Summary of Linux and the Eve V: Status, Community Updates, Q&A


Can you share your source of this information? I don’t see that said anywhere…

Have a look at the .conf-flags, it’s called enable_touch. Somewhere on an external webpage it was mentioned this setting only works if the EFI has touch-support.


Hmm, that’s interesting… I’ll have to try it with my tablet :slight_smile:
I really hope the UEFI supports touch, because otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to operate it without the keyboard.


Calling out to the people expressed interest in attempting a macos modification besides the standard (as it seems) linux distributions. Since this is a slightly more elaborate, risky and skilled attempt, and in order to not waste time until the V arrives, I was wondering how would you feel about organising a preliminary task force from mainly the people interested, trying to acquire information from similar hardware, getting info on the recommended kext modifications, kind of preliminary assessment, and then when V arrives we can proceed into the port in parallel, so we are efficient. Does that sound appealing? I planned to start doing this for me, at some point next week, so why no all of us engage into that and sync.



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I appreciate this thought; we would do well to keep a separate “development” tracker/checklist/progress thread for us everyone to see what has been done, divy out next steps, etc. Would you be willing to lead a thread like that? I have had some family issues come up that are taking a good portion of my time outside of work at the moment, so I shouldn’t be the one doing that on top of the rest. Perhaps it may be worthwhile using something like trello?

@amibert, I apologize for missing your comment, thank you for volunteering, I’ll update the post!


I think for each OS (Linux, OSX, whatever) it would be good to have a structure like this:

  • Summary

  • Discussion

    • Topic 1
    • Topic 2
  • Sources

    • Code
    • Links / Manuals etc


Yes, I can do this of course. I’m busy too, but for the time it’s not much of work besides the information gathering. I think to not overcomplicate stuff, start from the most fundamental cases of OS. There is no point in my opinion starting different distro threads, since what is going to be covered in the soon-to-be officially supported ubuntu linux, is going to be applicable for any debian distro (>50% of cases) for example. So Instead narrow the focus on the two - three main generic cases we can also manage, and depending on the needs/and or contributions expand upon that. Trello is nice, I use it too, but not everyone is doing so, therefore to start this I would propose a discussion thread here per OS case, and I could start/maintain two for that matter macOS, and Ubuntu, and then, for the documentation that follows for each one of them I highly advise to use github repos where markdown documentation, code, and programs can coexist.


Where did you get the impression that we will have official Ubuntu support? Ubuntu just recently contacted Eve, we don’t even know if they’ll reach a consensus. The only real thing we have is that Peter will personally (NOT on behalf of Eve) help with unofficial Linux support.
The rest is just a hope for now, so don’t hold onto it too much…


And you still haven’t removed this offensive meme…


Fair enough, for now it seems that, paired with Mikes comments, we will at least get some additional backing on the Ubuntu efforts in some capacity. However that is good to keep in mind.


Apologies for the delays everyone, I will be updating the post with @pauliunas’s (and other tester’s) experiences instaling on the prototypes this weekend; my wife and I are trying to figure out getting our first apartment, and I’ve been buried at work (but am hopefully more free starting this weekend).

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the V, I will look into creating a public bug tracking board of sorts (Any recommendations? Trello, Github, Gitlab, Phabricator, other?). Whatever we do, it would be nice to not need a new profile, but it would be great to be able to create tags, categorize bugs, have discussions on threads that are easy to distinguish (ie, at least IMO, a weakness of Trello), but am open to suggestions. Once we kinda have an idea, we can work with @nawthor and/or @'iKirin (intentionally not tagged, given how busy everything else with community and production is for everyone) to handle giving Eve/community ownership.


If anyone has some free time and would like to help with making Ubuntu a more pleasant experience on V, you could spend some time trying to make right-click emulation (hold to right click) work. I tried many times on my old tablet and I failed. I hope someone who knows more about Linux can do it properly :slight_smile:


Apparently (on older ubuntu at least) there’s a setting in evdev that can do this (see “Option ‘EmulateThirdButton’” and “…MoveThreshold’” notes).

original thread

evdev driver page

I haven’t used evdev myself (and don’t know if it would be the assigned driver for the touchscree, what I assume you are talking about, at least), but I have modified synaptics drivers in the Xorg.conf folders to tweak my mouse drivers before. I think the process would be similar.


Tomorrow I will post a guide on how to install and configure Arch on the V - just for now: it’s awesome :wink:


Yes, this setting exists. But it only works with a mouse. I mean, it works with a mouse if you raise it from the table, just hold it in your hand and long-click the left button. But if you at least slightly move it while doing that, it doesn’t work. It’s literally impossible to hold your finger on the screen so straight that the cursor doesn’t move while you’re holding it… Glass is too slippery for that. There is a threshold value that you can tweak to allow some movement, but for some reason it still doesn’t work with actual touch. You need to try it yourself to understand :slight_smile:


That is because you have to actually tell the graphics server is a touch screen type of device, not a mouse.

For me on my current screen (Obviously not an EVE V) what works is this:

Identifier "touchscreen"
Driver "evtouch"
Option “Device” "/dev/input/event4"
Option “DeviceName” "touchscreen"
Option “MinX” "97"
Option “MinY” "44"
Option “MaxX” "940"
Option “MaxY” "925"
Option “ReportingMode” "Raw"
Option "Emulate3Buttons"
Option “Emulate3Timeout” "50"
Option “SendCoreEvents” "On"

Edit: specify not an V


Well, I tried all sorts of dark magic with my old(er) tablet, even touchegg, but nothing worked. There is also a setting in Ubuntu control panel but it doesn’t work at all. That’s why I think someone should try it with an actual prototype and find the settings that actually work :slight_smile: Also, it would be nice to re-bind one of the pen buttons as right click.