Straw poll: what headphones have you, do you use?

In-ears: UE 900S, Shure SE846, Etymotic ER4XR, Sony WI-1000X

Over-ears: AKG K712 Pro, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250Ω (modded with 4-pin mini XLR balanced input), Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Go, Sony MDR-1000X

Gaming headsets: Logitech G633 (found most if not all gaming headsets lack audio quality, prefer to have headphones and mic separated)

Player: Sony NW-WM1A

DAC: OPPO HA-2, Fiio K3

DAW: FL Studio 20 (current), Studio One (current), Cubase (tried for a few months), Reason (tried), Logic Pro (used at school but ditch due to having no Mac at home)

I don’t change headphones much.
I currently have the SteelSeries Siberia V2 and the Bose QC 35 II.

I don’t ever use the SteelSeries headset because the strap broke off and the metal pokes me. It lasted probably 6 years. It started falling apart after 4 years. The strap broke pretty easily.

I love my Bose headphones. They are great on planes and decent with audio. However they don’t produce very good audio when plugged in via analog.

Hope this helps!

Over ear: AKG 598
In ear: UE 1800, UE 900S, Sony HBA-3
TWS: Nuarl N6

Currently thinking of getting Audeze LCD-X o replace the AKG.

Extremely late to the game, but since this project is on the backburner anyway, I’ll add my $.02:

In ear: Google Pixel Buds (Second gen)

Previously I had LG Tone PLatinums, and a previous generation of Tones before that.

Over ear: SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, with the transmitter connected to my desktop via optical S/PDIF, and also connected to my mobile devices via BT

Previously - Astro Gaming A40 (Wired)

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In ear: Bose sound sport. I may upgrade to the most recent Bose sport soon enough.

Over ear: An audio Technica headset plugged into a hyper X quadcast

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A small update to what I’m now regularly using in the pandemic :wink:


  • Samsung Galaxy Buds
  • Sony MH-755 (but much less now)


  • Still nothing.


  • Cleer Flow II (mostly for meetings, but the sound is ‘good enough’ for listening while working)
  • Denon AH-MM400

To be fair, one of the main points of a headphone for me is that I can wear it for hours on end so that colours what I wear quite a bit.

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Beyerdynamics DT-1990 Pro with Schiit Asgard AMP & Schiit Modius DAC


I used to have a pair of Sennheisers that had been handed down to me as my over ear pair, don’t remember the model. Currently a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x that I love.

My in ear pair are Soundcore Liberty Air gen 1. Affordable with better battery life than most brands. For Bluetooth headphones I definitely value longevity first since I tend to use those more for audiobooks and podcasts. 8 hours of use with 32 more in the charge case is just nice.


In ear : had pretty much all the marley collection and a few skull candy all wired. Right now I’m using Jaybird Vista.
On ear: None
Over Ear: I had Crusher Skullcandy if including gaming ones Turtle Beach 300, 700, x12 and 32
Bone conduction: none

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Galaxy Buds Pro for in-ear
Sony XB900 for over ear
ASTRO A50 Gen 4 for gaming

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At the desk: AKG K550s, amazing soundstage, however really analytical, which makes them good for gaming, but not for easy-listening. They’re insanely comfortable and I can wear them for hours.

For on-the-go, I picked up a pair of KZ ZS10 Pros. They’re cheap, so it’s not too bad if I lose them, and they sound amazing. I even find myself preferring them for listening to music over the AKGs!

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In-ear : Galaxy buds+
Over-ear : beyerdynamic 770 PRO

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Home/ Work: AKG K7xx through a CEntrance USB DAC.
Travel: Etymotic Research in-ear

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Over my ears: Beats Studio 3 (2019) → I am kind of surprised that these aren’t more used considering the popularity of the brand and that they are owned by Apple, though I do have to say that the quality has significantly gone down over the past 3+/- years. I personally would not buy these again because of their lack of quality.

In my ears: Anroog wireless earbuds (2016)

Gaming: Sony Pulse 3D Headset

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In ear: Galaxy buds
On ear: Skullcandy Icon Wireless and Uproar Wireless

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Daily Driver: Sony - WH-1000XM4
Gaming: SteelSeries - Arctis Pro Wireless
Earbuds for Quick Calls\Music: UrbanEar Sumpan

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