[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)



Please enable tilt function for use of Surface Pen 2017 too! It’d be really great to have similar capabilities for the Eve V too as an artist, thanks!


F… How do I cancel my vote? Didn’t plan to vote and my thumb just moved on it’s own…
Oh, I found out how .w.


I can confirm that the pen sensitivity is a lot better, and that it goes back to being awful when charging, much as you point out here.

That being said, I can now use the V for note-taking, so thank you very much!


Hey Team,
could you also work on the palm rejection issue? The jitter is gone (yeah! :sunglasses: ) but my palm is still not being ignored enough! Thank you for your work @Xinjie
And please keep improving the V :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Hi guys!

I have also issues with the palm rejection.
How do i get the updated driver for the touchscreen? The link from above doesn’t work.



The link for the new driver isn’t working anymore. I reset my V due to other software issues and was reminded of how terrible the old driver is, but now I can’t update it! :cry:
@team any update on this?


I’m working on a new drivers page! :slight_smile:

It should be up tomorrow or so (I hope :wink: )

The links are down as the are limited timely, but the new ones on the support page won’t be time-limited :slight_smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait. Definitely appreciate you guys keeping us updated in terms of drivers :smile:


All our hopes are on yoooooooooooouuuuuuu: First line of a soon to be hugely popular song :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just wanted to say I’ve been anxiously looking for your new download page multiple times a day, and finally saw it updated just now, and i must say, excellent!!! Excellent!!! Excellent!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:


SD Card driver is not working

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Is it safe now?


Hello the driver support page for Europe is not good.
Apparently you have to go to the internationnal. Until I waited hard to see an update.
Can you do what’s necessary?


Oh yep sorry I just saw that I did not put the changes live on the EU page (yet)!

As we are speaking the changes should be up - sorry for the confusion! :confused:


Sorry, again fault on my side as it seems I did not make that driver accessible from our storage solution!


iKirin, I know that this is a lot of work but maybe this is possible. Can you add 1-3 line Changelog to drivers? For example SD CARD (CHANGELOG: faster write/read) or smg.


I’ll check it out - right now there should be a small description before you install the drivers for anything over 1.0 (except touchpanel & audio) that explains what the update will do before installing.


are you going to put this description on a website? I think that would be usefull because when I install drivers I just click firstly that I trust Eve (Windows Defender allerts me that I shouldn’t) and I press ANY button…


I’m looking to get a nice view for this, but as this might take a while (read: pretty long) I can suggest you try the installer - if you don’t want the new version, you can just cancel it and nothing will happen to your V.


How to understand dates and versions?

If there is driver with Date Published 20/04/2018 of version 1.0, should I install it if I received my V two weeks ago? Is the version then correct or should it be > 1.0? Or the date is confusing?