[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)




Thank you all for the feedback in the V | Software Improvements category!
It’s very important for us to improve the experience of V.
I am currently working with engineers from Emdoor and other partners to fix the bugs and implement the suggestions with the priority based on your votes as well as the feasibility.

I will update the progress of those improvements in this thread.
* And for your information, if you find some suggested improvements that are not listed here, it means we haven’t had resources to handle it yet.


1. Sleep battery power drain

09.01.2018 update

I disabled Modern Standby and tested the battery consumption during sleep.
For 11 hours sleep, the battery drains from 63% to 60%, which is about 0.27% per hour.

08.01.2018 update

The high battery drain is caused by ACPI Low power S0 Idle capability, also known as Modern Standby, which is enabled by default.
With Modern Standby, you can quickly wake up the device from sleep.
Disabling it help to to reduce battery drain during sleep.

In my case, with Modern Standby, it takes about 0.5 - 1 second to wake up from sleep. And the battery consumption is about 1.5% per hour, a bit less than @Patrick_Hermawan.
After disabling, it takes about 4 - 6 seconds. I haven’t tested the power consumption without Modern Standby yet. Welcome to put your data in the reply.

How to disable Modern Standby (Low Power S0 Idle state)?
BIOS/UEFI -> Configuration -> System Performance Configuration -> LP S0 Capability -> Disable

Let’s have a poll here (read above update first):

Do you want to disable LP S0 Capability by default?

  • No, I want fast wake-up by default
  • Yes, I want battery drains less during sleep

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2. [Fixed] Intel Management Engine security issue

08.01.2018 update

Emdoor will update Intel Management Engine version to for future batch.
We are still checking over-the-air update possibility for existing users.

Please @iKirin confirm if you can upload the latest version to support page for users to download and install.

You can also update it by going to device manager -> device manager -> system device -> Intel® Management Engine Interface -> update driver

3. [Cannot be fixed] FN-ALT is not the same as ALT-FN

08.01.2018 update

Unfortunately, the keyboard supplier confirmed that this can not be fixed.
fn + shift/alt/ctrl + other keys is the correct order

e.g. if you want to have shift + page up function, you have to press fn + shift + up arrow (in this order). if you press shift + fn + up arrow (in this order), it equals to shift + up arrow.

4. [Fixed] Fix Fn-Lock affecting arrow keys and Oops key

01.02.2018 update

Latest firmware (V01.18, beta version) is provided.

Download Link

It fix the following issue

  1. fn+ 1/2/3 key cannot connect to paired Bluetooth device propoerly
  2. When fn lock enabled (Fn+esc), user cannot use function keys by fn + function keys

We will upload to the support site after testing.

08.01.2018 update

You can download keyboard firmware update here

Download Link

I am sorry that the UI of this updater is not perfect, e.g. you will see “KB download only!” when installation completed.
I am asking the supplier to provide a better one and upload to the support page.

5. Palm rejection / hover distance

19.03.2018 update

Touch panel firmware supplier provided a new version, which improves the sensitivity to pen, so it can help the issues of short pen hover distance, or palm rejection failed.

However, there might be side effect that if there is some noise (e.g. charging), it increase the possibility of writing strokes break.

This firmware is still under testing.
If you want, you can help for the testing by downloading and installing the new version from Link

After installation, if you don’t like this new version, you can roll back by installing the version on our support page, or through this link.

Please let us know which touch panel version you like

  • New version (v1.1.1, March 2018)
  • Old version (v1.1, December 2017)

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01.02.2018 update

Touch panel firmware supplier replies the root cause is:
The hand on touch panel enlarged the noise, and the firmware automatically increase the detection threshold to avoid the noise (it’s like reduced the sensitivity), so the hover distance reduced.

In order to resolve it, we need to adjust the firmware sensitivity, however, it will increase the false positives caused by noise.

So how to keep the balance is the key here. Supplier is still adjusting.

16.01.2018 update

We reproduced the issue and the supplier is investigating it.

Please update the latest touch panel firmware, which doesn’t fix this issue but improve the general writing experience.
Support – eve-tech.com
“Touch Driver” under DOWNLOADS

6. V Touchpad in Bluetooth mode does not interpret correctly swapped primary button

01.02.2018 update

We have investigated this issue with the supplier. The root cause is:
When keyboard is connected with pogo-pin, PTP mode is used. It can detect if the primary key is changed.

However, in Bluetooth mode, the touch panel just use normal mouse mode, which doesn’t detect primary key change in system.
Clicking (means you really click down) the touch panel works well, like blow:

However, lightly tap (means you don’t click down) can only work this way: single-finger-tap triggers left key; two-finger-tap triggers right key.
So, if you set the right key as primary key in Windows, single-finger-tap triggers menu, and two-finger-tap triggers click/select.

To fix this issue, the supplier needs to redesign the whole structure of keyboard firmware, which is not feasible now.


1. Improve the battery life

08.01.2018 update

Unless there are bugs somewhere, otherwise battery life are basically defined by the settings and user’s using habit.
V ship with the settings with the balance of battery and performance.

We will work with Emdoor to enable more settings in BIOS/UEFI to allow users to choose the best configuration for their using habit.
We are also trying to work with some third-party company to see how they can help to pre-define some profiles that fit different usage scenarios.

2. Improve the speakers

22.01.2018 update

We already get the new configuration from Emdoor and Realtek.
Please check the following post and share your opinion

Eve V Audio Improvements

15.01.2018 update

We got new driver from Realtek, now is under testing.

10.01.2018 update

Please see my post in the original thread.
[X] Improve the speakers

08.01.2018 update

Install the latest Audio Driver first
Download Link

We are working with Emdoor and Realtek to tune V’s speaker.
@Marius_Hoppmann also helped with equalizer settings.

The improvements will be done through BIOS/UEFI update.

I will provide more information when available.

3. [Cannot be done] Be able to enter bitlocker PIN using on-screen keyboard

15.01.2018 update

Unfortunately, Emdoor confirmed that they are not able to implement it.

08.01.2018 update

We are working on this with Emdoor.

I will provide more information when available.

4. Remove CalMan Client Splash Screen

08.01.2018 update

We are working on this with CalMan.

I will provide more information when available.


1. Tool for tuning the pen like the Surface app

08.01.2018 update

We are checking the possibilities with the supplier.
I will provide more information when available.

2. Undervolting in BIOS/UEFI

08.01.2018 update

We are evaluating internally and with Emdoor.
We want to provide a solution that brings better user experience while not affecting any warranty of the device.
I will provide more information when available.

3. Use the V Keyboards charge led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON

08.01.2018 update

We are checking the possibilities with the supplier.
I will provide more information when available.

4. UEFI touchscreen support

15.01.2018 update

Emdoor confirms that technically it is possible.
However, it requires a lot of work to do.
Now they are evaluating the cost/effort.

I will provide more information when available.

08.01.2018 update

We are checking the possibilities with Emdoor.
I will provide more information when available.

5. Eve V software/utility/update center

08.01.2018 update

This center can fit the following feature needs all-in-one

[F] tool for tuning the pen like the Surface app
[F] Use the V Keyboards charge led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON
[F] Keyboard configuration Utility
[F/X] Manual Headphone Amplifier Control: MOAR POWER
[F] Eve V Update Center (bloatware)
[F] App For Monitoring Keyboard Battery

However, it will be a bigger project and requires software development capability - which Eve team now is lacking… we will evaluate it, and probably we can have a crowd-developed software/app

Are we sweeping support under the carpet?
[FAQ] How to update driver/firmware?
[X] Improve Palm/clasp recognition while writing
[X] Be able to enter bitlocker PIN using on-screen keyboard - NOT POSSIBLE
Community Digest 12.01
Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup
Weekly Update from Eve 02.02
[FAQ] Additional V Keyboard instructions
[B] Palm rejection / hover distance
Community Digest 11.02
[FAQ] Additional V Keyboard instructions
[FAQ] Additional V Keyboard instructions

Great to see this :slight_smile: Keep the info coming


@Xinjie, could you please, before making us vote (or at least me :blush:) , explain how much delay are we talking about? is it something like 2 seconds at most (like for example when waking a laptop from “sleep” mode) or is it something like 6-10 seconds like waking a computer from hibernation?

What “quicker”/“slower” means?

And also: how much of a reduction in battery consumption are we talking about: is it the “no more than 5% per 16 hours” as stated in the issue from @Patrick_Hermawan? If it is not, then maybe there could be some other modifications/drivers which are not playing nice with our battery, and we could live with the S0 state like it is now.

Note: i have no idea what that sleep state S0 does (nor S3, or any other), this comment is just for my information.

(maybe you could edit the initial post to talk about the battery savings/drains, so that whoever reads has a better understanding straight from the beginning)


Is it possible to optimize the LP S0 itself instead? If we could get LP S0 to an acceptable level, we won’t have to choose between LP S0 and S3 sleep


Thanks for the update!

I’m a bit worried that this post will turn into a catch-all post for people to complain about all these points, and will make it difficult to follow, though.

Anything we can do to split the issues out again? Maybe block the post and post links to the individual bug reports? @iKirin? @Xinjie?



Each issue description already links to the original topic in which it was raised and discussed.


I see here will be an update for pen customization but will there be an update to fix it too? When I write for more than 15 second the pen stops picking up what I’m writing accurately. And this is weird since I’ve been able to play over watch at default resolution lowest settings, so I feel like it isn’t a performance problem.


With the PCIe SSD, it’s still going to be very fast. 2-4 additional seconds on top of the “fast” wake time seems reasonable to me, of course this can change heavily based on what you have running. I don’t think it will be anywhere in the 6-10 additional second range for waking to just Windows.




For my pc at least (with sata ssd), waking up from hibernate takes a good 10 seconds, if not more. Of course, that includes post and whatever else but still, when i said 6-10 seconds i was not exaggerating.


Right, but hibernate takes a while longer than waking up from sleep. But on my SP4 (which I assume should be very similar to the V), waking from hibernate is still between 4-6 seconds in total, maybe 2 seconds longer than waking from sleep. The sleep state on my Surface drains the battery pretty hard though, I don’t want to lose any battery while my computer isn’t being used.





OK NOW PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE shift+fn+leftarrow/rightarrow work too?

Edit: hey @Xinjie, I just found out that shift-home and shift-end don’t work either.

[B] Keyboard: Win + Shift + S not working

Hmm, I can read it without my glasses on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Just updated the post with the data on my V.
Please others share wake-up time and power consumption info with and without Modern Standby


Thank you very much, it is now nearly big enough to be read by my fingertips.:upside_down_face:


It’s not implemented

[B] Keyboard: Win + Shift + S not working

Oh. But… why? Uh… Well then:

[F] - Shift+Home and Shift+End

[B] Keyboard: Win + Shift + S not working