[Step 2] Let's talk about features!

So, this will be a fairly niche suggestion, but here goes:

I have asymmetric hearing loss (loss in both ears but much worse on one side than the other and a different profile for each ear) so I find headphones very useful. But what I would love to see is the ability to adjust the sound at separate frequencies. I don’t mean adjust the individual cans (although that would be optimal!) I just mean the ability to adjust the frequencies to more closely compensate for my hearing profile, via a settings app. The kind of controls I would like would similar to the Ears Audio Toolkit plugin for Chrome, which I find invaluable for making Netflix etc much easier to decipher.

I know that this might be difficult to implement, but it’s a feature I, for one, would love to see.


That’s an interesting suggestion. Clearly such a feature as a “need” is fairly niche as you say. BUT, it’s exactly the sort of tweakability that plays very well with geeks and audiophiles (or people who like to think they’re audiophiles).

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So… An equalizer…? And a stereo balance?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Because I’m assuming that this will be part of the muse since it has been suggested a bunch of times… And if it’s not that I’d love to know what this is and what makes it different.

I also assume that individual can EQ won’t be possible unless you use 2 DAC. But I could be wrong about that.

How about AptX Adaptive support? This largely supercedes existing AptX, and It dynamically adjusts bitrate based on connection quality, offering both lower latency and higher quality.

Also would like to see a headphone that can properly be used as a wireless gaming headset - something that’s not possible using standard Bluetooth due to the lack of proper stereo audio+mic return profile. I understand it’s not practical to do without a proprietary USB transceiver, though.


Windows 10 DOES have support for Apt-X by default.

Is there anyway to combat the bluetooth latency with any existing chipsets? I usually look towards rtings.com to see performance of headphones and it could be a really great resource for you or anyone.

BT latency depends on the codec that’s being used. The new AptX codec seems to have really good latency


ok great, but what happens when using devices made from apple. Is aptx supported by them?

No. Apple uses their own bt codec. This has latency and will be the same on practically all devices. Except maybe ones with Apple their own chips inside

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