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Indeed, if we take the entire post, I also said:

we may have to wait a while before we see it in practice!

Yes, I (personally) think it’s a good idea. If we are going to implement it, it will not be any time soon. You’ve posted your idea in the appropriate category, and people can vote on it to show their support for the feature request. Please do not cross-post the idea everywhere as it does not make us look into it any sooner and it does clutter up the forums.


To Eve / Emdoor: Would it be easier to make the BIOS accessible using volume and power buttons?
To Community: Would that be acceptable for you?

Here’s my proposal for the buttons combo


Is there any reason why this driver is not on the official download site? Or am I missing something?


Something you’re missing from this list and well documented elsewhere in which you responded to was the improper handling of the swapping of left/right buttons when using the keyboard/trackpad in BT mode. I just found your link to the updated firmware hoping it would have solved the problem, but it didn’t. I can confirm with the firmware you sent a link to, tap on the trackpad always results inEve s a context menu (normal right-click). Can you confirm that you’re working on this along with keystroke dropping with the supplier? Otherwise, Eve should put a disclaimer on their website warning left handers away from the V; or at least remove BT keyboard as an actual feature since it’s clearly not ready for production use.


@Xinjie no mention of addressing dropped keypresses in BT mode? This handicaps the keyboard in BT mode more than anything. I’m beginning to think Oops is the brand.


@Xinjie : Thank you for your explanation of why your OEM supplier cannot properly support Windows swap left/right button functions in BT mode. While I understand they may not be up to fixing the firmware for this, perhaps V can write some drivers to do so? See my PM to you for a company that might be able to help you. Meanwhile, if the BT keyboard keeps dropping keypresses, then its just an overly heavy keyboard because of the battery.

I also understand that if I turn off the tap ability on the touch pad, then it becomes a click pad. The problem with that is that my touchpad requires a really hard press to get a “click” out of it which really slows down interactions. So, I would rather have a touchpad that rattled every time it is touched vs. having to super hard press the touch pad just because I’m left-handed.

One thing that I don’t understand about the explanation you and the mfg gave is why they are interpreting one finger tap as a right click; but two finger tap is actually interpreted as a single-click. This would lead me to believe this is genuinely a bug in how their device interprets things, not necessarily Windows itself.

Now, I’m typing this with the new firmware in BT-mode. Noticing that my keyboard is still dropping keypresses, forcing an overuse of the oops button to fix the typing. Was this supposed to be addressed?


Sound fine… maybe hold down the the volume up while booting to enter bios?


@Xinjie I’ll use my V at work. When transporting it between meetings i’d like to put it in (to?) sleep in order to use a quick start up. When I go home, I’d like to put it off in order to minimize power drain and I don’t need a quick start up after arriving home (persé). That’s why I chose the first option of the poll.
However there has been some topics about the V waking up in people’s bags after having put it in sleep and thereafter getting quite hot (as discussed here). I’d only like the quick-start-up-sleep option as default when this issue would be fixed. I wouldn’t like dealing with the chance my V could melt, I’d like to use it productively for a couple of years.
Will there be looked into this problem? Has there already been some effort into a fix?


It might be cold comfort, but i have reasons to believe you needn’t really worry about the V melting unless you’re actively trying to melt it.

edit: i’m an idiot and i cannot numbers. fixed that.


I had the same issue with Onenote. I changed the S with the X (by changing the registry) and it works. I now have the screenshot option with: Win+LShift+X (instead of S). The problem may be from windows …

Eve community developers group

May you explain how you did this?

Eve community developers group

Messing with the registry is a huge hassle and small mistakes can cause major headaches neckaches. I tried to stop auto-update on one of my programs once, and accidentally got my TP3 stuck in portrait mode - it happened after a shutdown and restart so it didn’t immediately occur to me what the issue was.

This might be a job for the Eve Community Developer Group!

Eve community developers group

You are right, this should be done with care.
Nice that you wrote in the developer group - thanks.


Please add to this topic “mini jack dac amp power” release. I would like to know what is a status of this software upgrade. In this moment I’m testing cheap creative t20 that my friend borrowed me. There is a BIG diffrence between V and Axon 7. Not only in loudness but also in sound quality. From Axon 7 sound is more rich in details, better balanced. I believe for now we are working on default sound card on motherboard or something. This DAC is turned off, right? Please give us some release dates.


Any updates on this?
Or do we have to wait until after CNY?


As the suppliers are generally based in China, I don’t expect much to be updated during the Chinese New Year. We are of course still keeping track of issues as they are brought to light, and will take these up with the supplies when they picks up their work again.


Why are this changes not updated in the main Drivers page?


because these are not main drivers.

i think the idea is like a 0.x release, for the people who really really want the feature and dont want to wait for a full release.

[FAQ] How to update driver/firmware?

Thanks on updating us regarding on the palm rejection/hover distance issue!

It worked pretty well, it helped fix on drawing jagged lines (Though I hope the hover distance can be a little higher).

And like you just said about the charging side effect, I encountered issues on palm rejection when I lift the pen up by a few millimeters and hover distance didn’t improve. :frowning:

I hope the full fixed version will be release real soon!

Any In-Depth Review regarding the V Pen?

Hey everyone!

Finally it’s here - an updated (testing) driver for the touchscreen!

As mentioned by @Xinjie in the main post, it’s increasing the pen sensitivity but electric noise (read: charging or similar things) affect it higher meaning a stroke might not get registered as easy.

Please bear in mind, that this is a TEST driver & because of this various oddities might appear - I’ve been testing it since the weekend and have not run into anything but your mileage may vary (as it’s still in testing)

Here’s the new driver

If you don’t like this new version, please install the old version from here

  • New Version (v 1.1.1, March 2018)
  • Old Version (v 1.1, December 2017)

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