Survey: Eve apparel?



I like the way of beeing professional but not necessarily always look like other poeople expect professionals look like.
Dressing professional dosn’t make you more professional.


I am asking for stickers with your slogan from the beginning <3



Punk rocker?

Just kidding. :wink:

[But that would be cool.]


Eve stickers? :laughing: (Yes, I’m trolling on Apple here.)

But seriously, I like the mouse pad idea @andybotty had.
T-shirts or polo shirts would work too, but that can get expensive fast. [I don’t generally pay $20 for a shirt].

Could also do something like Eve flash drives? Or an Eve Miracast dongle? I’m trying to think outside the box here.


I would really like a hoodie with the bloody triangle :slight_smile:


I vote to keep it simple! The aim here to get funds to Eve, so that means low cost products with a decent margin. Therefore stick with a t shirt imo. It may have been done before but there are thousand more in the community now who haven’t got one.

Re the serious vs childish debate, my view is that you can be serious but with personality. Eve is here to be rebellious because it wants to disrupt the market with their crowd development concept. I’m terms of rebellion, the bloody pyramid flipper represents it best imho


I really don’t need another hoodie or T-shirt.
Instead I need a really really good hangers for my clothes.
Unfortunately the best hangers are sold for companies in boxes of 100pc or such. Therefore this kind of group would be fantastic to order and bouch of them. And you can have the “V” or “Oops” or what ever Eve decides.
Best trouser hanger I have ever used is this (since you can dry your trousers by hanging them upside down and you don’t need to iron them):


Please tell me which person of the team should organize these merchandise things??? SELLING thousands of T-shirt with different sizes and other articles which have to be designed first… This discussion who needs what with which sort of triangle is useless. They should care about finishing and producing the V. Nothing else. Maybe @UNDERDOG can create a site to support EVE with sponsorship??? But nobody from the eve- core-team should be involved…


I think, as long as EVE team has enough money we definitely shouldn’t focus on merchandise etc. And if they really need money I wouldn’t care supporting them without getting something back. As long as I get my V one day in hopefully near future :smiley:


So while I like the idea of Eve apparel like T-shirts and such, I think I wouldn’t buy it like many other apparel. Why? I am used to V-neck T-shirts and henley shirts, every time I wear a regular round collar T-shirt I get uncomfortable. Certainly lower quality T-shirts can have a claustrophobic effect by hugging my entire neck. Another reason is that many of the apparel clothing have a kind of ‘in your face thing’. When I was young I did wear those ‘in your face’ things, even so with t-shorts that supported the AIDS-liga in Belgium (with a big ‘Please avoid aids’ phrasing on the front) but now I prefer the subtle way. Things like only a small logo on the breast pocket. It doesn’t really stand out, and can be worn like any other T-shirts. And when people ask about what brand it is or something like that, I would be glad to explain the story behind it. Also important in my eyes is the ease to layer the shirts. So outstanding, screaming designs are also not great for me.

For hoodies and sweaters and those kind of things (we call those things ‘pulls’ all together in Dutch, coming from pull-over) it is also kind of tricky. the upside of a pullover is that you can have one big pocket at belly height, the downside is that there is no easy way to take it off without the belly showing (and as I went from 84kg to 68kg, I don’t really want to show off my skin surplus). A hoodie does seem more all around than, but is harder to get reasonable with text on the front side because of the zipper. Although, when implemented correctly it can still look nice with text on the front.

How about a waistcoat/vest (casual styled, not those fancy suit styles, preferable without those polyester backs but with a back in the fabric like the front side)? The buttons can wear the Eve logo (I have seen S.Oliver do it that way) so that the vest can be worn like any other vest. And it could be combined with an Eve pocket square for final touches. I prefer vests over hoodies and pull-overs because of ease of layering, and it keeps your body warm but still allows for cooling the body when having to run to catch the public transit or things like that. When running or cycling, the first body part that starts releasing heat to the exterior is the arms (thunderfoot has a video on it on youtube) so when those are blocked the body will have to release the heat by sweating more.

But yea, this is more saying what is my taste and not really thinking about what would give the most profit.


How about fidget/finger spinners with the Eve V logo on it, or maybe shaped like a V (or triangle) …


I really like a idea of alcantra wallet in modern design (size of wallet will identified by fact that men need to have a few card always with himself (maybe 6 cards: credit card, ID, transportation card…
Maybe something like that


An Eve wallet (or 2 versions, one for men and one for women) would be a great idea. I’d need a slim wallet, but would even go with 2 outside pockets (one side for ID, one side for most used card and/or cash).
I’d also support alcantara (as we by now have some experience with it).



Just saying it.


I so read “BANANA” 20202020202


Stickers- Red triangle on a circular black sticker or just a Red triangle die-cut.
I like the hat mock up from @andybotty
The black shirt with the white triangle in the middle is good. I wouldn’t wear anything with slogans or mottos…just not my thing.

The backlit keyboard is a useful feature. Nobody calls it childish in the world of car stereos.


Who has car stereos anymore? They’re all integrated infotainment systems! Lol

That said multi coloured ambient lighting is a very real thing in the car world that defo isn’t childish :wink:


haha. how about anyone who doesn’t care to spend their money on a new $40K+ toy every few years? My Subaru is 10 years old and my VW is 40. They both have stereos. They don’t even have bluetooth!

but back on topic - This thread is about apparel - so I have one more idea…

SOCKS! I love socks. cool socks with the kickstand pattern would be fantastic. :slight_smile:


Ha, I and my brother share my mothers previous car, a Fiat Qubo and that does also lack bluetooth support, doesn’t have an integrated GPS, no automatic airco and such. The speakers even have their own life, sometimes they fire up and sometimes not so when hitting a bumpy cobblestone road it has a fun effect. Most fun car that I have driven!

And about socks: that is a great way to not show off since those are mostly hidden underneath pants and shoes. Great way for a humble support. I would suggest those socks that don’t go higher than the ankle, those are great for use with shorts and such.