[Step 4.4]Donald Dock Resumed! Let's decide the final specs


Charging to 100W, separate audio in and out, 2-3 PD USB3 ports for quick charging new phones and tablets.

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I really like the idea, but we have to be careful that the magnet isn’t too strong since it’s not too hard to damage quite a few things with a magnet. Especially, if you carry it around in your backpack, bag, maybe even pocket :smiley:

And by the way: it’s just awesome you’re still with us, @Ervin :heart_eyes:


Around 30cm seems sensible rather than the 10-15 for most on market. can then sit on desk below V than hang

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Personally I only need 1 HDMI (monitor) and 1 USB (Unifying) to be switchable, but it is up to the community to decide on which port should be part of the KVM switch. I’d say there should be some “switchable” ports and some permanent/dedicated ports for each computer that the dock supports, so something like, say, an NIC could stay connected to each computer to maintain internet access, while a USB keyboard should be switchable.

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I honestly think there should be more USB-C than USB-A in this dock. The reason is you can buy a USB-C to USB-A adapter for cheap (even cheaper on AliExpress), but the same can’t be said about the opposite. And for a stationary docking station, losing or forgetting an adapter shouldn’t be a concern (unlike on laptops)


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Good idea. But we still don’t want to have Apple’s style of only USB-C, the main meaning for dock is to forget adpaters


Personally I’m planning on having the V on a laptop arm with only a single cable going of it, so it would need to be at least 1m.


To differentiate from other, can it come with dust cover for the ports? A flip out will be good.
Alot of docks don’t use all ports at the same time, all the time, so rusty ports may irk your USB devices.

Trying to keep it usable as long as possible!


Needs more power delivery, 87W or more
Must be able to power my macbook pro


Definitely usb4 and thunderbolt upgrades. These Are things to come usefull in some time period.


Port selection seems very good. I’d swap out one of the USB-A ports with another USB-C port. And if I were to choose between HDMI and DP, definitely DP. Wireless charging would be mwoah :kissing_closed_eyes:.

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Nice! and it should be easy and cheap to implement

Yes, I am also considering it, will decided in the final specs

USB 4 is still too far away, final standard haven’t been releases yet

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I know that this is crazy idea, but maybe it is possible to fuze idea of Donald Dock with mini-pc? When I plug it in to V it works as horsepower booster but also it can work alone as a mini-pc?


I just flew over some comments here and saw a lot of

We don’t need to integrate something into the dock because a adapter/dongle/… is cheeper.

In this case do we need a dock anyway?
Don’t we need just a USB(-C), Thunderbolt hub in this case?
I mean, do you question the whole project with this questions?

  • x-times HMDI? -> Adapters
  • Bluetooth -> Adapter
  • Sound -> USB-Soundcard

Also we have to remember that on a horizon there is a blured vision of V2. We don’t know at this point what it will look like. Maybe there will be two Vs: one on Snapdragon 10-11 inch and one Surface Book like. So I believe that this second one, for professionals, will have some ports, maybe also new one. It will be much more powerfull. So I agree with AndyBotty, do we need Donald Dock?


Might be interesting to implement “multiGig” instead of the Gigabit Port
It´s IEEE 802.3bz and gets adopted more and more as you can use old cables (Cat6) for bandwith up to 5 GBit/s

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With dust covers, and mounts in some extend, the main reason it’s not implented is because it defeats the purpose of an easy to access port. Also, I have no dust covers on my PC, and it’s been fine for almost 8 years. Though I’m unsure in a more humid environment. Then again, I’m unsure if a dustcover will help.

That all being said, it could provide a sleek way for cablemanagement.


well i guess this project can be described as a big “dongle”. i still believe the donald dock needs a wow factor.


Mini DP rather than full size DP please