[Step 2] Let's talk about features!

Doesn’t sound worth it to me, especially if it’s going to drive cost up. Let’s go with a proven driver system that has consistently measurable output.

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Obviously there’s a level of variance that’s not acceptable, yeah. I fully agree. But if we can get 20% better average sound with the worst samples being as good as a dynamic driver edition, then I’d say that’s worth it!

Depends on a lot of factors. And what the cost would actually be to get quality parts. Drivers are relatively cheap. Planar drivers, no idea what the cost would be.


I prefer consistency as @pauliunas stated
Also aux cords that twist and secure/lock would be nice too.

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Twist and lock cords would be proprietary and therefore rare. Better to have one of the established standard types. I’ve never had a removable cable disconnect with normal use.


Eve headphone should have a similar specification as the one being developed by Drop, formerly known as Massdrop.

The only specs they have given is that Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm chpset latet and THX AAA, no talk about ANC, though they have showcased the design little bit, but I think they are gonna be costly.

They don’t show a price if you don’t sign up and full specs aren’t listed. Can anyone who has a login see these or give us insight into the discussions thus far on it?

DROP - Announcing Our First Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are known for their convenience—it’s great not to have that cable hanging around—but in the past, they haven’t been able to hold a candle to wired headphones when it comes to sound quality.

We’re looking to change all that with our next project, our first foray into Bluetooth headphones. Taking advantage of advancements in Bluetooth technology and battery design, we’re aiming for the best of both worlds: an audiophile sound in a wireless package.

These headphones will use Bluetooth 5.0, the latest version of the Bluetooth standard, and communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy for reduced power usage and a longer battery life. Bluetooth 5.0 is faster than older versions and can operate over greater distances. Plus, it allows you to play audio on two connected devices at once.

They’ll feature the latest Qualcomm® Bluetooth chipset and THX AAA™ technology, which is known for delivering the world’s highest fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise, distortion and power consumption.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project as it moves through the development process.

All that is above is all that there post state currently, with th pic included.


We need a companion app to play around with the bass and settings!

i think companion apps are a gimmick. There are plenty of equalizer apps already out there, why not use one of them?


It be nice if it had a good quality retractable microphone boom

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why need a physical boom at all? much better to have something like the Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC which has great mic quality but doesn’t make you look like a call centre operative


I’m with you on that. I not interested in heaphones with a boom.

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Bose just released their new NC headphones.


because the further the microphone is from your mouth, the more sensitive it has to be to pick up your voice properly. The more sensitive it is, the more noise it picks up along the way. Even if the microphone is very directional (which I think is hard to do properly in small footprint), it will pick up everything that is in front of you because it has to be directed at your mouth.
I’m by no means a fan of steelseries or razer or any of the other “gamer” crap, but can’t deny this one is a smart microphone design (as long as it doesn’t break):

You just push it in when not using it, so you don’t look like tech support, but when you do use it, you can count on a good voice quality and not worry about external noise too much. After all, these are “noise canceling” headphones so that implies they will be used in noisy environments.


But, as with every boom, they’ll add a load of breathing noise to the audio. Can be lessend somewhat with foam but that’ll require space as well.

I wouldn’t like it. Design wise anyway. And I have no idea about the benefits. As I have no comparison. Most people I call use their build in microphone.
And you can always add a modmic for high boom mic quality


Owning a pair of those headphones, I do like the being able to hide the mic away when I’m not using and overall the mic quality is quite good, far superior to the mic on a Bluetooth set I have that are built into the ear piece. If you position the mic properly when chatting on Discord the breathing noise is not very noticeable unless someone is breathing REALLY hard into the mic.


I’m no expert but check out the plantronics Voyager 8200 uc or sennheiser mb660. Key to these are not only directional mics but noise cancelling mics at that, reducing heavy breathing noises I suspect. I use a set of plantronics for past month or so and no one has complained about the mic quality

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well, spend some more time with them. If there are people talking all around you, there’s no way to distinguish which one of them is you and which ones should be silenced. The microphone would have to be extremely directional, and then you would need to wear the headset precisely at the right angle for it to catch your voice. noise cancellation works well for static noises, but not for other people talking.
Oh and I’ve been using a $1 microphone from eBay for over a year now, nobody has complained about the quality. But I know it picks up voices from another room quite strongly and in general sounds like a potato. The point is, people are polite and just don’t complain about my equipment.

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A friend of mine used an old logitech USB microphone while gaming. This meant we would hear every word in the room, even though we complained he didn’t do anything about it…
So we bought a microphone for him. Neewer nw-700 , cheap ass microphone that comes with everything attached, but it works wonders.

ModMic also works amazingly when it comes to closing out other sounds. But it’s a (detachable) boom. I wouldn’t mind that tbh. I don’t want it, but if it’s in the package then I’m ok with it, or at the least making sure it’s possible to attach the modmic.

AND something else entirely. DBrand skin on the headphones? Anyone?

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