Suggestions for compensation for delayed (Flash Sale) customers


So in the official thread concerning the delay for a third of the customers there were talks about a sort of compensation for the unlucky 35%. This post is to collect ideas on how customers could be compensated.

Right from the getgo suggestions made in the thread that are not possible are:

  • Hardware upgrades (not possible as hardware to manufacture has already been bought and shipped so changing it is not possible.)

  • V upgrade to a better model (unfair for buyers of the top model and completely financially unfeasable for Eve)

Ideas that should be possible:

  • Free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (not a big fan of this one but it was mentioned in the other thread)

  • Another coupon for the Eve webstore

  • Coupon for a free dbrand skin for the V.


personally I would like to see something where I could trade in for a better quality stylus. an amazon or Microsoft store gift card or something like that.
after seeing all the reviews of the stylus and seeing every switch over to a surface pen or alternative it would be good for them to offer alternatives.

but that’s not going to happen… why would they pay for us to go to their competitors…


I have a great idea.
Eve would contact another manufacturer or do its own to do something alike as presented here. And you would have something like 65-70%off if it’s has a big price or free if it’s a small one.
Since most of the products for the moment or usb 3.1 gen1 most of the time you can’t take advantages of the big i/o number transactions nor the bandwidth. And so you are stocked with standard ssd which is a bummer.
It’s not that complicated engineerinly speaking, so available fast, and it would be a big help for all the people who have to load another OS or working with big video files or sound files or picture to do some editing.


hmmmm good luck with asking compensation bro… all they want is to maximize profit on their end…
if not, then they would have process the refund immediately.
I really feel that my money is being kidnapped hhhahha…so, we dont have any bargaining power man…unless somehow take legal action against them


I already paid for the Windows Pro 10 upgrade when I bought my FS unit so that’s a no-go for me. Whatever the compensation is, I think it has to be relative to the time we are having to wait (9 months) to receive our units. I think to some degree it has to reflect at least a small amount of penalty since promises were continually made and broken, etc.
I think they should give us the $50 gift certificate because that was already promised and is, in my opinion, a separate matter from what we are discussing now. I think another $50 certificate doesn’t reflect the seriousness of the situation and that this compensation should be valued at somewhere’s around 5-10% of the amount the customer spent. If a customer spent $1,600.00 on their purchase, their compensation should be valued between $80 - $160. It represents a sort of interest or carrying charge for us having to wait so long for our units. Personally, I would like mine to be upgraded from the i7 512gb ssd to the 1tb ssd (any currently left in stock?), but that was a $400 jump to my purchase price and therefore a bit ridiculous to ask for. The compensation should not be 100% pain-free to Eve since we have had to go through the pain of waiting so long for a product promised months ago.
But damn, I just need my friggin’ computer!


I like the idea of a free skin, or a free USB type C dock. Something along those lines would go a long way to ensuring that those of us optimistic enough to wait 5-7 months for a product would consider using them again. I have a team of mobile professionals that I was going to trial this product for, and while I’m sure that another 7-15 more tablets isn’t enough to be paid attention to by Eve, it seems like I couldn’t recommend them to our IT department based on delivery performance alone.


Honestly if I do stick with Eve and go through with my order I’d actually like to have 10% knocked off the total for example. This or throw in something like a 256GB MicroSD card to bump up storage. They need to do something and probably sooner rather than later (before most people opt for the refund).


I simply want a refund.
I think it is laughable to even suggest that ppl who’ve been waiting for half a year for a device would entertain still doing business with a company which has been extremely poor at communication with it’s customers. I am going to count myself lucky IF i ever get my money back - at this point I doubt it and I am not receiving any information from Eve themselves either. Lies and more lies. Good on the ppl who received their devices but everyone else got sucked in and is continually being f’ed around.


Is this a self shiok thread for demanding compensation? They don’t even have accessories on hand for replacement or purchase & what made u guys think they are able to comply with your requests?


You are asking beggars to compensate for making the street dirty


Eve really has issue in holding their promises. It seems for the promises are one of the methods to stall the delivery.

They should change their slogan… V made by US Scammer… Withholding customers money at interest free with no intention to refund it.

They claimed that they already ship 65%, but no facts to back it up… lol…


Konsta said they were open for suggestions in the 1. July update thread.


Eve is not withholding anyone’s money. Funds are being withheld by PayPal and other payment/banking entities. Eve is completely at their mercy and is trying to get the funds unfrozen so they can get things moving again. I haven’t looked closely but 65% does sound about right. Do you have facts that prove that number is inaccurate?


Please give facts to prove figure is accurate ! Not jest words coming from someone who has a been constantly misleading (lying).


The one making the claim (i.e. 65% shipped) holds the burden of proof, not the one disputing the claim. Simply saying 65% of orders have been shipped is not sufficient evidence given EVE’s track record.


Well not really. If you have facts that the number isn’t true and make a claim about it that someone is lying, you should offer something to make your case valid. Saying “that doesn’t sound right to me” is not enough.

Also I don’t know how someone could refute it unless they have actual sales numbers of devices and the actual number what has been delivered…


Under regular circumstances I would agree with you. But, given EVE’s history, simply stating a sales figure with no proof to back it up would not be sufficient evidence. The reliability of the source in this case is questionable at best and fraudulent at worst.


No, as an EB my money has been with them for a long time!


This has been talked about many times. IIRC there were approx 500 HEBs, 2000 LBs and 700 Dec FS units. I’m spitballing here and that’s as far as I can track it right now. That puts things at 78% delivered. Maybe someone else can add some more sales numbers and get us closer to the 65% claim. The point is that there is no reason to think that 65% isn’t accurate.

Your money was spent on producing your V and paying for company operations. It was used properly and is most likely no longer available. Money that was made later which could be available for warranty situations and refunds has been frozen so IG backers waiting on support are being affected by this too.


This isn’t true. I’ve contacted my credit card company who assured me that they have not withheld funds. They even provided me the reference number of the transaction they made to the Fortress Tech account the day after I placed my order. Not sure about others, but I know the money I spent is not being frozen by anyone.