Suggested Better Form Factor for Donald Dock



I did NOT buy an EVE because I had my eyes on a better docking station solution that I had seen for a Surface. Ultimately that’s what I want, a combination tablet and laptop device, that can also “scale” and serve as a desktop via docking station. Then it dawned on me to suggest one since that is what this community does.

I’ve looked around. I’ve seen commercial solutions which were a simple brick, or like the one for the Surface 3, were an elaborate docking solution that focused on placing the screen in a landscape orientation.

==> Why not put it in a portrait orientation right next to additional desktop monitors?

The following picture, video, and link suggest that someone has already figured this out as a DIY project. However, I don’t see a see a version offered commercially.

Note in the video that the Surface 3 Docking station was scavenged for parts to make this one so the Surface could slide in (with keyboard folded back) and connect. I would add that this form factor could allow for various engineering solutions for the guts to be added behind the mount, at the bottom, AND/OR placed in the bottom pedestal. With a VESA mount, the final solution could be offered with or without the pedestal.


Link to YouTube Video:

Link to GitHub with Design Templates:

LInk to updated design w/ Surface 4 Docking Station Brick:


You’re a bit late to the party because this is discussed hundreds of times before… A station for the V (eve is the company) is unwanted because of it’s lack to write on the V while docked. I’m working on a comparable solution like this MS garage guy, but with an ergotron arm to have the V flexible in front of you or next to your screen… It will be done soon…


Really love this docking method in the video. Such a seamless integration.


Is it really ever too late? :slight_smile: I missed the invitation…

I did NOT see what the final product was going to look like, so I thought to contribute. It is good to hear that it will be comparable. (I saw elaborate hinges and stackable devices, but nothing like what I posted.)

I do hope that you can slide the V in to make a connection with the docking functions: power, video, etc. Matching up the V to the docking station connector would be important to make that happen.


This is a quick view to my docking solution already in the prototype process (metalwork):

Its just a connection between the VESA mount of an ergotron arm and the kickstand of the V. The angle of the display can be chosen completely free, with a fixed kickstand you even can move it into portrait mode… Connection to my monitor or to a docking station is not buildt-in because of the lack of a “surface-like” proprietary port solution. I have no problem to connect one USB-C cable which is hanging fixed at the ergotron arm…

It’s designed to just slide the opened kickstand between the two metal sheets (covered with felt inside to avoid scratches). If needed you can fix the kickstand between the metal sheets with two wingnuts…

I will show pictures when it is finished… The guy which is doing the metalwork for me (my cousin) wants to have it done in two weeks…