Survey: Eve apparel?



A stand to position the V in the vertical. Wood plus a small V-logo. That’s what I’d like :slight_smile: or the same anodized Aluminium as the V’s chassis.


or a baseball cap with a small V or eve logo either on the back or off to the side in the front. but please no bloody V, I’m not a fan. Plus, as a small embroidery, the clean V logo would look better. in black and white with red embroidery.


+10 on the clean logo!


just open old design in my comp… dont know, does it suit your taste or not :smiley:


But that’s corporate bull$@#!, isn’t it? :smile: I think it kinda goes against Eve’s anti-corporate philosophy. In my mind, Eve is the opposite to guys who wear fancy suits with cuff links and all…


Hoodie would be great or a flexfit cap with the eve logo etc


I agree with you. Albeit the pattern behind the kickstand would look good on a pocket square imo :smiley:


That’s right for the baseball cap but I think the bloody one would fit perfect on an u umbrella.
Like rinseing blood.


No bloody V? What about C in flames.


Eve Wallet covered in Alcantara… actually I’ve been looking for Alcantara stuff and can’t really find one


I am totally in for some eve branded stuff! :smiley:


well, a blue and green V is where my loyalty lies. :wink:


I wear suit and tie multiple times a week and it has nothing to do with a corporation. Just sayin


I’d really like to see some V professional accessories or clothes. The V isn’t a toy it’s a serious professional device, Eve as a company is a professional and industry leading company.

Having some cufflinks etc would be amazing imo


I’m not a huge fan of branded clothing. I prefer accessories that I can use frequently. Personally, I love things like quality pens - especially fountain pens. There are companies like the one below that can engrave the logo on bulk business orders of well known pen makers like Parker or Waterman.


Personally I’d rather just the Made by -them- us on the back, but that’s just me


What about an EVE Bluetooth LE Mouse? I would love one in the size of the razer Mamba, since there are no Bluetooth Mice in that size :frowning:


The triangle key, oops key, colorfuk backlight and so on are telling the opposite. Eve has to decideon their image once for all. Either be professional or be childish and fun - you can’t sit on two chairs.


I’m with Pauli. That’s corporate bu… Don’t try to sell things you’re not professional in. Think about other quick sources you don’t have to “create” something like sponsoring or “shares”. We should use our community-brains for some great ideas to create quick money for something they don’t have to design, produce and sell. We need something else people are giving money for voluntarily. Maybe a “I’ve made V possible” site on your homepage where members can buy some pixels for their picture…


A suite with the pattern of the V under the kickstand? (which is for me the only design we should talk about… because it is already decided and printed on every V)