Support by the community and what's in for you!


Hey guys!

While we’re discussing with you how we can make the Pyramid Flipper the greatest 2in1 device out there, we should not forget that after all the designing and discussing that the PF will get out to the hands of customers like you and me that will all love their PF for sure!

However, with a great product comes a great support, right? And we feel it should be the same way for us as well. Thus, we bring it to the community again. Because everyone knows how the tech support of big companies usually is regarding software:

At Eve, we don’t want to become something like that! And so, we bring it to the community.
Because you guys helped us shape the Pyramid Flipper we know that we’ve got great people here that have a deep understanding of software.

And here is the main question: Would you be willing to help people that come to the community with their problems they’ve got with the PF?

  • Yes
  • No

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We don’t demand from anyone that he helps out in such support questions, but we’ve seen great help from the whole community when people had problems with their T1 in the past!

And all your work shall not be for naught - we’re thinking of giving out ‘rewards’ for the awesome people that hang out in the support area and helping out other members. We’re not sure what rewards that would be, some ideas I wanted to throw in were things like “Free shipping” or “goodies” like a Shirt with a Eve-logo on it!

So - what do you think about that idea? Would you be interested in helping out other members that seek help in the community? And what do you think about the rewards?

Let’s discuss this guys! :slight_smile:


The setup of a knowledge base could be good for support when a problem has been seen multiple times, an article could be written with the solution.
Maybe also articles with trick and tips about windows (and maybe linux if supported)


Great Idea, It never hurts to help others and who don’t like rewards.:smiley::grin::joy:


Yeah, who doesn’t? :smiley:
Got any ideas on things you’d like to see as rewards? :slight_smile:

And @SombreSire I agree that we need an article/thread with the FAQ and good tips&tricks.


In goodies we can standard stuff like , coffee mugs with Eve logo or pens, etc.
But the important stuff is the support, for which we can have a Windows or mobile ,support app. Where customer can have live chat and can discuss there questions with community.


I think this website is enough for support :grinning:
And we could have benchmarks here. Considering that Eve is planning to make an eGPU accessory for the PF, we could test and find out the best GPU that works well with the PF, without much of a bottleneck.


Yeah it’s enough and great place to look for support. The app thing is only a suggestion that maybe :wink:community members can pull together in future.


Maybe there could be first a page in the Eve main site where there would be a place just for the PF that would have a intro-video (to show how some features work…), maybe a couple links to reviews, tips and tricks with windows 10, general overview of specs and a page with support (faq and drivers)


better to do in Eve’s main site IMO :wink:


We could also have a website, much like this is, named where we have articles dedicated to recurring problems or basic fundamentals for working with Windows 10 on the front page. Then on the same website, have support forums complete with all the trimmings of the best community tech support websites out there.

As far as function goes, just like you have to earn your way to posting and trust here, you have to earn the ability to ask or answer questions on the tech support forums by first reading the two fundamental articles: the FAQ, and Windows 10 article. This would keep peoppe from asking redundant questions that have been answered in advance.


why not just use ? Make a space for the PF and in that section put everything related to it :wink:


Well. Because… I have no good reason. Thats exactly what I was talking about. Though i do enjoy the “” naming convention.


This is great. I enjoy going to community forums for help on issues. So much better than calling in and being on hold for extended periods of time only to be told to reboot (again).

One (rather obvious) thing that I have found is that the best community support forums are the ones where users know that reps from the company are paying attention and stepping in when necessary.


We’d definitely still keep an eye on the support section so we can also help :slight_smile:


Sweet! I figured as much, but still thought it worth mentioning.


I find community support better than official support for most devices anyway.


Community FTW!!! :grinning:


Would be really cool and I can try to help as well if needed. It is always good to have support from people who are actually work with the product…


So I’ve already written @Konstantinos an idea of a more support-like platform/app. With it you wouldn’t be able to install drivers or check the system (Windows app after all - no Bloatware), but check the latest news, buy stuff, download drivers or look at compatibility lists/performance of device types/addons.

If we really set this up in a community fashion, a huge knowledgebase should make sense. Additionally, I can think of community users who repair Eves decentrally (needing a whole new repair community then).

General benefits for support backers could be 1) tips given from the one who was supported and 2) vouchers for the Eve shop and 3) medals/achievements earned in the community. All three are possible.


Let’s hope we don’t need them :grimacing: