Stretch goals Part 3. Backers will get Mozo case. But which one?


Hello Eve Family!

First I would like to remind you that it’s eve family birthday today and everybody gets a little gift! [read more here]

Welcome to the part 3 of the stretch goal discussion. In the previous 2 threads, we decided that we will have a stretch goal of 1.2 million and all of the backers will get an opportunity to receive a premium pouch by mozo at breakeven price (15-25USD based on the pouch we select :slight_smile:)

Previous discussion threads:

Now it’s time to select which case you like the most!

What Mozo case you would like to have with your V?

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I really can’t answer this question. They’re all the same to me, since I only see the outside. Can you please upload more pictures showing the inside? For example what extra compartments they have inside, for a mouse, external hard drive, some notebooks, etc? Also the external dimensions?


From the looks of it, they are all indeed the same, except for the black one without the zipper.


Here it says, that there are some inside pockets for the stuff.


Yeah they look pretty similar. But maybe that black one has more pockets? haha :smiley:


Yeah there are “some”… but how many? And how big? :stuck_out_tongue: You know, it’s like buying a wallet - you don’t just look at it. You open it, check all the pockets, all the stitches (are they sturdy enough?), see how hard/easy it is to open different compartments, how many steps it takes to reach your stuff… Lots of things. I would like to apply the same logic when choosing a laptop bag, at least to some extent.


Yes, apparently the three ones with the zipper differ only for the colour combination.
But I can’t find the other one (without front zip) on their site… It looks more “rigid” and less padded in the pictures above, which is not necessarily bad, but can should be taken into consideration.


Yeah, from this picture it looks like it’s very slim… so I guess no pockets in there…


I think project hit high goal so fast if the project bit slower we maybe have at least 2 or 3 stretch goal now haha. but it all good :smiley: that mean V have solid money make sure everything going smooth on delivery.


What if I would come to Mozos office and take short video with our device and different cases?


:point_up_2: That would be very helpful and intersting @Konstantinos!
(Also, to see the V :smiley_cat: )


Deal i’ll do it :smiley: !


That would be the 2nd gift of today :grinning:


You should definitively do that. WITH the device. In 4k. @60Hz. Many, many, very long “short videos”. In good lightning. So that we can see the pouch…ahem…the device from all angles. :laughing:


Could anyone find #3 on Mozo? (Black case without zipper)


Nope… seems like they don’t have it for sale yet… or anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I think we need better pics. the first one looks almost like a case (like a phone case, you leave it on) - which I would think would mess with the cooling?


A general Question: Will there be other Mozo pouches available for the eve in the future?


That would be definitely awesome.


I bet there will… since they made a partnership…