[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)



But would all of these updates (like the keyboard or UEFI firmware change) still be distributed using Windows Update? Or do I need to visit the community for that?


You’ll eventually get it through Windows Update; however, if you want it as fast as possible, it may be available on the community much sooner than through WU.


Disagree, that’s over 5x increase, when the normal one takes less than 1s, in my experience. Also you may even need to long-press the power button to even initiate the wake process (cmiiw)

Interesting, they haven’t fixed it? I got the SP4 only until early 2017, so I just assumed that the sleep battery drains been fixed since then.

Can you share your battery report and sleep study report?


How long does your V take to wake from hibernation? I feel like the wake time for this lower sleep state could be well approximated by taking the average of hibernate and sleep wake… or you can test it with your V that you actually have (as Xinjie gave instructions).

Both of my SP4s gave trouble with that, and on my latest one I just forced it to hibernate at different steps. I don’t remember exactly how I implemented all of that though as it’s been a few months, and I may have fixed some of the sleep state stuff too.


@Xinjie the poll for the battery to go with or without fast wake up for longer battery is for my understanding unfair.
we have a big battery and really dont know why the battery drain is that bad compared to other devices. Before we work on optimizing the symptons (lps0 change) we should understand the cause.
would be great if you could share with us the information available for the cause and please let us not decide on something which we seem not to understand so far.


Many thanks for the update. Unfortunately, tjhe keyboard update doesn’t work for me - the “go!” button is disabled - maybe it’s because I have a UK keyboard:


I noticed a bug here. Now pressing Fn+F5 combination still triggers F5 function, instead of raising the volume. That makes some functions completely unavailable when Fn-lock is on, such as the printscreen (F9) and backlight (F10)


I’m unable to open Windows Defender Security Center. Please help.

Thanks in Advance


Not sure if this was already said but add software tweaks to make the surface pen work better because I have read that the surface 2017 pen handles and performs much poorer than the inferior V pen. I’ve also read the V pen is sub par. I cannot comment as I have not received my device yet but I just wanted to put it out there in case it was not yet said.


For those who wants to disable LP S0 or Connected Standby, you can also use this registry edit to disable CS. I dont know though, if there is a difference between doing it this way or via the BIOS.

Anyway, simply copy and paste the text below, and save it as CSdisable.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Simiarly, if you want to re-enable it, use this reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Correcting through Bios seems definitely more safe for not experienced users to me.


I also noticed. will ask supplier to fix


Hey guys, let’s follow process here. If there is a request for a software improvement, you need to fill out a template and set up a new thread in the software improvements area as linked above by xinjie.

Putting requests into the comments of any other thread will likely mean it’s buried and not addressed.


looks like the program didn’t detect the keyboard.
If you try to reconnect the keyboard? it should works with all layout


Hi, yes. I’ve tried reconnecting the keyboard and I’ve tried rebooting. Same problem. The keyboard is definitely connected via the pogo pins as bluetooth is off on the keyboard.


I have to reinstall the OS at my V, cause I want to use my Study Windows 10 EDU License. Where can I download the software which was installed on the V as I got it? (Screen calibration and more)?


Are there any plans to create a dedicated software download page for the V on Eve’s website? Delivering firmware and driver updates via various threads on the forum is… not great.


Yes they are working on it. Some drivers should already be uploaded there already


It’s here:
just click on “downloads”


If you reinstall the OS, screen calibration profile will gone, even you re-install the CalMan Client software back