Suggestions for compensation for delayed (Flash Sale) customers


Wrong that value is there in the v that I returned, that is in perfect condition and can be given to a buyer with no problems after a little refurb.
The above most likely already happened as they are short on devices as ever.


65% from 100 units or 1000 or even 1500 units is totally different. if there are 65% from 1000 customers who already receive their unit… at least show the internal survey instead of just making baseless claims.
from what i see, there are more people trying to file for refund than waiting for their device or claimed that they already receive the V.


me as a buyer, i couldn’t care less for their financial situation. it’s their problem. i am not they’re family who can tolerate their lying actions. they should just do the RIGHT THING by refunding the money if they can NOT make the shipment. IF the team can make the shipment, proper compensation is needed.

Does anybody care about circuit city or blockbuster having financial problems… NO… that’s why they filed for bankruptcy… I have given my chances and yet @Konstantinos and @mike always break their promises. Be an adult and do the right thing instead acting you are about your customers. What you do now simply saying we need to shut up because we dont have any power.


A large plurality of users here have been waiting for 9+ months for their eve. Others have broken keyboards and parts that have yet to be replaced, leaving them with a device that doesn’t deliver to their daily needs as advertised. Overall, EVE has taken people’s money and left a large plurality of people without the experience they promised. In addition to the lack of communication, people are rightfully frustrated.

In an earlier update, @Konstantinos mentioned they’d make everyone happy who’s been impacted by these ridiculous delays. Yet since saying that, there’s been zero discussion about this issue.

EVE has a tradition of using words/excuses instead of action to apologize for their service, I wish @Konstantinos or @Mike would join this brainstorm to see what actions they can take to show their gratitude and symbol of apology.

What about a bundle?

  • 250+ GB SD Card
  • Dbrand skins
  • 1 year subscription of adobe’s suite


The HEB waited 1 year, which is longer than this. Why do they compensate more than them?


Well maybe warranty extension for those who were waiting longer.
Like just make it 3 or 4 years warranty on the EVE, starting from the shipping date ofc, not from buying :wink:


I’d guess the compensation is being discussed for flash sale buyers not because the wait has been shorter but because of how we bought them when the process was meant to be being ramped up to meet demand.

I guess the thinking is maybe the HEB buyers should have known (or were aware it’d be quite a wait? I don’t know though) that they could be facing a lengthy wait for it (I can’t remember when the last HEB devices were delivered) whereas flash sale buyers were quoted February/March which has moved constantly till the end of August which could obviously move once more, hopefully not though!


Would agree that this sounds like a decent compensation.


Sounds rather specific and is of no use for anyone that doesn’t use adobe products, so I’d speak against it.


The combo of a 256GB micro sd card plus a brand skin sounds good, I agree on the sub to the Adobe suite though, I don’t use them at all so it’d be pointless for myself.


They stated 1/2 months delivery after backing them. And it turned out to be dec/ next year feb.

I think compensation is needed but the above suggestion is blood sucking and greedy IMO.


The fact is that the EVE provided the coupon, and that is what they think is quite enough a COMPENSATION. After having these sort of terrible delay and lack support, who want to come back and buy anything from EVE again?

For me, I may save this coupon to wait EVE Gen 2 come out and it improves its customer experience first. But for those buyers who don’t want to come back again, the compensation is likely nothing.



Man, I’ve been waiting 9+ months for a device that said production was being ramped up to meet their flash sale. The point was they worked out the links and we’re ready to roll.

That means for almost a year I’ve been using a device I was ready to replace a year ago. Including the money spent (which was saved up) which means I couldn’t even choose an alternative.

That’s hardly being a golddigger and instead frustrated that the only type of apology given is in word only without any sacrifice on Eve’s part to show their empathy in stealing our time and money.


Touché, I figured because of the screen and stylus that this tablet had a higher demographic of Adobe users.

I figured a subscription like that would be the symbolic apology for delaying for over a year (including holding the money that could have been used to purchase an alternative).


This is the dumbest topic. They have financial problems to the point they can’t ship devices and you think they can afford to compensate you that much?


PLEASE! Just let me have my device! I am days away from HAVING to replace my current laptop.


I have a suggestion.

Maybe the Eve creators and D-Brand could get together to design a special logoed skin to give to those free for those who have been inconvenienced by the flash sale delays and thos waiting for their repairs/replacements.

How about it guys?


Or we just wait for them to actually ship the remaining V’s before they start buisiness with other companys


Like I said, it’s just a suggestion.

Metaphorically speaking, would a lot of the doubters out there feel more upbeat knowing that if this was in action whilst the Eve team are resolving the outstanding orders? They would feel as if they know the company are still doing business and in business, rather than the awkward silences that has recently beleaguered their recent practices?


The simple solution is to wrap ur v in those plastic stick book covers and then use sharpie and draw a V