[Step 4.4]Donald Dock Resumed! Let's decide the final specs


The power cable would be the concern here, since there really isn’t a standardized connector for DC adapters apart from USB (and USB doesn’t support 120W. What if we could use two USB-C cables?)


If we go for the middle weight it definitely needs more port options. HDMI alone doesn’t really do the trick. I’d love to see VGA and DisplayPort be added to the mix, maybe also DVI but monitors that feature DVI usually also have either VGA or HDMI so I don’t see as much of a need.


I think that addition of wireless charging is must supporting new fast wireless charging standards.


If we’re going with wireless charging, I purpose the new Wireless Quick Charge standard from Qualcomm, not just 10w.


I also want to propose the following for consideration.

  1. Bluetooth for peripherals (keyboard and mouse) to connect to the dock, so they can be used with multiple devices.
  2. HDMI in, so you can plug your phone into the dock and use things like Samsung Dex with the connected peripherals and monitor.
  3. More than 1 HDMI port for dual+ screen setups.
  4. Possibly some smart features that allow integration with Google Assistant etc so you can startup or shutdown connected devices or peripherals or control volume settings, etc.


I don’t mind using an adapter for VGA/DVI but I think one of them needs to be included as a port on DD. Include as much power as possible. You’ve never know what someone might want to connect in the future. I think that including every port in the Optional list would be very helpful in making DD a home run product that non/new Eve customers would be interested in.

The whole point of the community is to bring new/better/tailored tech to people looking for something different. What better way to bring more people in than to provide a product that can be used by more people in more places? The people who would end up using a unique dock for some random use you wouldn’t normally think of (IE using the m.2. slot for emulator ROM storage) are likely to bring some unique perspectives to crowd development.


Still good, but some improvements seem warranted:

  • two display ports please. HDMI plus DP is good, so are two HDMIs.
  • I don’t need audio. USB audio is less expensive than whatever you add to the dock, given that many people don’t need it.
  • SD cards: meh. Again, USB adapters are inexpensive enough when you need them.
  • Wireless charging: I don’t need that either. A magnetic connector can be permanently inserted into the µUSB socket and is much more versatile. But that’s a different problem …


@kishen Nothing prevents you from plugging a simple Bluetooth adapter into your dock.


Is it possible to have something like a KVM switch? So you can connect 2-4 computers to the dock, but only one is active at any given time, which shouldnt increase cost by a lot. You can switch between them via a press of a button


For privacy reason I’m against the Google Assistant integration.
Also Bluetooth is not necessary due to the ability to add dongles anyway.


Another port used up though… But fair comment


It doesn’t need integration. Just connectivity in case others want to integrate.


Are you thinking KVM just for monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers or for other ports/functions as well?


Charging to 100W, separate audio in and out, 2-3 PD USB3 ports for quick charging new phones and tablets.


I really like the idea, but we have to be careful that the magnet isn’t too strong since it’s not too hard to damage quite a few things with a magnet. Especially, if you carry it around in your backpack, bag, maybe even pocket :smiley:

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Around 30cm seems sensible rather than the 10-15 for most on market. can then sit on desk below V than hang


Personally I only need 1 HDMI (monitor) and 1 USB (Unifying) to be switchable, but it is up to the community to decide on which port should be part of the KVM switch. I’d say there should be some “switchable” ports and some permanent/dedicated ports for each computer that the dock supports, so something like, say, an NIC could stay connected to each computer to maintain internet access, while a USB keyboard should be switchable.


I honestly think there should be more USB-C than USB-A in this dock. The reason is you can buy a USB-C to USB-A adapter for cheap (even cheaper on AliExpress), but the same can’t be said about the opposite. And for a stationary docking station, losing or forgetting an adapter shouldn’t be a concern (unlike on laptops)


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Good idea. But we still don’t want to have Apple’s style of only USB-C, the main meaning for dock is to forget adpaters