Summary of Linux and the Eve V: Status, Community Updates, Q&A


Anyone ever played with Manjaro? I currently use Mint, but Manjaro seems so attractive.


in fact, if the consideration is more on the user friendliness, the recent deepin integration appears quite attractive indeed. If that is not the case, simply a rolling arch, does not really justify it’s efforts i think.


Don’t know if u saw this


You state that you “do not have enough manpower to support linux”. I’ve always found these statements to show a lack of understanding with companies.

You see, when you use hardware from companies who “know what they are doing”, you will automatically “support” Linux and Windows without having to do anything special.

With that I mean do no use a “Killer wifi card” but an Intel Wifi card instead that does not use software for processing but actual hardware on the chip. Or an touchscreen known to be supported by both OS’s.

Or am I misunderstanding?


What we mean with that statement is that we don’t have the manpower to test that everything works smoothly OOTB (Out of the Box) as it does with Windows.

And I’ve always found such statements to show a lack of understanding how small startups work :wink: (This is obviously meant as joke btw)

We went with the best hardware that we could cram into the V - independent of the manufacturer. If it did work with Linux as well it was a nice bonus for us, but not a K.O-criteria for choosing the components.

Again, as I mentioned previously we’re a small startup that does not have the manpower to check that everything works fine on Linux. And we’d rather be a company that is amazing at the few things it does like crowd-creating cool devices rather than being mediocre at multiple things like also offering official Linux Support for those devices.

Also - in my mind if you’re a Linux user you usually don’t need support from the manufacturer anyways because you know your way around better than most manufacturers do :wink:

EDIT: And just to cheese your onions - this edit is written on a V, booted from a Live Ubuntu 17.10. Only quirk I encountered was that it did autorotate wrongly but that’s something that should be easily fixed.
Touch & Pen work fine, as well as the wireless keyboard as this sentence is written with the keyboard disconnected from the V.


Hehe, understood! It can be hard to insert tone of voice in a written piece. I meant no disrespect :wink: It’s not my native language.

It’s just… When you make sure it works with Linux, you already know it will work with Windows. That’s a given. So you spent the time to check once, but get two OS’s support for the price of two :wink:

But… GOD am I looking forward to this device. When and where I can buy one in europe is a mystery for now I guess. But a Google search alert has been created :wink:


As said, I just booted up a Live Disk Ubuntu 17.10 and it worked fine - at least from what I could quickly see.

BT/Wifi worked as well as Keyboard + Touchpad. Pen & Touch worked. Gyroscope/Accelerometer worked. I think it’s a good starting point :wink:

It is a freaking great device - I’m using my V pretty much daily at this point and it’s just a joy to use for me :slight_smile:


STOP! STOP! I can’t buy this yet, and that kind of talk simply makes me foam at the mouth!!


Somewhere in the community I saw a “I want to sell this thing” announcement.
Try to find that topic.
And take some heart medicine too :hugs:


Have you tried dual booting?

Also, I’m very surprised Ubuntu works so well out of the box, even on the Surface 4 I had to recompile the kernel just for it to be semi-usable. Even then it was glitchy, and I eventually quit trying. If dual booting works great on the V I’ll definitely do that! As well as run the partition from a VM, which hopefully won’t be a problem.


I did not try to dual-boot - I might set up a small 60GB partition for Linux later down the line but for now I’m fine with Windows :slight_smile:

Honestly I did not expect less - when we chose the components I personally had a bit of an eye on how well Linux should run on the V and so I’m not impressed but calmed in that regard now :smiley:


Since there is still no sub-forum for this, I’m asking in here:
We can get orientation in GNOME after installing iio-sensors-proxy from AUR. However, the orientation is off, because the sensor seems to be mounted differently.
To fix, one has to create a custom ACCEL_MOUNT_MATRIX - and that’s where I’m stuch atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone tell me the steps to create such a matrix and in which files to place them?


Having the same issue :disappointed_relieved:


I could be a Linux tester if you need the manpower :wink:

Just need a V though :sunglasses:

Live Disk is not the same as a installed version though. It’s a different story when installing a Linux distro on the SSD or HDD.


Hi! I can be a tester for Manjaro distro for eve V. :smiley: Not sure whether this is the right thread.


Thanks for the flash sale! I sold a bit of litecoin and went with the I7 16GB version. Can’t wait!

I’m an Debian/Ubuntu user so I’ll be making tests and changes where I can.


Finally fixed it. Have a look at:

Enabling the V's hardware on Linux (wiki)

Awesome, worked like a charm! I’m a happy Fedora on V user now :upside_down_face:


Hey Guys does the display calibration further work in linux systems or is it just working under windows?


Did you allready test this?? I’m very interested in this topic, how the V performs in Manjaro.