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His conclusion is as valid as any information people think they can derive from any answer to any question speculation about the meaning of order numbers regarding shipping. Clearly it doesn’t matter :expressionless:


I profoundly disagree. There seems to be some semblance of order that can be derived from the order #. As Eve refuses to divulge any info we need to come to some conclusions ourselves. Basic logic, which you and wickedly seem to be unable to use, shows that only a few thousand have been ordered. Of that most seemingly have not shipped yet.

They way to logically come to this conclusion is that so far we have not seen any order #'s in the 4xxx range. There seem to be a number that start with a 70 but there have been no 10xxxx-60xxxx. Therefore it can be logically concluded that the 70 does not represent a 10 thousand place for order #s. It seems to represent something other than a numerical count. If there are order #'s in the 4xxx range I will revisit my conclusions and add another thousand to the count. I believe we have seen some 3xxx order #'s. Can anyone with a 3xxx order # confirm they exist?

We might not be able to derive an exact # that have shipped, but we can get an idea of how many have been ordered and get some idea how many have not shipped. There may be a direct and easy correlation, but without more info we can not be sure.

The easy solution would be for Eve to state how many have been ordered and how many have shipped. Don’t you find it mildly curious that during all of this hullabaloo they have not provided this info? Lack of transparency is usually the sign of hiding something.


hahaha I’m often puzzled by the misunderstanding of sarcastic comments by some. I can only assume it’s a language barrier issue or the sarcasm gets lost in google translate or something. But I can assure you wickedly was not serious by his 700,000 V’s were ordered comment. I did up-vote it though. :rofl:

What a few of us have concluded is that the order number doesn’t seem to have any meaning to us humans. What it may represent is, in my opinion, unknowable to entities who do NOT think in one’s and zero’s. :grinning: It seems that Dec 4 flash sale buyers have the 4-digit order numbers and that the Dec 14 flash sale and beyond buyers have 7-digit (edit: I meant 6-digit order # starting with “7”) order numbers that were trans-mutated into 12-digit order numbers (I think - at least several, including me, are in this situation).

I understand this appears to be important to you, and I’m not going to minimize that. However, I think trying to figure this out is an ‘exercise in futility’. :slightly_smiling_face:


I 100% understand your logic, I’m saying it doesn’t matter. So what if you (think! you’ve) figured it out? Hell, what if EVE divulges this supposed crucial for transparancy reasons information? Then what? What are you going to do with that information? How are you going to use whatever it is you think you’re going to find to change anything?

Hence the gist of Wickedley’s answer: there might as well be 700000 orders.

Besides, EVE have divulged this information, people just refuse to accept their answer: there are no more batches, and all orders up until April 4th will be shipped by end of June. I.e.: order number doesn’t matter.

Also, this is funny!^^


If you log into your account you will see you actually have two order #'s. Click on the orders button. When that screen opens you will see your order. This is probably a 6 digit # starting with 70. When you click on this another screen will open there you will see a 12 digit #. I am talking about the 6 digit # . The 12 digit # is meaningless to us.
You and others seem to be acting willfully obtuse. All 6 digit order #'s are in the 703000 or less range. Ergo we can tell that total orders are in 3000 or less range. If you can fit more than 3000 numbers into 3000 spots, I think the Nobel prize committee would like to talk to you. Logic people, it is just basic logic.




I do think it is very important that people have the information of how many have been ordered and how many have been shipped. That info will give people the info they need to make a decision as to whether to ride this out or go to their banks and paypal now.
There is a huge difference on 3000 ordered and 2000 shipped and 3000 ordered and 500 shipped. Or 1200 ordered and 300 shipped. Or 12000 ordered and 8000 shipped.

Eve seems to want to keep people in the dark so that they can not make an informed decision. This is peoples hard earned money we are talking about. Eve made a commitment. One they have repeatedly not kept. Until the consumer receives the product it is not Eve’s money and people have the right to pursue whatever recourse they deem appropriate. If Eve provided the info people might very well decide to ride this out. Alas, the lack of transparency just fuels the panic. The silence on it speaks volumes.


And you prove my point:

No additional information is necessary for people to make their decisions. The only thing fueling the panic is sowing doubt about clear information already out there. Not EVE’s fault people don’t want to hear it or deem it inadequate. What would you have them do? Actually lie maybe just so they’d tell you what you want to hear?

Devil’s advocate: Even if they did provide those details, would you believe them? Or how long do you think it’d take for people to start questioning that information too, if not right off the bat?

Point is: they said end of June, that’s all anyone actually needs to know to base their decisions on.


I respectfully disagree again. There is a huge difference between promising to ship 75-80% of all total orders by end of June and promising to send 30% of all total orders.

If only 20-25% of all total orders have shipped so far then everyone run for the door and get your money back right now. Because they be lyin’ and the financial issues are probably insurmountable. If 70% of all orders have shipped than this is probably a hiccup and they have a good chance of recovering.

So you advocate for no info because people won’t believe them anyway? Wow! The lack of transparency is what is causing these issues in the first place. Transparency would have built them support from the user base. Transparency would have made some people sympathetic to the CC hold back issue(if that is true and accurate). Though I feel there should be no sympathy there because EVERY other company in the world that takes credit cards deals with this every single day.

Lack of transparency by a crowdfunded startup is unethical and unconscionable. I hope everyone gets their V’s in June. I rather doubt it. The other huge issue is that there seems to be any system in place to deal with defective units in a timely manner. Ever wonder how many employees they actually have?

End of June Shipping/Refund

Last time I’m responding to this here in the thread, even the forum software is warning me to message you personally instead :joy: Besides, it’s hardly following the “rules” for this topic anyway: asking questions.
So mods, no hard feelings if this gets removed :slight_smile:

This I can agree with. But I don’t see that information becoming officially public. Put yourself in EVE’s shoes. If the scenario of only 20-25% units shipped is true, would you want to tell people? You literally just said it yourself: if they tell you that, you run for the door. It wouldn’t even matter if they had or said they had a plan to actually overcome it all or whether you believed them. You’d run. So on the one hand, as a company, you’d want to be transparent, but on the other hand doing so would guarantee an abandon ship movement. I’d call that being stuck between a rock and a hard place :slight_smile:

This part I must wholeheartedly rebuke: you twist my words. I am not advocating no info because people wouldn’t believe it. I welcome any and all information available. I just think some information is more useful than other information (read: actionable and verifiable). Though I do legitimately wonder what the point is if people are set on questioning everything anyway. You pretty much prove my point again when you say if that is true and accurate about the CC hold back issue: EVE gave you the information, yet you choose to question and doubt it anyway. Then what’s the point getting additional information? You can’t pick and choose what to believe and what fits into your own narrative, that’s not how it works.

As for every other company in the world dealing with this: you don’t and can’t know that for a fact either way, so that’s not an argument.

End of June Shipping/Refund

hey everybody, please check the topic headline… are you still on topic?


Well, it’s going to be a bit of challenge for Eve to hold a May 4th Q&A, unless their next big thing is a time machine, in which case perhaps all Flash Sales buyers will receive their Vs on time! Or is that “have” received - time travelling is so confusing!


They also said end of March…and also said end of April. Why’s an end of June promise any better?


no, no - you’re quite right. i’m fully behind you on this.

The number i just made up at random after seeing someone mention a number is undeniably less logical than the numbers you’re currently making up.


And in that you demonstrate why their end of June promise is also enough information for you.
I never said that promise is all of a sudden the holy grail of answers and has to lead to everyone waiting it out. I said that information is enough for everyone to base their decisions on. That could just as well be saying “fuck this shit, I’ve had enough, I’m going for a refund”, that’s your call.

I’m waiting it out personally, that’s my call.


You said it right here…


No, I never proclaimed that as being the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
What I said there is that EVE gave people an answer to the question of whether or not order numbers matter. Well, not literally, that information was simply put out there, but if you’ve got half a brain to put 2 and 2 together it’s a simple deduction to conclude that order numbers are not part of their equation there.

And even if they were, they said end of June. That and only that is the current information out there. No single answer is likely to ever be the holy grail of answers, but that one current answer, combined with whatever your interpretation is of all other information out there, or lack thereof: that is the only thing you can base any decisions on, ever, in any situation.

In the case of the V, that gives everyone two courses of action:

  1. That’s enough and you can’t or don’t want to wait anymore? -> go for a refund
  2. You can live with that? -> continue to wait it out

It’s not rocket science. Updates will come when they come, at which point everyone may re-evaluate and I refer back to the two options above.
And if you feel they don’t come quickly enough, or won’t at all or whatever, I also refer back to the two options above.
Or of course, there’s always option 3: you get your V^^ at which point I will no longer refer to the two options above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha well I’ve already started down the road I’m taking. If I wait any longer I’ll literally have no choice but to wait for the V to arrive since June is well outside my 6 month claim window.


There are no refunds being issued at this point for either defective products or unhappy customers.
EVE has said so to those that have asked.

  • Those that wait and get a refund from EVE after June
  • Those that pursue a item not delivered claim/recovery through their payment processor

EVE has stated there are no refunds for cancelled orders (before July). Please do not mislead people into thinking differently. That is not helpful or honest.

I’m curious what it is that you are “waiting out”? Product or refund after end of June “deadline”.


No need to imply I’m trying to trick people, thanks…
I’ve stated on multiple occasions that by “refund” I mean whatever’s necessary to get your money back. Whether people try to do that through EVE or go the chargeback route is their own choice.

I never meant to say people should “wait it out” just to get a refund. That’s stupid. (hence the “wait it out” option separate from the “refund” option, duh). While I remain supportive of EVE, I won’t in good conscience recommend people lose the failsafe that is the 180 day period to qualify for a claim…
I’m personally going to wait it out until delivery :slight_smile: I must admit I was browsing alternatives to the V today, but in the end found none as compelling. And seeing as my investment here was of the none crucial kind, I’m riding it out.

End of June Shipping/Refund