Supporting the V just the way you need it..brainstorm!


I think what they meant was, that they ship you the new one and they will fix / refurbish your old one which is then going back to EVE and not to the customer.


Assuming Eve V sales takes off beyond IGG the majority of buyers are unlikely to have the interest or technical skills to repair.

In terms of diagnosis Dell (and presumably others) have programs which help to identify the issue. This starts with the BIOS test and then Dell Support Assist before their warranty team taking control and having a look further.

I expect there will be the BIOS POST test. @myien have you thought about anything further as a means to diagnose the problem?


I already had a thread about doing DIY repairs on the V after the warranty period and if eve could support this by offering a prototype (after last testing round) to make a (dis-)assembly instruction for the community like on (and Community wants to see what is inside the V) Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!
If then eve would also offer spare parts over their webshop they would proof once more that they are the most consumer orientated company in tech.
Teardown of the V


If we are purchasing a device that is supposed to replace pen and paper it seems silly to require a paper proof of purchase :wink: But I think having a product registry on the Eve website is the best way to go.


I don’t understand - why is the warranty only available in the same country where you bought it? Eve is an international company, the product version is the same all over the world, and you ship with DHL to all over the world. What if someone moves to another country? Why should they lose their warranty?

Do the accessories have any warranty? The one posted above only applies to the tablet, but I think keyboard and pen should also have warranty. At least half the length of tablet’s warranty?

Also, maybe I’m nitpicking, but I don’t think coatings are “designed to diminish over time” :smiley: Maybe a more exact phrasing would be “inevitably diminish over time”, since it’s not done on purpose.

“Defects caused by normal wear and tear” - what does “normal aging” mean here? Whatever it is, I think this shouldn’t happen during the warranty period and it should be covered :wink:

As for the poll, do whatever you want, but please don’t choose 3rd party repair facilities… If they’re only responsible for the man work, then it’s OK. But please don’t make anyone but Eve responsible for setting the prices and deciding whether the product will be repaired free of charge, or replaced, or something else. Here in Lithuania, you will not find a single warranty service that actually honestly examines the product before saying “meh it’s your fault, pay is this insane amount of money and we’ll fix it”.

The second worst option would be shipping it all the way to China :smiley: because DHL is damn expensive. So if you’re outside warranty, you’ll have to pay over $100 just for shipping… That’s a lot. Really.

###Please also consider:
As for out of warranty repairs, I think you should leave two options available. 1 - whichever you choose from the poll, and 2 - self-repair. Some people won’t want to pay for shipping and man work, so for example if their SSD stopped working, they can decide to repair it themselves.

For that to work, you will need to have replacement parts to ship out. Which brings us to…

###Keeping stock of replacement parts.

My suggestion would be selling some spare parts to some eBay seller. That way, even when your part pile is empty, people can still buy them from eBay. And you don’t have to pay for storage of those parts, the reseller will take care of it.


I think we’re talking about warranty in both cases :wink:


Send it back to the factory seems to be the best option. or rather send it back to China, they fix everything and anything.

Getting an outsourced service centre only works if you have large volumes and depending on the country they may not do a perfect job.

DIY seems plausible. It would be even better if the Eve V is a 2 part design. The screen glued to the bezel and there is an opening at the back, allowing users to access without removing the screen. Instead of changing the original faulty parts, the accidental damaged screen during the repair process also has to be changed and it probably cost 1/2 of the whole device price.

Community Repair Center that would probably be the worst idea. Even professionals, accidental event happens. Lets say, if you accidentally damaged the screen or scratched the owners device, what happens? should the person repairing be responsible?


There should be some kind of insurance


I presume they are more likely to be purchased from

From my point of view, this idea is way out of line, if not - please excuse my harsh words - plainly bold.
The device is sold worldwide, so I would expect the corresponding infrastructure to exist anywhere (more or less), ergo no problem to handle warranty cases in another than the original country of purchase.

Me, I am travelling quite a lot and I may be abroad for more than a month occasionally. So not being able to claim a warranty case in another country where the V is even sold as well is a real dealbreaker to me.

I am pretty much in favor of the DIY variant, as I like my devices to be fixed fast. (if I’m doing it myself, I can rest assured it gets top priority :sweat_smile:)
Somehow I also do like the idea of a community repair center, though with that option some liability issues may arise in case of accidental damages done during the repair process. :wink:
edit: I feel there should still be a conventional option for less adventurous buyers though. :wink:


In my opinion the options should be reviewed also from a cost perspective matching the business case and planned to sold units. Than a return rate could be calculated and the costs have to be compared.


Pesonally I like the idea to get spare parts and repair it on our own. If there is a good documentation it is maybe possible to go also to an repaicenter if you are not able to do it on your own with the documentation in your hand the repaircenter could work it out. Eve could decide based on video/ photo documentation if its an warranty case and than send the part and could even pay an average price for the repair effort.
So you have the documentation and the spare part from eve and the money for the hourly effort to repair and could do it: a) on your own b) ask somebody owning an eve in your country who wants to do it or c) ask a repaircenter if he would do it with the spare part/ documentation and estimated time effort to be payed with the money you get from eve as an fix case price.
Eve have to decide if they want to give warranty on that options as well. What do you think?


Thanks a lot guys for participating! We have taken down some key notes and we think we are ready to proceed with the discussion. Here are the key notes and conclusions we’ve made:

Summary of the discussion:

40% - send to factory
32% - service center
14 & 14 % other 2 options of DIY

Warranty terms (great we showed it!) :smile:

  • Current lawyer written warranty is a good template but needs to be made reasonable!
  • Has to be 2 years for EU and basically for all of the IGG buyers as that was offered as part of the reward!
  • This warranty is only redeemable within the original country or region of purchase is unreasonable to community and needs to be revised
  • Proof of purchase has to be modified from invoice to something wider as invoice is not necessarily the best way to prove purchase. Email address, screenshot of order confirmation are all possible and sound better.
  • We need to have more specific battery warranty. We think best solution is to go with the battery manufacturer’s terms towards us.
  • Damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of EVE (contracdicts with poll options)

General observations

  • Choice whether to go with a factory repairs or 3rd party depends a lot on general experience and the total amount of tie it would take. As sometimes official repair centers are super slow.
  • Can we have one global provider with great service?
  • Central Europe is preferred as a location for 3rd party repairs in the EU
  • Well put so I quote @pauliunas :

“As for the poll, do whatever you want, but please don’t choose 3rd party repair facilities… If they’re only responsible for the man work, then it’s OK. But please don’t make anyone but Eve responsible for setting the prices and deciding whether the product will be repaired free of charge, or replaced, or something else. Here in Lithuania, you will not find a single warranty service that actually honestly examines the product before saying “meh it’s your fault, pay is this insane amount of money and we’ll fix it”.”

  • Keep option for DIY open and maybe offer parts to Ebay sellers, etc.

Next steps for our team

  1. Refine current warranty terms and show them back to you! (Maybe show our quality standard too?)
  2. Check pricing and look for a potentially good Authorized Repair Center
  3. Find out from community what are the most expected common issues with the device so that we could start thinking of the kind of repaid we would need to do.

What do you guys think?


Sounds good to me Konsta! Thanks for considering our opinions in this!


Also think about the future BUSINESS Customers!
They should offer a optional global warranty for 3Y (such as MS SP).
A service provider in every continent + factory in China + spare parts online store DIY would be very good.


One of the electronics places I sometimes buy from has a cool extended warranty plan - you buy the extended warranty and if you don’t use it you get a store credit. They make it a little tough to get it - you need to apply for the credit within 90 days of the warranty expiry and then have (I think) 30 days to spend it, but I got it on my tv, and when it expired I put a new stereo in the westfalia and it paid for all the installation. Then I used that extended warranty to buy a set of headphones. win win!


I would like to take a shot on each of the sections

  1. Damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not a representative is probably too weak and needs to be tightened. You have to have a statement to the effect of “Modifications made to the design or components of the EVE V without express permission in advance in writing from officers of EVE will render any warranties null and void”.

  2. You should ship a shipment certificate with each EVE V which is used as proof of purchase for warranty purposes. Instruct in BOLD LETTERS that the shipment certificate should be saved as it will serve as the proof of purchase for warranty purposes. Assume that it will take up to two weeks for any V to get to its intended person, which should mean that the warranty period is 750 days (365 days per year plus a bit of float for shipment time). You could stamp the warranty end date on the shipment certificate which will give you a level of control to the whole thing. Because 750 days is 20 days more than 2 years (I added a week for shipment screw ups, out two years is I expect a moot factor) I doubt anyone would have an issue with such a process.

  3. You do need to figure out who will be providing service in the regions of the globe rather quickly, particularly if you have to ship a repair process with the V. I suspect that a single global repair center will be difficult. One key question that has to be addressed is if there is shipment to a warranty center, who pays for the shipment, is it included in the warranty contract or is it the responsibility of the buyer. If the assumption is that no shipment will be required then you have to pick a warranty partner with the reach globally to avoid such shipments. I suspect that will be difficult unless you piggyback with someone like Dell or Microsoft to provide your service contract needs. I suspect that with this group you need a process to rate the warranty centers for their timeliness and effectiveness and be willing to switch partners if they get lax. I seriously doubt that the reach of the buyers will all be open to DIY repairs, nor do I think EVE will be open to being on the hook for errant DIY repairs. I know many will like that option, but it leaves EVE open to too many problems. You may for countries like Lithuania have to have a repair service which provides for shipment back to EVE for repairs if there are too few repair centers available. I don’t know the logistics of where each of the machines are being shipped to, so I really cannot comment on this.


Great job summarizing many viewpoints.[quote=“SpeedyS, post:35, topic:6144”]
Also think about the future BUSINESS Customers!

I agree. Business Customers will mostly likely require the most traditional support models. Not because they’re the best models but because they are the models for which their policies and purchasing guidelines are written.

For the DIY crowd, I wonder if Eve could create a “Repair Kit” that can be sold in addition to parts. The Repair Kit could include tools that will assist in taking the V apart and putting it back together (as safely as possible and helping minimize the risk of damaging screen, etc in the process), glue to replace the screen, etc.

While Eve may, perhaps need to focus on just one of the Warranty support options outlined in the OP, it seems that there are different audiences who would like flexibility and choice. Could Eve eventually offer a factory repair option as well as community repair in countries/regions that have enough devices and community to offer it?


Look for Samsung service partners (worldwide). These are trained and also have the appropriate equipment. They often look after other brands.


In my opinion, it is quite unfair to the non-EU buyers. I know a lot of other companies do that, but then again, Eve is not like other companies. It would be super great if all buyers get 2 years warranty.

This is a brilliant idea. Actually eBay is a really good platform since it has everything integrated, everything from the mobile apps, PayPal payment, and the protection for both the buyer and seller. Plus there are billions of people browsing eBay everyday, so you get a lot of exposure, including other device users who might have compatible parts (this is common in car repairs, where you can, for example, use Ford parts to repair a Volvo, since they share the same suppliers). The only downside is they take 10% of each sale, but in my opinion, it is worth it, at least for the stepping stone.

btw I dont know about the rest of the country, but in term of consumer protection, Lithuania seems to be a shitty country to live in


So as a member of EU what is it NOT doing to join in with the expected consumer protection? @pauliunas