Surface Pro 5 - Some Details Leaked


Surface Pro 5 details have been leaked (intentionally or not):

Release Date: Spring 2017
Intel Kaby Lake Processor with the i Cores (not m)
GPU: Nvidia Pascal or the AMD Polaris
16GB of RAM
Supposedly better battery life (up to 7h)
Rumour of a 4K display(?)

Price: From $899

Source: Just type Surface pro 5 on Google.


That GPU options seem nice but guessing it will be too expensive


That is probably a keyboard with a GPU.
The Surface Pros already suffer from throttling, imagine adding a dGPU in there.


The GPU is very interesting. Where are they going to put it? Is the SP5 going to have a bigger keyboard?


@AfonsoHG seems like some people there at the comment section are looking for a device just like Pyramid Flipper :smiley:


And MS believes this themselves? Honestly, with a dGPU always attached I don’t believe they can get 7 hour battery - especially if they go to 4K as rumored :stuck_out_tongue:


They said in GSM Arena ‘‘but don’t hold your breath on a 4K resolution display just yet.’’ so I’d say it won’t come with 4K :wink:


That’s the reason i put rumour, as other sources are referring it. :wink:
Though i find it extremely unlikely especially if they are to improve the battery life.


I would say it is a common problem that is transversal to many people.
Even the PF, being crowd-sourced, when it hits the market, will have people that will complain about certain features that could have been different.

In these topics, it would be a good idea spread the word about the PF as it is likely to have people interested in such a device.


It is shaping to be that Kaby Lake will be just an incremental update and thus we should not expect major improvements in performance or battery life. But every little bit helps :slight_smile:


Indeed! Very much so.

In case you happen to have account to a discussion you are in, get evengelical and spread the love :wink:


This sound more like the possible Surface Book 2 specs than the the Surface pro 5 tbh


Indeed. One does not simply offer a GPU and core i for 899. Most def it starts from i3 (max) without GPU without KB and with 4GB ram for 899.

Anyways to introduce a GPU in a tablet is very far out there. I don’t think even microsoft can pull it out yet.


Even if that was the price of the base model, and the specs of the top model, it’s still more similar to SBook. A Surface tablet just can’t have a dGPU, its whole point is to be thin