Summary of Linux and the Eve V: Status, Community Updates, Q&A


@Trigon here is cumulative info if you want


Thanks, as son as I have more time I’ll look into it!


Thank you, tmaone! Appreciate the responses from you and the other volunteers!


There is a light of hope for booting sierra on a kabylake architecture, for the ones that might be interested. Some kaby-based laptops work nicely with some workarounds already. All that until there is full processor support in the next iMac lineup update (early 17). Let’s see which will come first by then.


Couunt me in .
Arch linux and
Kali linux


Thanks, I’ve added you to the list! I’m also going to put myself down for Solus, I’m curious if Budgie’s roots in Gnome will allow it to work alright with a touch screen, and the project seems interesting!


Interested in this too. Any distro is fine with me. I usually go with Debian or Gentoo for servers, and as of late elementaryOS for desktop usage previously Scientific Linux (RedHat). But if any other distro needs to be tested count me in.


Great, thank you so much!


I use to tweak linux kernel on my current computers, you can count me in for kernel support and arch linux testing


Thank you, that will be fantastic!


Hi everyone, BIG update on Linux for the V :wink:

I can’t tell you how hyped I feel right now to bring you this news!
@Konstantinos just showed us (inside the Insiders) a mail that we finally got in touch with Canonical (the Ubuntu guys) & we’ll be discussing with them the possibility of Ubuntu on the V :smiley:


Woow, really nice news!


Can’t express my excitement (and relief to hear that they haven’t totally ignored someone reaching out to them!)> Can’t wait to hear more!


(Personal opinion)

Personally I’m super excited as well about that :slight_smile:

Even if in the worst case we’re not able to offer the V with Ubuntu directly, having Canonical help with a .ISO for the V is already super awesome :slight_smile:


Ok sorry for low res, but:

That is some officially AMAZING news!!! :tada:


One Word:


nuf said.


Count me in for testing the i7 (after I received it hopefully in April) with Ubuntu, Remix-OS … and I’ll also give Kali Linux a try. :slight_smile:


Q: Has there been any further communication with Canonical? How do they think a ‘partnership’ of any sort should look like?

Q: Will the EFI support basic multitouch? (@iKirin? :slight_smile: ) This seems to be important for custom bootmanager, as rEFInd relies on such implementation.


Wait… rEFInd supports touch???


Thats why I’m asking. Just found it out yesterday.