[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)



Thats sad. I can’t change it, i need the EDU Version. Thanks for this answer.

Colors looks after reinstallation nearly the same.


Is this true even if the calibration file was saved before?


Would be convenient if the support downloads page would display the improvements what these updated drivers include over previous drivers.


I’m quite sure you don’t have to reinstall the os. From Windows 10 home or windows 10 pro to windows 10 edu it is just a upgrade step done by the administrator to have special security tools for the device… No need to clean and reinstall afaik…


May I ask why?



Cause I get a free EDU License with tons of more features. I can activate more than 5 PCs with my Study license. When it’s free, why to use limited version?

I mean, the only possibility is upgrading from pro to EDU. Home to EDU will not work. I tried it.

Buuut, I already did and it was easy. No problems with any drivers. I was able to restore the ICC profiles for the screen setup. Everything is great.


Ohh okay. I did some research and yes. I don’t have to reinstall it.

Interesting, cause today in the morning, I found a lots of information, that it’s not possible…

Hmm to late :smiley:


Any plans for implementing it?


I did raise that as an internal flag already - I’d love to see it as well :slight_smile:


Could you please add the following issue to your flag as it has the same cause:

Same with FN + Shift (right) + Left / Right


As mentioned before that is due to not properly set up in the Fn-Layer.

The Win-L-Shift-S combo should however work - with which program does it not?


Sorry for my comment being somewhat confusing.
Both shift keys typically are and should also be here interchangeable for system shortcuts.

Win + LShift + S doesn’t work. It should bring up the screen shot mode of OneNote.
Win + RShift + S works.

FN + LShift + LeftArrow doesn’t work (you raised this issue)
FN + RShift + LeftArrow works as intended.

I just hope this is not a hardware limitation.

Eve community developers group

The output from the headphone jack is really bad. I use it to connect to an external source at work and it is extremely lacking, not speaking about low volume :frowning:


If you’re reading this thread I recommend checking the OP for the new updates @Xinjie posted regarding palm rejection, Intel Management Engine Security, and Bit locker touch keyboard, and UEFI touchscreen support.

Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup

@Xinjie do you think the Battery Status function (UEFI / BIOS) when V is turned off but charging, would be implemented in one of the next rounds?

[F] Battery Charging Status while V is switched off


Hi @stph!

If you want this feature, please vote for it - we base what we implement on the votes various features receive! :slight_smile:


Hi @iKirin
Thanks for the reply. Yes, as suggested this receives a raising number of votes on here:

Vote for this to be implemented [F] Battery Charging Status while V is switched off

It was just sort of confirmed, but I do not see this Feature in Xinjies list above. Could someone add it?


It hasn’t been confirmed as far as I can find. Where did u see official confirmation for this?


This is Helios quote


MEans they will look into it at some point, but not without enough votes as @iKirin mentioned