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Same issue exist for touchscreen when charging.


After installing the newest updates I’m not able to print via microsoft word. Any suggestions?


Ghost touches after installing

1.1.1 0.4 MB 20/04/2018 8AFBAA10C4612AA5D056A260907F769E



I cannot print with word anymore… Is this a windows bug or a result of my driver installation process today? Does anybody have similar problems?


No problems in this regard over here. Tested printing from Word into pdf with Acrobat

All the latest updates installed including last nights’ Win 10 1709 update - latest Word 365


I just downloaded the drivers.
And for the Chipset the version is said of 20/04/2018 but when we download the file indicates that it is dated 21/12/2017 (Chipset_1.0_Thu + 12-21-2017.exe). Is this normal maybe putting the correct date back?


The updated touch drivers didn’t make any difference, charging still give me the same problem. Hover distance still didn’t significantly improve. Using it for a week now, I’m a bit disappointed :frowning:


Btw there’s a news about firmware update fix on the pen parallax issue by Microsoft just yesterday. So does the V get the update as well?


I’m still seeing parallax this month, so i guess this firmware update only applies to Surface models only? As I’m not a tech-y person, I hope someone might enlighten me on this update :frowning: @Xinjie or someone in the community? Thanks!


Surface only…


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