Story of my V - First days

I will be very brief. Lets forget the delay. Okey, the delay is bad but the problem is so poor V team communication in last weeks.

My V was delivered on Thursday.
Delivery procesess was crazy. I received shipping number on Friday and no communication or progress until Wednesday. Then V was processed and delivered within 24 hours. But actually, promised delivery this week - fulfilled.

V was not able to boot. I had to change boot order in bios. Unacceptable! Total fail. I’m a customer don’t want to do anything to make V work. This is how revolution should not looks like.

I’m missing power adapter (the international plug set, I received only the adapter). That’s really bad - because according to V team I can only use original power adapter. So my V is no unusable.

I paid for Windows 10 Pro and received Home. Submited a ticket. No answer. Very bad, but I can live with that for a shor time.

Keyboard is something that is not done yet. I have that feeling. But we will see…

Usb-c cable do not hold int socket properly. That is really bad. It is so obvious. I don’t understand how this could pass QA.

When I plug in Dell dock with power deliver it makes crazy noise.Hm. Eve team said that this is ok… well.

Charging takes soooo long.


How can you say that? Eve doesn’t deliver devices with issues :wink:


After reading about all these defective V’s i feel almost bad for refunding mine.
It was working without the most issues described…

I hope it will make someone else happy.

I’ve actually been using the charger that came with my Asus.

Power Adapter
Plug Type : USB TYPE C
Output : 20 V DC, 2.25 A, 45 W
Input : 100 -240 V AC, 50/60 Hz universal

Atleast you got a refund. A lot of people are still waiting for one. Tbh i’m super worried for mine to come in. I’m a December backer and if my device fails,as much as I hate to say it, I will instantly return and get a surface pro 5. There’s so much going for the Eve but it seems quality control and customer support is something they’re still struggling with and I don’t want to wait another year for a device like shoot. Especially if I wait all this time for a defective device…


After few days I found some bad things about V… (except that they did not send it with W10 Pro so I cannot connect to domain and I am unable to work)

  • if V is hebernated, than I have to hold power button for a while. Single press causes keyboard to start blinking, but V is not starting. The same sometimes happend when openning lid (and V is hibernated). I thing that this is the cause of battery drain. => V should go ON WITH SINGLE PRESS

  • pressing F key do the special function -> FN + F key do the F1-F12 function -> when FN is locked (FN + esc) then F key do the F1-F12 function but FN + F key do also F1-F12. FN+esc should simply switch the meaning of keys

  • FN-esc is not persistent accross restart OR HIBERNATING

This is normal behaviour, I think. It is normal for most devices that when waking from hibernate or a straight shutdown you have to hold the power button for a second or two.

I’m not sure what you mean by this but if you’re talking about what I think you are then apparently the 1.18 beta keyboard update fixes it. The original link is dead but I shared a copy on the forum, search for the “super keyboard FAQ” or some silly name like that, I don’t remember what I titled it.

Well, maybe it is normal to wakeup device with short hold of the button. But than single press should do nothing… Now it puts V in undefined state when keyboard is blinking…

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Remember that the keyboard is a separate device with its own power source - my guess is that a short press of the power button sends power to the keyboard and the keyboard reacts by lighting up.

Probably something to do with the “power off USB charging” thing, where your V can still charge a USB device while powered off. Try changing that setting in the bios if it bothers you?

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This one: How to Keyboard: The super secret community guide to successful keyboarding
Firmware linked here seems to solve the issue (thanks!) with FN lock and the meaning of the keys. But it is not still persistent. So after hibernate the fn lock is lost…

It doesn’t persist through anything. Yes, as someone who uses f keys more than media keys, that’s annoying AF, but I can’t help you with that. Blame democracy.


It’d be nice if you replied on that thread saying it fixed it, people seem to not trust the files I share - I’m not trying to track your porn viewing habits, I swear! :no_mouth:

I use FN-lock all the time. I haven’t used the new firmware for the keyboard, but on my V, the FN-lock survives standby, reboots, hibernation, and disconnecting the keyboard from the tablet. The only thing it doesn’t survive is reconnecting the keyboard to the tablet, as per:

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