the weekly update later today, fingers crossed…


Well, I guess the update came as I was typing. News is: no news.


I would agree too…To give an update ONLY at the end of the week and being active in the community are basically two different thing. Not just that…i have seen some people with problematic Vs tried to contact support and ended up with cricket silence is very disturbing too.


LOL that’s basically how it is in a nutshell. Well said!


I think your perception is correct. It reflects the team shifting to a weekly update strategy, which in my opinion was a needed change. It was too chaotic and reactionary before.

As to the broader question about the team’s involvement in the community, it does seem that I’m seeing fewer posts with the official team colors lately. It does make me curious. @kaum keeps asking for an update on DD project. I think it would be beneficial to have a broader focus now to the weekly updates to include the various other projects, not just the V.

That said, it’s worth noting that KK brought the Dbrand partnership to the community recently. They’re obviously still busy!


I am on the phone several times today and all this week to my family and colleagues in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Qingdao.

Nobody I have spoken to has started their celebrations yet, though they are getting excited about them.

I live in Huangdao, Qingdao and I’m in Australia at the moment.

I think some here are a little prone to exaggeration in their remarks.

BTW there has been an announcement and it’s positive.

The need for updates on more than a weekly basis is totally unwarranted and not necessary.

The team have more important things to do than answer incessant interruptions and questions about relatively minor issues.

I think Konstantinos will soon change his name to Konstantly Interrupted.


Made my day :smile:

True words.


I’ve read the phrase:“please contact support…” on this forum so many times that I think they just refuse to reply to these kind of things so that there won’t be topics of 60 replies with questions as “when will my V arrive” or “I want a refund/repair/cooky/other personal help” anymore.
As they said in their update, they’re focussing on improving support, so I think they are busy with people contacting support rather than people trying to get the attention of support here.

On the updates: they’ve decided to give weekly updates so that they can be more productive and be accurate as possible.
I think Eve is not in retire mode. I think Eve is in evolving-from-a-crowd-fund-to-a-company mode.

  • My friend, to engage celebration for CNY can be anything like doing spring cleaning, buying goodies or decorations for home, buying of new clothes & having reunion dinner etc… U surely wouldn’t be doing all this on that day itself. Is our Chinese culture for your info same goes for Christmas like shopping of gifts, getting decoration for Christmas tree or home etc…

  • If is indeed a design flaw based on queries by the community , are u going to accept as relatively minor issues? So the Team is going to move on to another important project B or C and consider this V as a success with no follow up on the feedbacks they received? Is that what u agree in mind?

  • Yes if interrupted if only there is a chance of his reply!


Hi community,

The Eve team is far from retirement, and is working as hard as ever to make things happen!

Over the past weeks, we’ve seen a focus on improving the handling of support issues, on getting the Vs shipped to the final backers, on improving the performance and experience of the V, and on cooperating with new partners like dbrand.

More has been happening behind the scenes, where you’ll find that a lot of the abovementioned things take quite a lot of time and effort from quite a lot of people. Our design dude is helping in support to reduce response times, but it slows down Project: B. Our product manager is working with suppliers to fix V bugs, but it slows down Project: Donald Dock. We are a small team, and everyone is doing many things at once!

If we pull aside yet another curtain, we’ll find that there are improvements being made to how the company itself is run (even though we’re still a small team, we’re many times larger than even a year or two ago!), partnerships are being explored to make new products possible, and many other things.

That said, the forums are in a slow phase. Now that all Vs have shipped, there’s little in the way of big news to share. A lot of the requests made from the team are either a matter for the support team rather than the forums, or the famous asking for updates (which tends to start the very moment we post an update). So yes, there is a lot of cleaning up, and there’s not much in the way of blue posts.

The housekeeping isn’t for naught though: we will kick off a new main project in a matter of months, and we want our crowd-development platform ready for that. And once that gets going, you can also expect more of the direct back-and-forth from the team that you may miss from the Pyramid Flipper days!

Any update on DD?

It’s not easy to read through all the troll*-posts :roll_eyes::expressionless: to read the relevant ones. They have better things to do.
[*no names, readers think for your own]


Thanks for the update. It’s exciting to hear everything that’s going on. The small team is obviously busy. I appreciate the balance of improving V and also moving forward with new projects!