Summary of Linux and the Eve V: Status, Community Updates, Q&A


That can be done too, but you have to specify another device most surelly. The evtouch driver, last time I tried does not support buttons from other accesories, in my case with the wacom driver I had to modify the N-TRig device to look like this:

Wacom N-Trig

Section "InputClass"
Identifier "Wacom N-Trig class"
MatchProduct "HID 1b96:0001|N-Trig Pen|N-Trig DuoSense"
MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
Driver "wacom"
Option “Button2” "3"

Obviously the Driver wont be Wacom for the V. and the HID ID will be different.


In theory it looks nice, but I would still like someone to actually test it :wink:


Yeah, Tell me about it, my hands Itch to have the V. XD


Ooh, I am excited to try this; with Clr-Boot-Manager and Gnome’s potential for more touch responsiveness growing, this could be awesome!

Solus Gnome Edition


Clear boot manager? Can’t seem to find that on google… mind dropping a link? Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry, spel*ing issues, haha. And of course, here’s a general idea of it:

Phoronix clr-boot-manager

And the Solus Project’s explanation of their use:

Blog Post

Basically an idea to help keep Grub/Gummiboot/refind whatever bootloader more robust by handling boatloader configs more predictably and cleanly; Mainly I’m excited for Gnome though, as Solus has been pretty top notch hardware-support-wise on my laptop, so I am interested to see how it does on the V. Not breaking my bootloader


Ah, I got hyped a bit too much :slight_smile: I already thought you had found a bootloader that works nice with touch… That’s the second worst issue I’ve had with my tablet - can’t dual-boot without connecting a keyboard :smiley:


Hm yes, that would be nice. I saw something cursory about touch and Grub2, but I am leary of messing with Grub configs (i guess there’s the liveUSB rescue option, but not my favorite pastime.)

Cursory look is that “it’s complicated”:

StackOverflow: Addding Touch Sensitivity to Grub2 Boot Loader

rEFInd discussion:

Sourceforge Discussion Board

Clover Boot discussion referenced in ^^ discussion:

Sourceforge DIscussion Board


Your rEFInd link is the same as Grub2 link, but yeah, I’ve read lots of similar threads and yes it’s very complicated. I’ve also tried making Grub work with volume buttons, by making a custom layout based on US QWERTY but with the volume buttons (found the scan codes through root terminal, don’t remember the exact commands) bound to arrows up/down. And with that layout it doesn’t work at all, doesn’t even react to keyboard anymore. The worst part is that there is not enough information online to help with these issues… I could find only one other user who experienced this “hang up” (doesn’t respond to keyboard) but there was no answer to his post…

rEFInd seems to support touch, but it just doesn’t work on my tablet and there is 0 (literally, zero) documentation on that feature, so we don’t know the requirements nor how to fix it.


Whoops, fixed now, haha.

Hmm… well we’ll have to see what we can do then. When we hit that wall, I’ll try to see if I can get someone’s help with more knowledge around the kernel.


Another possibility can be to boot a carefully crafted stub of the kernel from the EFI partition directly (w/o bootloader), to ensure somehow that the hardware is properly initialized before commencing to the rootfs. This method is a bit less susceptible to error and possibly an unbootable system, at the expense of configurability and options during boot.


@iKirin the “too many distro’s, too much work” excuse is a big insult to LSB (Linux standard base) which every distro worth it’s salt is founded on. That also means well built drivers for Debian will work on RHEL and Arch.with that you’ve already covered 99% of distro’s. As Ubuntu will support Gnome, which is already used in Fedora, GTK GUI’s will work on most of Linux with no overhead. There’s actually very very little fragmentation of the hard web kind… The kind that makes it very difficult for a ruby developer to work on node, kotlin, Java, python, meteor, go or php web apps.

Keep calm and use Linux.


The main point was that EVE as a company can’t support Linux. Well they propably would if they would have the needed man power and resources. Not really in any form, but community can (and propably will help).



Linux is well supported be the V; actually I think it’s the only tablet that runs Linux as smooth as right now.
However, Eve cannot provide special drivers atm (looking at you fpreader and webcam -,-).

As long as there will be some software updates which enables touch in UEFI stage I’m fine with it.


I don’t even care about a lower price, just as long as all the hardware is working properly under Linux, if Eve and Canonical can collaborate to make this happen, I’d be infinitely grateful.


As far as I know Canonical never really respoended to Eve (seems they aren’t interested), and to be honest: We don’t need their help.


That sucks! Though I didn’t expect much from Canonical anyway–given their embarrassingly tiny contribution to the Linux kernel–they obviously lack the will and talent to deal with hardware issues, and would rather direct their resources towards branding and marketing instead, that had been their calling from day one.

Oh well, hope Eve can make some progress on its own. Good luck!


I want to take a moment to apologize. I have been (quite) delayed in providing updates to this page. If I were to make it a wiki, would someone be up for jumping in and editing (with credits mentioned, of course)?

Obviously without the units, its hard to do more than the info from the Prototype testing, but as it stands that’s not in the summary yet. I don’t want to make excuses, I should have taken some time and jumped in some weekend, or should have done this sooner, so I am sorry. I’ve had some family issues come up (had to fly back to California from NC because my dad began having severe heart damage from an infection, and now needs a transplant…) I think it would make more sense as a wiki anyway, as we can revise info as a group. Apologies for falling down on that…


Sorry to hear, hope for good news for your parent and to get well soon. No worries about the wiki though, nothing was or is concretely expected and I guess many will be willing to jump in with contributions. Perhaps more then, as soon as the first units reach our hands. But count me in. I will be glad to aid in this knowledge map around linux and unix-like alternative OSs. Even now. Due to the nature of this my point of view would be that GH, together with its wiki page, might be fairly appropriate for the time being. Let’s try to sync at some point, at your own convenience ofc.


Canonical contacted Eve themselves some months later. Yeah they’re interested :smile: i don’t remember what they said though…