Strange Forum View on Smartphone Bug?



I have some strange design issues on my mobile phone. I bookmarked eve forum to my home screen and if I start it, following is happening.

but look at my video.

got this bug on my one plus 3 5" fhd screen

(for the German people, yeas, that’s how I met your mother in the background, cause I was bored)


It looks like you have managed to convert the site to desktop view. If you click on the hamburger menu beside your icon in the corner, you can find a line that says “mobile view” at the bottom of the menu. Clicking it will revert you back to the standard mobile view.


I’m also having issues this morning, none of the polls are working - they all show 0 votes, and I can’t select any options on any of them.



We are aware of the issue with the polls, and we have contacted Discourse about it.