Survey: Eve apparel?



hm… how about an eve bus? :smiley:


We will have an official Eve Bus once the included sticker gets put on my Westy! :wink:


Ha! 2nd that. Although mine do have Bluetooth. My Suby is 22 years old and my truck is 16 years old. A new deck with no CD and Bluetooth was only $100 for the Suby and I got and extra dash compartment out of it. I couldn’t say no.


I’m still jealous! LOL.



I use “Happy Socks” they have good quality and they have underwear too:


There is cafepress 7 could use but iv heard there quality not that good link below is how much u have to sell before u make money

I will link other as well and i thnk this is a good idea I would buy a shirt I like Zazzle alot as they allow u to have more than just shirt. You can sell customized shoes, phone cases, ect


T shirt or a smart polo with the V embroidered in red with white small font underneath with the Us moto


This ! Helios I love it :’)


What about to give those spinners to everyone waiting for his V?
It may diminish the repetitive rant posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: