Summary of Linux and the Eve V: Status, Community Updates, Q&A


Not sure if people are aware but Canonical have “installed” …(coughs) a number of malicious software which spies on your activity in Ubuntu. For example, your browser history is constantly sent to a remote Canonical server and Amazon search results will send a string to the servers which they use the information to show various user ads to buy things from Amazon. There are a number of different surveillance code in Ubuntu which not only is unappealing but it also causes a battery drain.

The most stable linux OS in my opinion is Point Linux:

Point Linux would be the best option for a linux system on the V tablet and is completely bloadware-free.


Don’t forget you’re talking about a tablet. Does that distro have solid touch support? Pen support? Proper multitouch gestures? Any way to emulate right click? And on-screen keyboard? etc…


True, I am not certain since I have never tested Point Linux on the V tablet (don’t have one yet) so no way of knowing if all the firmware support is included in the bundle.

If not, it’s easy enough to find the firmware from other debian flavors and modify a few lines of code to work for this flavor. The bonus of having Ubuntu is that I imagine most of the firmware is already built into the OS but in my opinion, it doesn’t outweigh the security issues of having this particular Linux distro OS which is filled to the brim with spyware.


I guess you didn’t understand what I wanted to say… “Changing a couple lines of code” isn’t gonna solve anything if the UI wasn’t built with touch in mind. Icons will be too small, UI won’t respond well to multitouch gestures and so on. The best option right now is Unity, but that’s part of Ubuntu with all its bloatware… unless there is a way to install Unity without the tracking you don’t want. Anyway, I’m not talking about support for V hardware. I’m talking about support for the whole multitouch control paradigm.


I would like to try out Kali Linux with the V but I would need a V to begin with haha.


As an update, my dad is doing much better, and my wife and I have finished the major part of our move, so once the V arrives, I’ll be raring to go!

One thing from the admittedly limited knowledge that I have from following tech and Linux, one of the main issues stemmed around the use of proxy routing of the opt-out telemetry collection (should have been opt-in for any form of data collection to begin with). The ironic thing to me was that’s exactly the type of set up Gnome established for Gnome Maps after the issues with the MapQuest data. They now use OpenStreetMaps data I believe, but it is served through a proxy that “anything could happen with.” I get it to some degree, Canonical can feel to corporate to some, and they definitely need to with how they handled telemetry in Unity 7, but I think they get a bit of a bad rep that overlooks their role in Linux’s widespread success - as someone who has no real tied to Canonical (never used a “Proper” Ubuntu flavor, just LM, LMDE, Arch, Suse, elementary OS, and Solus.)

In any case, Point Linux sounds intriguing, I’d be curious to see your thoughts on the install, and how touch support is if you use something like Gnome (or KDE for that matter, playing around with it has shown me a surprisingly robust touch support in Qt and KWin). In any case the advice is appreciated, in an ideal world everything including the CPU binaries would be open source, but until RiscV becomes competitive, that is somewhat unattainable for now.

And agreed, haha, the thought is appreciated nonetheless!


Essentially besides the name and manifesto, more or less most distributions overlap to a considerable extent. My point of view, given that it adds no considerable effort and overhead, is to pick one distribution, the best from each league of different categories, and not necessarily much overlapping, so that in total we maximise compatibility range, for capturing also different audiences.

So in this context, my list of proposals, would include a debian variant, most probably ubuntu, then arch for sure, kali also for sure, and one of (fedora ; elementary ; gentoo), regarding linux based ones. Then one pure tablet os between android - remix - sailfish (id vote for sailfish), and of course one BSD, free and ghost BSD are good candidates. As a satellite we can consider improving compatibility and user experience in darwin.


An unofficial central place for handling contributions on surrounding topics starting to become relevant at this point:

anyone who cares to join hit me up for an invite mentioning your community handle.


That’s awesome, thanks tmaone!


I am glad to hear that your dad is doing much better.

As for Canonical, contrary to what people think, the people behind Ubuntu have been criticized for not contributing to projects like the Linux Kernal as part of the expectation that if you are to create a new Linux distro flavor using existing linux code like Gnome and debian deb packages which was made by other developers, then it’s only fair that you contribute to the Linux community as a whole.

That is not to say that Canonical hasn’t contributed to the Linux community, but rather, they haven’t contributed nearly as much as the other linux distro developers (about 0.5% contribution overall). To be frank, Ubuntu is a bit of a maverick - more interested in its own success than that of the linux collective as a whole.

Add to that, Ubuntu developers have rebuilt some debian packages from source to be used in Ubuntu and as a result, these packages are not neccessarily binary compatible with other debian distros. That deviates from the purpose of linux in the first place which is similar to the EVE community where people contribute ideas in a group.


You may have seen this already, but Remix OS is dying.


One short Question: What do you want to achieve with this repo?

Our Forum supports Wiki posts which everyone is able to edit.


Using this repo we can exchange needed source-code, comment on bugs we find, categorize everything on our own (as this is still not offered in this forum here, although asked several times asked…), handle questions, problems etc.
Great idea by @tmaone!

Btw I like your selection of distros, looks reasonable.


can we commit for example a revisioned bash script in the wiki post?


One clarification though, even though I created the first repository which might contain technical data and specs as they become available, its an org. So basically every member can create as many repositories required as he sees fit.


I just wanted to know what he wants to achieve and what he wants to develop using git, since making a spec sheet will work here too :wink:

@tmaone Just for exchanging some bash lines the forum will work very well.

So you want to upload all kinds of setup scripts for different Linux distributions?


Well, I do not want, to do any of the things you mention to begin with.

My question was a bit rhetorical, and yes I can post text, you can post text, and we can agree this text is also in the bash scripting language, but that does not necessarily make it a revisioned code sharing and exchange. Or?

Then, by any means I have no intention to lead anything, so this can be taken over at any time, I’d be glad to transfer the ownership of the organisation, preferably to eve officials if that would be the case.

Finally there will be I assume instances where, a set of specific configurations will be needed for, virtually any distribution one might choose to work on, or share with the rest. For example, a specific x11 config, or a touch driver not included in the standard apt, aux or whatever repositories, and finally guides that may be made available by anyone etc. All of which perhaps will be evolved, edited or amended in the future. So, let’s say a central place for looking up what exists, or to be improved, is the purpose perhaps, of this collective set of repositories. I started one, which I was intending to fill in, in a github-wiki style format, the hw specifications of v, which would be useful when looking up drivers, or software in the different distributions.

But, why you ask all this, I think they seem to be commonsense when it comes to the purpose of their existence. Was it not entirely clear or smth?


I just wanted to make sure that you share the reasons (for me and for members who are not familiar with git) why you stood up and made a git repo before the V is actually shipped. Since we are an open Community from coding pros to the normal average guy and gal it is important that everyone can follow the discussions in my opinion.

I think it would be enough to do the coding offline and share it through pastbin, this is, from what I know, the most common way in forums, but why not break the rules one time again :slight_smile:

Tldr: did not understand the reason why you needed a git repo just now and wanted you to share that reason

And now back to topic :smiley:


Linux would be great you might consider contacting the solus distro yes pen and touch work they would work with u no doubt even though it one man team who works on it full time


I am looking into that, and while it appears an appealing project, by going through their pages I got no clues or details on their aims and long term vision. What I’m really interested to know is, what is it they consider as a novelty, or idea, based on which they justify their current and future work. For example, more concretely, what is it that makes them differ from, elementary for instance. By all means I’m not negative or something, but I’m trying to understand them a bit better.