Survey: Eve apparel?



I disagree, because every company needs something that distinguishes it from the rest. In my opinion - and I know there are others - the triangel and the oops are minor signs of distinction - and I appreciate them. The backlight keyboard I haven’t seen it in reality but I perceive it as feature not as a gimmick.
And to be honest: I think professional and fun get together quite easily. And at least I do not want Eve to become a boring Windows OEM.

Besides that I do not like merchandise articles from companies too.
But the good thing: I do not need to wear them…


No, serious and childish don’t get together. It would just form the image that Eve hasn’t decided what they want to be. I would prefer them to stay serious, but then the keyboard doesn’t go with that. I guess we can’t stop the train now…


You immediately remind me of Mr. Bean, who seriously does childish things for the humor of mankind.

Oxymoron” they call it.


I think, the Indiegogo campaign, the product and this community already makes EVE something very special and uncommon. Why shouldn’t we have some merchandise to show our pride? We don’t have to hide this brand, it’s strong and unique enough to show it to the world :slight_smile: If you don’t like to wear merchandise T-shirts - ok, but as @Helios said, we want to give EVE some money, and they want to give us something back. Common merchandise articles are a simple option.


That’s why you could turn of the color. And I don’t know when I searched a professionals keyboard if it has the right layout with all the right keys the last time xD


If you go to the bakery next door, to the butcher or nearly anywhere else - every employee of a shop is wearing a unique shirt. What makes it different to our community? I do want to show, that I am part of the community by wearing a t-shirt or today better an umbrella.


I am more in favor for something practical, or maybe have different tiers based on the amount folks are willing to support.
The most practical thing that comes to my mind is for example an additional year of warranty, or something simple like usb c to hdmi adapter, or a sd card adapter, 2nd charger, you get the idea…

I consider the usual marketing giveaway stuff garbage: the silly mirrors, calculators, mp3 players, pen holders, mouse pads, pens… all have one already or it is silly and of no use or low quality = ends in the garbage or lies in your drawer forever. Clothing stuff is better as it makes a statement, but similarly, it cant be premium quality due to costs and so is the usual ‘fruit of the loom’ quality level with the print dying after 3 wash cycles and sizing is an endless issue…


You know why Mr. Bean is so funny? Because what he does doesn’t get together. It makes no sense, that’s why it’s funny. If Eve becomes similar, it will be something to laugh at, just like Mr. Bean. But then where’s the seriousness? Yeah it’s gone.


You don’t have to search for something that pokes your eyes… When I took a prototype to university, it was the firstthing people noticed. And yeah, they laughed. Not in a good way. And I’m noy talking about a specific key or something. I’m talking about Eve’s image in general.


Says who? Is not like they are doing fart jokes. As a company no-one can claim they are acting with lack of responsability. If the users want that (I know not all of them do…) They provide that, and it sells, it is then the definition of good bussiness. Should they give other more straight laced options? Yeah sure, if there is enought people asking for it. I personally like the Ooops! Saying is not profesional is like when people claimed that Apple was not serious for using a bitten apple everywhere, and look how bad things are for them now.


Eve must have a “Name” at some stage. In this times you won’t come along without having something special for creating an “image”. At the moment the problem is, that nobody knows eve instead of arguing having a good or a bad image. There is simply none. This has to be changed, maybe not with stupid giveaways that’s right. But the keys on the keyboard are something completely different to this point.
I would really like to know, what people had said, when they first saw an bittn apple.


Might want to read:
Short history of the apple logo

And a show of childish corporativism against MS


Crapple created their hipster image with their bitten fruit. That matches their style. What I’m saying is that Eve should choose one style to go by too, not two, not five. And please, I don’t even want to hear anything about that brand because Eve is the absolute opposite. They are the rebellions and so on, all their slogans say very clearly that profit is not their main interest. In order to survive, they need to make a clear statement. And what was suggested is against that statement.


According to Eve’s new About page, Underdog poised Eve as more of a “revolutionary”, “rebellion against tradition” company.


But without money there will be no eve. I’m not for traditional fan-trash, buy there has to be a possibility to donate eve’s affords… Please give some suggestions Pauli. Not just always: That’s shit…


Please do some research about the beginning from Apple before making such false claims about Apple.


I like this idea (depending on the mouse’s price :sweat_smile:). Personally I’d rather go for razer copperhead style though… really liked that size and form.


It seems to me that the most sensible choice is a “premium line” of accessories, such as mice like the Microsoft Arc (including a thin mouspad with the EVE logo), a premium leather/colour/design sleeve or flipcase, embossed with the EVE logo, a retractable 2.5m or 3m USB cable (flat braided or silicone, special colour/design, EVE logo ), a thin and light USB or USB/TB3 hub or combined hub/charger, a (soft, zippered) accessory organizer case etc. Sold separately or as an upgrade.


I’m new at this community but I had a thought on this topic: would it help to sell already the pen (stylus) and maybe other accessories for the v already now? I think I could buy at least a pen as reserve if the one gets lost which I will get when I buy my eve v some day… And this could generate some working capital for the company to compensate a part of the screen problem.


My suggestion is to avoid smashing different styles together. If you chose the rebellion route, stick to it and don’t look back to corporate world. That means going all the way and ditching suits with all their accessories too :smile: (just my 2 cents)