Supporting the V just the way you need it..brainstorm!


Hi all!

This is the first of many future supply-chain posts and I’m super excited to have my first official post!

In the spirit of community-driven everything here at Eve…. I need YOUR help to help me develop our V support process and warranty card. We will manufacture the V, package it and get it shipped to dedicated fulfillment centers around the world so that it can be efficiently shipped to end-customers.

But what happens once we ship out the V?

Things can break, devices can malfunction and we will need to support those that experience that. So here are our thoughts on how we manage this.

Warranty Cases

Eve provides a warranty for the V. If a customer receives a malfunctioning device, then we will ship a device at the same specs as fast as possible to the customer. Customer can then ship the faulty V back to the manufacturer for repair at no cost to them.

Repair Cases

If the device has software issues then we can troubleshoot within the community, cause quite frankly is much faster than a lot of “professional services”.

Now…here is the question. What should we do if a screen is broken, a kickstand falls apart or a device is dropped and requires repairs? What is the best, most efficient and cost-friendly method? We’ve brainstormed a few of ideas and wanted your vote!

Eve Repairs @ Factory: The traditional method would be for the customer to send the device to Eve, we analyze the situation and send it to the factory (all the way in China) for repairs. This process is typically lengthy and the factory may not give repairs first priority. On the plus side, they will be more equipped to repairing the device (since they made it) and would have the parts handy.

Outsourced Service Center: We can search for service centers (or better yet…you can recommend us some) and partner up with them to repair the V. Customers will ship the V to them to get it fixed. We will provide these service centers with the parts and instructions on how to fix the V.

DIY: Our customers are tech-savvy and quite skilled at fixing devices. What if you tell us what you need, we ship you the components and you fix it yourself? This is assuming you know what is broken and what needs to be fixed of course!

Community Repair Center: Our community is full of gems. We have highly technical individuals that are capable of repairing devices. What if we had select individuals from the community to fix our V issues? Of course, Eve would send over the components. The V would be made by the community and fixed by the community.

How should we repair the V?

  • Send it back to factory!
  • Hire a service center.
  • We can fix it ourselves if you send us the parts!
  • Made by us, fixed by us.

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Of course, on the back-end we will set up a DHL account for V support purposes and map out the process based on what the community votes for! Cost incurred will either be paid by Eve (warranty cases), split by both parties, or paid by the customers (repair scenarios). We will brainstorm as a community on what the best approach is!

We don’t anticipate many issues since all V devices will be tested for quality control before shipping. But stuff happens. We have to include some legal stuff to clarify what is and isn’t covered by warranty. Here is what the lawyer came up with (Please note: 1-year warranty is a standard factory warranty, but all Indiegogo buyers will receive 2-years warranty for being our first supporters and deserve extra perks :innocent:).


[details=Summary] (i)EVE Products purchased on EVE.COMMUNITY come with a limited warranty of 1 year (Warranty Period) starting from the date of delivery. Unless otherwise specified, this warranty covers the hardware components of the Product as originally supplied and does not cover, or partially covers software, consumable items, or accessories even if packaged or sold together with the Product. This warranty is only redeemable within the original country or region of purchase;
(ii)The limited warranty only covers product defects caused by workmanship or build materials. To make a claim, present your original Proof of Purchase (invoice), model and serial number of the product, and photo evidence of the product’s defects to EVE Customer Service;
(iii)Any repair and replacement service covered by warranty, along with shipping and handling, will be free within the first 1-year period;
(iv)EVE may use rebuilt, reconditioned or new parts and components when repairing any product. Alternatively, we may replace the defective product entirely with a rebuilt, reconditioned or new EVE product.


[details=Summary] This Warranty does not apply to any non-EVE branded hardware products or any software, even if packaged or sold with EVE hardware. Manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers, other than EVE, may provide their own warranties to you – please contact them for further information. Software distributed by EVE with or without the EVE brand (including, but not limited to system software) is not covered by this Warranty. EVE does not warrant that the operation of the EVE Product will be uninterrupted or error-free. EVE is not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the EVE Product’s use.

This Warranty does not apply: (a) to consumable parts, such as batteries or protective coatings that are designed to diminish over time, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; (b) to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; © to damage caused by use with a third party component or product that does not meet the EVE Product’s specifications ; (d) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact, earthquake or other external cause; (e) to damage caused by operating the EVE Product outside instructions. (f) to damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of EVE ; (g) to an EVE Product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of EVE; (h) to defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the EVE Product; (i) if any serial number has been removed or defaced from the EVE Product; or (j) if EVE receives information from relevant public authorities that the product has been stolen or if you are unable to deactivate passcode-enabled or other security measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to the EVE Product, and you cannot prove in any way that you are the authorized user of the product (eg. by presenting proof of purchase).


Before receiving warranty service, EVE or its agents may require that you furnish proof of purchase details, respond to questions designed to assist with diagnosing potential issues and follow EVE’s procedures for obtaining warranty service. Before submitting your EVE Product for warranty service you should maintain a separate backup copy of the contents of its storage media, remove all personal information that you want to protect and disable all security passwords.
Following warranty service your’ EVE Product or a replacement device will be returned to you as your’ EVE Product was configured when originally purchased, subject to applicable updates. EVE may install system software updates as part of warranty service that will prevent the EVE Product from reverting to an earlier version of the system software. Third party applications installed on the EVE Product may not be compatible or work with the EVE Product as a result of the system software update. You will be responsible for reinstalling all other software programs, data and information. Recovery and reinstallation of other software programs, data and information are not covered under this Warranty.

Important: Do not open the EVE Product. Opening the EVE Product may cause damage that is not covered by this Warranty. Only EVE should perform service on this EVE Product.

What do you think about this warranty card? We want to work with the community to define what is and isn’t covered by warranty as legal jargon can be quite vague. Also, we want to know what the community thinks will be consistent repair cases so we can prepare for those scenarios!

Here are some preliminary thoughts of repair scenarios based on prototype experiences!

  • Broken screen
  • Kickstand coming loose
  • Pogo pins breaking
  • Dents to housing

What else can happen to the V? We want to make sure we’re prepared to fix the V if the situation arises.

we always manage to solve the puzzle in time regardless of the chaos we’re in :grin:

Just to summarize, I will be dividing this into 2 parts; the V support process based on what community votes for and our crowd-developed warranty card so we can define what is and isn’t covered and key repair situations we need to prepare for. Can’t wait to hear what you all think!

Suggestion : A fully customizable web-shop like
[BRAINSTORMING] How did you get your last device broken?

I personally like to get my hands on the guts of all my devices when/if they break. So long as the spare parts are accesible, and at reasonable prices. (600€ for a macbook unibody keyboard !!! (In that particular case the top was one chunk of aluminum but still…))
On the other hand to be able to document the broken part, with photos/videos before sending it to factory could be great.


Given that the V is a unibody tablet, it seems that the DIY option is far too technically demanding and very few people might be able to do that.

Service centers and the factory would probably make little difference to me, but that’s just me.



As far as I know, any device sold in Europe is required to have 2 years warranty by law. This might run you into legal issues. In addition to that, I think it is good to know that my $1400 computer is covered for 2 years.

Why is this the case? I think a lot of people move all the time, permanently or not, and this makes the situation much much worse as we need to go back to the country where we purchased the product.

Why is this required? People lose pieces of paper all the time. Do we also automatically lose a warranty on our $1400 computer?

Usually this is done to prevent second-hand buyers to get warranty, which I totally disagree, as it is still the same product, and therefore should hold to its claimed durability, no matter who’s using it.

I think there should be a standard that the battery has to hold up to. We could say like the battery has to be able to perform at least to 80% of its performance within 2 years or 800 cycles, whichever comes first.

This could be a problem for the solutions you proposed above, especially when you allow the user to repair the products themselves


I think if there is minimal time lag between shipping to China Factory and local service centre the factory would be better placed. I recently had to replace a OnePlus3 screen and that went to a service center in Poland and whilst it was a good job - its was 3 weeks (inc shipping). The ship time, both ways was next day delivery. The time lag was in the assessment, quote, repair stages. If we could ensure the ship time from the factory is between 1-3 days I would think that would be acceptable to most people to ensure the quality of the repair as long as the SLA for the repair itself is comparable to a local provider.

Now if you were to tell me Factory would be a week shipping, local repair center is next day - then I’d start to wonder if the local was better - then it comes down to quality of repair, stock of inventory to carry out repairs (no good if they have to wait a week for a screen to be shipped) and for you guys managing another outsource/3rd part vendor.

Can you get one outsourced service provider that will do it globally in a way that’s ‘local’ and at a good price?
Are you likely to end up with multiple vendors who you have to oversea/manage quality/expectations etc etc?
Is the factory more likely to do repairs at cost/newer cost due to the ongoing manufacturing relationship compared to a service provider who is looking to profit on top?

  • Its often done for the shipping cross border - it stops customs trying to import duty/tax because you have proof you already bought it. So you would included 2 copies for each leg of the journey. To be honest I would expect this could be a digital invoice we could just print out when you log a service request and include in package rather than physical paper we have to keep from purchase.


Most warranty fine print will state something along the lines of ‘the rights on this page are in addition to the rights granted by local laws, and do not in any way diminish them’.

So if Eve, as a manufacturer, offers a one-year warranty, it will be a baseline that should adhere to the law in most of the world. Eve, as a reseller, may then be responsible for handling ECL claims outside of the first year, for non-corporate customers in the EU.

And they shouldn’t face any legal issues unless they actually fail to support those customers for whom additional warranties apply by law…

And proof of purchase as proof of warranty is a normal thing. Perhaps people should pay more attention to important pieces of paper? Stick them in a binder, stick them in a drawer, heck, scan them or take pictures and put them in a folder named ‘proofs of purchase’ somewhere on your computer.


You are IMO right, but you have to differentiate warranty (german: gewährleisung) and guarantee (german: garantie) (i don’t know the exact englisch terms)

Guarantee is a “service” of the seller - the company obligates itself to repair/exchange the malfunctioning product independet from the fact, if the malfunctioning/broken part already exists/was already broken at the time the product was delivered.

Warranty - the company is obligated by law to deliver as appointed, so the product has to be functioning and without broken parts. Crucial is the time of the delivery - if there is a problem after that, the costumer/user has to prove, that this problem exisited already at the time of the delivery (the austrian law states a “reversal of the burden of proof” within the first 6 months after delivery - during that time it is assumed, that the flaw existed at the time of delivery)


This is the most common thing but the minus side is that it will take a lot of time (like month atleast usually) depending on the situation.

If you can find one that is located in central europe and also in other regions it could be much faster by this way

Nice idea but in real life this wont work for general consumers and propably even not for every in here. And how about warranty in these cases if you happen to damage something

again, nice idea but no, this just wont work.


I think there should be another, or an alternative way of doing so since, as I mentioned, there are second-hand buyers, and people lose pieces of paper all the time.

Isnt it easier to just go with the simple way and give 2-years Garantie to the customer?

I think most companies in Europe are doing that as far as I know.

[quote=“inffy, post:10, topic:6144”]

I dont see why not. I mean, if they are actually getting paid, it will be like a part-time job, which many of us are already doing.


Well it could work. But how do you know that the quality will be good, what happens with warranty, and if the community support breaks something etc etc.


Oh, yeah I just assumed that they would get proper training before actually giving service.


[quote=“Patrick_Hermawan, post:11, topic:6144, full:true”]

Maybe a transfer ownership buttom on the eve support site to allow you to enter new owner details - this could then generate a warranty proof of purchase doc should it be needed ?


Thats a brilliant idea, though how about the original buyers who have lost the paper or email?


I would guess when we receive our device, we should have to register it for warranty / ownership type thing - that way you create an account and tie the device to you (community account?) and that would then work. This could then tie into all the support site functionality/telegram/forum stuff too. That way we should have to have any paper and could enable a transfer ownership functionality.


Since all (IGG) buyers already paid should we have an invoice already?
If so where can we see/download it?


Remember dudes that was lawyer text :smiley: Screenshot from Indiegogo page would be fine as well!
Or if you write us from the same email you ordered confirming your order ID. Basically as long as it really makes sense. Good point we will adjust that phrasing


There are tons of service networks available at least in the US where it makes no sense to create yet another one. Of course the materials for the service center to perform service would be required, but I suspect much of that has been developed for the manufacturing specs to have been completed.


I find it confusing on the warranty repair. If your sending a new or refurbished unit first then have customer send in their unit for service isn’t easier for you to just let them keep the unit shipped to them?
I wouldn’t want to install software I use only to have to do it again once my unit is returned to me. Keep and refurbish the unit sent in for service and have a second income stream by selling refurbished units to new customers who may not be able to afford a new unit at full price but can for a refurbished unit at a slightly discounted price with maybe a six month warranty.