Surface Pro 3 owner question


Hi! Greetings! (V sign)

I’m really excite to order the Eve V i7 model but really would like to know the opinion of the Surface Pro 3 owner who already got the hand on the eve V already. (As I’m Surface Pro 3 i7 128 GB model owner.)

Do you think that eve V is better in every aspects? (Snappyness, WiFi connection, typing and writing?)

For my usage, typical email sending, Web surfing, view and printing alot of documents, adjusting the photo Raw file and 4K media streaming.

I get around 4-6 hours with maybe 2-3.5 hours screen on time with power saving power profiles. Which to me is quite disappointing.

Do you think that if I go to eve V i7 1TB model, will it give me more in terms of performance and batteries life than current SP 3 i7 that I currently use?

Thank you for your information in advance.



Battery life will be much better. Inside the V one finds, compared to the SP3, a bunch more up to date parts (Wifi, Bluetooth, SSD). And the V is definitely super rich with ports: USB A, C, Thunderbolt. The i7 in the V seems to me less powerful, but totally sufficient for the jobs you actually use your SP3 for. I’m a SP3 owner too, but ordered an i7 V.


@dibadibadu is the one, who can answer the question.


I will try to answer: I’ve got a i5 SP3 and ordered a HEB i7V. I hope that they will match in performance. I hate the fan of my SP3 so I’m looking forward to a maybe little bit slower but silent working… The main reason for my replacement is the lifecycle of those devices. I need this 2in1 for my work (self-employed). After 2-3 years I want to replace these devices to minimize the risk of a defect… The SP3 originally was around 1300€ and this is my personal limit. The i7 V was the same price… I know, this is not the answer you are searching for. But I’m quite sure that there are more things to compare than just performance. I personally don’t care about these parts of seconds I maybe will wait more with my V in some usecases because of a performance lack


Yes, actually I’m looking for something to have more ports with about the same performance and with the better battery life.

Which eve V should fit my needs.

Especially, the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C charging ports.

Only thing missing is the SD card slot which can be overlook by attach directly via USB-c or Micro USB to the Camera.

Thank you for your thought.



Or by using a micro sd card with an adapter in your camera. Whichever suits you best.


Thanks for your thought.

I understand, the SP3 fan can get really loud, I once think that it’s my car Air-conditioning running which actually already turned off.

Sure, after use SP3 since launch, I only hope to get more battery life and more ports versatility for my next device, extreme performance is not my concern anymore.

About 24 Hours left before the sales begin…



Thanks for your tips.

I think the Micro SD card read and write speed is lower if compared to the SD card, right?

Which in some case like full burst continuous shot or 4K 60P will cause the Camera to slow down or not operable at such use case with the Micro SD card.

But I understand that it’s a work around for lack of that slot.



MicroSD cards have lower capacity, they are way more expensive and slower …


Good news: V as a card slot, up to 200GB if I remember correctly. :v:


Up to 2TB actually, the biggest you can buy is 400GB.


But, as stated elsewhere a portable ssd on usb 3.1 is much faster than any card and is quite a lot cheaper too.


While this is (usually) true, it is far less convenient. The MicroSD slot is perfectly hidden, and unless you use it regularly will never need to be unplugged. TB3 drives would be way faster than USB too, but also way more expensive.

If you’re somebody that uses all of your ports regularly, and you don’t work with large files, a MicroSD would be the better choice. If going for value, and you can spare a USB port, that’s probably the better option. It really depends on the person and their specific use case.


And his wallet for sure😜


Thanks guys. Very lively community!

Just my use case (If the laptop have SD card slot), after traveling, take the SD card from the camera, insert in the SD slot, transfer camera Raw files to the computer, put it back to the camera.

For me, it would be more convenient to have the SD slot but not necessary to have. I just carry around the USB A SD card adapter.

I only hope that next eve V will have this SD slot.



Maybe I’m misunderstanding this but I did not see a single external SSD of similar capacity to a SD card be cheaper.


~ $35 more for MicroSD, so not a huge difference