Student homebase setup


I think this is a common desire for many users now, we want to just plug in one thing and go. This is why the USB C docks discussions have been so popular, because the potential convenience is huge.

But then the question becomes, why is it so important that the V be “King of Ports” if what we really want is to only have to use one cable? BTW, I think this is the methodology Apple and Microsoft are using to design there hardware right.

I think the reason is because that the tech world is simply not their yet. We want to live in a one cord wonder world but we know we can’t yet. We have to many things that need those USB A ports, our monitors don’t have USB C ports, people can’t agree on whether or not USB-PD is a good thing or not, and most people still need a good old fashioned headphone jack because they (logically) don’t want to buy new headphones or use a dongle.


Nice to hear this , and congratz for starting study medicine soon ! , I’m Y2 med student and I have been waiting for eve V long time , and I wish to start my new semester holding it in my hands ! , as in my school we always take notes after professors , read pdfs (textbook) , navigate through many presentations , images and 3D models for Anatomy and Surgery , and watch a lot of videos , so I have decided to get the i7 edition to make clean study installation in my room , but I think I will start my new semester without getting the new device so I have bought new laptop to finish my mentioned tasks , now I’m using HP Elitebook x360 it costs me a lot but when eve V will come to be purchased via online store after the batches I will absolutely get it !


I do believe avidly in having many ports, rather than going the “way of the dongle”… :slight_smile:

In my personal case, I have two different uses for the V:

  1. Homebase computer, hooked up to my entire entertainment system that’s built into my living room. Used as a non-portable computer, perhaps just the screen hooked up to an external keyboard and mouse.
    This is where the performance specs of the V comes to good use. And this is also when a clean setup (i.e. one cable setup) would be preferable.

  2. Portable 2-1 laptop for travelling, lectures and group work. This is when the ports and portability of the V is really needed.

Having to be able to combine these two uses in one machine is what caused me to pull the trigger on the V in the first place.


Isn’t there some limit to the lenght of a USB-cable?


There definitely is. For USB1.1 the maximum length was 3 meters for high speed and 5 meters for low speed, without active signal amplification. USB2.0 bumped that up to 5 meters for all speeds. Though the USB3.0 standard doesn’t specifically specify a maximum length, it does specify electric requirements that would practically limit a normal quality cable to 3 meters.

For Thunderbolt, the specification lists 3 meters as the maximum for copper wire, though you could get a fancy (and incredibly expensive - up to 20x or 30x the price of copper cable) optical cable solution and go up to 100 meters.


Sorry for not replying for a while. The programs which I have issues (well more like A program) is Unreal Engine 4 as I’m a “pseudo-game developer” during my free time (basically I develop games but never release them.) But basically, the DPI on it is pretty bad for some reason if I use it in 2 screens mode.

Also I’m not sure if my unit is just faulty but I noticed the refresh rate isn’t that great as I can clearly see the horizontal line in the middle when it refreshes when playing a game or watching a video.


How do you know you actually want a mechanical keyboard? Have you at least tried some? I once went to a store and tried out all the mechanical keyboards they had… All of them were much less pleasant to type on than my normal $10 keyboard. So don’t say you want one before you actually find one that is worth the money for you. Furthermore, you said you will look for a better pen. Does it still make sense to buy an expensive keyboard for note taking? Not to me…

May I ask, why? :confused:


I really enjoy more writing using ordinary keyboard like in MacBook pro 2015 , but I’m little bit confused how can I use eve keyboard while putting it on my laps during lectures or classes ? will there be a folio keyboard or something like this ?


Funny thing is - you never had an Apple product and you are judging both Apple company and users of their products …


Erm, which part of it is funny to you? I was smart enough to spend my money in a better way. I’ve used their devices enought to understand how much overpriced they are. But this is 0% related to this thread.

@omaer97 you’ll have to put the tablet on a desk or something… The folio keyboard works both wirelessly and in wired mode, so you can just use it wirelessly.


I bought a mechanical keyboard for like $40. It was an impulse buy and I don’t even use it. I also had the jaybirds x2. Best earphones I owned! Lost em at the park :sob: I don’t have enough sold control like you do


I’m upgrading/switching from a iMac 27 inch (Mid 2010) and Macbook Air 11 inch (2013) to an Eve V + ‘dock’ combo myself. (I’ve got a 2nd desktop PC purely for gaming/streaming).

For my ‘dock’ setup, I’m thinking of buying something like this with either a 1440p UltraWide or standard 16:9 monitor.

The laptop arm platform can be tilted to 90 degrees and hoping it will extend far enough so I could also draw on it if need be and swivel below the screen.

Haven’t yet found a monitor but this came up recently which looks awesome but may be a shade too big for a desk :sweat_smile:

VESA ergonomic arm docking mount for Eve V?

Take a look to this thread: VESA ergonomic arm docking mount for Eve V?


Meh, “finding” a monitor is easy. Just go to your favorite shop, filter by resolution and choose the brand you like the most. For reference, you should be able to get FullHD ~22" for under $100. Don’t buy anything more expensive unless you know you really need it.


If you can find a monitor that is 1440p, 27 inch, can charge the Eve via USB-C and also receive a display signal from the same cable (making ‘docking’ as simple as inserting a single cable), let me know as I seriously can’t find one.


Uh, ok I won’t even look for that because it’s so niche… But if you’ll buy a dock anyway, I’m 90% sure it will include an HDMI port for the monitor. One cable goes between your V and your dock, one cable between your dock and your monitor. And also power cables for the monitor and for the dock. The dock will charge your V.


That’s why i’m thinking.
Do you know any good dock out there? The ones i found are always very expensive


Yeah they’re expensive… For that reason I won’t even bother. It’s OK to plug in 3 cables instead of 1 if that helps me save $100… Money doesn’t grow on trees.


But that’s the point. I don’t really want to buy a separate dock if I can get away with it. The monitor itself can be the dock leading to a much cleaner setup.


Just be careful when buying standalone docks as the ‘dongle type’ will only output 4K at 30Hz via HDMI 1.4 ( ) with the more expensive ‘dock’ type handling more screens or higher Hz on 4K.


But that’s a 422£ monitor. Too much for the usc-c conection