Surface pro (5) announced?!


It’s time to get popcorn ready!


You beat me to it xD
Another case of “too little, too late” by Microsoft.
They’re in for a beat down when the V launches :sunglasses:


LOL again? Why do they keep reusing names of their products? Can’t they think of something at least a tad more original? Like… adding a number to the end?


It’s because 5 is taken Eve 5 :slight_smile:


Just saw the same thing on TechRadar, is this some sort of Surface Pro ‘4s’? Or just new accessories?


Fearing major updates eh?

The pictures look good though.


Or naming it Surface Pro One. :joy:


Then you need Surface Pro 360 before it.


Adding a USB-C port would be nice. Just saying.


Looks like they took one from that Apple playbook, when you don’t have much to show, introduce colors!!!


Perhaps they will include an exceptionally useful touchscreen replacement for the navigation keys.


According to The Verge, no USB-C.


That’s good to know :slight_smile: There is absolutely no reason to jump into new standards when the current standard works as expected :slight_smile:


That sort of thought also prevents or delays change which in this case I don’t agree with. Do as was made with the V - let the two standards coexist and let people choose which one they like best. That way you give people the choice :slight_smile:


I think there’s plenty of reasons. USB-C is a far better charging protocol than any regular adapter. That alone is a fantastic reason.

Thunderbolt 3. That is another reason.

Reversibility. That is another reason. I’m getting some peripherals specifically for the V simply because the standard is superior. Why spend $1000+ on a device and be willing to spend nothing on peripherals to use it with…? USB-C battery packs, USB-C eGPU enclosures, it’s so much more versatile and flexible.

Sure, USB-A works great. It’s worked for YEARS…and everything works with it. Stick with that. However, I’m greatly looking forward to the expandability of Type-C, while still being able to use Type-A ports.


The sore point for the Surface Pro 4 is battery life, so this appears to be a stopgap that smooths out the existing line-up. If you look across the Surface products, they are all slightly behind the curve in I/O and internals; the family is complete now, kind of, but it’s getting long in the tooth.

I’d think that the true next generation of Surfaces would start trickling out late this year or early next.


A regular charging adapter is better because:

  • You can twist the round connector around, adapting to the angle that the tablet is standing at. Especially useful with angled plugs.
  • It’s much much cheaper
  • It’s not confusing. With USB-C we’re seeing a lot of accessories that “should” work but they don’t.[quote=“Walkop, post:18, topic:6779”]
    Why spend $1000+ on a device and be willing to spend nothing on peripherals to use it with…?

Because it’s stupid to spend more just because you spent some money. Just stupid. I already have all the peripherals I need, so why should I throw them away and buy new ones? I don’t know about you, but I think this is the definition of wasting money :slight_smile:

And now we’re talking about a completely different thing, Thunderbolt. I really wish they used some other connector for Thunderbolt 3, even Displayport that nobody uses would be much better. The reason for that is manufacturers having this illusion that a Thunderbolt 3 port can serve as a USB port. It can’t. It can only be a nasty workaround when you lack another USB port, and only if you have an adapter for that. They include a TB3 port and think that they don’t need USB anymore. That is wrong. I mean Thunderbolt is awesome, because it allows eGPU. Butthat’s Thunderbolt, not type C. Too bad people associate theseso things so closely, even though they’re completely unrelated. Thunderbolt should not be giving any credits to type C.

USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?

Please take a USB-C discussion to the dedicated thread, not all threads have to turn into a discussion on that topic :wink:


Maybe we can make a deal. If everyone promises to remember that the company is Eve and the product is the V, then everyone can also promise to keep all USB C discussion in the thread :smile:


I don’t think this SP5 would be better than the Eve V.