Suggestions for compensation for delayed (Flash Sale) customers


I Think a really good compensation is needed!!

I suposse the normal thing after been waiting more than 9 months is to have a compensation of at least a 30%, but maybe if they have now money problems they cant but after deals with others investors I hope yes.


Si since we are in the unrealistic world here and never we will get a real compensation for our effort…
let’s send some ideas in the wind.
Why not the new Samsung ssd x5 portable of 1TB for each other since they already have a contract with Samsung ^^


I was in same situation, but alas, my old laptop gave out and now I am in that terrible position of having no laptop and no money to buy another one. I can borrow my wife’s old laptop, but I rarely do cause she doesn’t have the software I need loaded on hers and she got upset the last time I had to load software on hers…saying “where is your damn V?” OUCH! HARSH! I just cower in the corner… LOL


I remember user Sng made a suggestion to engrave the outstanding v’s with a quote?
link: Dear Eve people, this is where we stand

Maby give everybody a choice to engrave a custom phrase. Or one phrase to show that we survived the 9-month wait.


Another quote to add to our bucket of meaningless words. This thing is getting heavy.

@Konstantinos should get into poetry, he’s really good at writing sincerely sounding apologies. But in the setting of business, these empty promises on top of his missed self-announced deadlines make it impossible to know what the hell is going on behind the scenes.

In essence, EVE was marketed as a community oriented alternative to corporations. Is this the great alternative that @Konstantinos has preached? To have a CEO who’s entirely absent from discussions on this board, write empty apologies and false promises, misses every deadline, is breaking refund laws, provides zero evidence or accountability for the vague excuses that he does give…

I would feel much more comfortable with delays if it wasn’t for this entire thing looking like a scam without even it’s ethos being followed by it’s CEO.


To be fair, @Konstantinos did not define the word “time” in his sentence.


to be fair, orders are 10+ month delayed.


I don’t think the sarcasm directed at Eve Tech clearly came through in my email. Trust me, we are on the same side.


I got my old machine working again. Thankfully! Now waiting for the shipping!


And maybe add the drawstring bag and poster that the backers received as compensation.