Surface pro x and the hope for Eve V2

I received the surface pro x for the new look and had high hope for the ARM processor. I am returning it due to the compatibility issues, and look forward to purchasing this new eve v2, hopefully coming in 2020. The surface pro x cosmetically was perfect, and gives me even higher hope for the only competition the surface series has, the Eve V.


Can you say more about the problems you had?

Also what were the good things the V2 should try and adopt? Eg I love the way the pen is stored :heart:


Hey kee!
I love the redesign of the surface pro x. The display that has been pushed out to be slightly bigger and smaller bezels;as well as the pen storage. Where the surface pro x fell off was mainly the arm processor. I was unable to download stuff for school such as Dev c++. At a price point that high, a laptop needs to atleast meet my school standards.

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Ah man that must have been so annoying! Luckily Iā€™m not much of a power user, a tablet would do for me except I like having the flexibility of win 10.

Everything always seems to be developmental. There is always some compromise here or there and adaptability see ms to be what we all have to practice. There is much to fault with MSF but at least they seem to be following the track towards total compatibility.