[Step 1] What do we want?


My headphones are of the in-ear (goes through the ear canal) type. They are very warm in terms of sound signature and have a great build quality whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing. I mostly use them for home use but also for listening to music on commutes. The thing I love the most about them is that they come with silicone ear tips which are very comfortable and fitting and have a removable MMCX cable. I paid a fair price for these headphones: only $65!

P.S. Idea for code name would be Project Euterpe.


Huawei just launched new Freelance wireless earphones, so far looking great will wait for the reviews, Pricing is 99 euros around $112 at current conversion rates.


Hope Eve take inspirations from this, loving the idea of how they implemented USB C.

And for project name : how about DoReMi


My dream headphones are of the over ear, closed back type. They are very comfortable and accurate. I mostly use them at home but also at coffee shops and when I’m away from home. The thing I love about them most is that they’re fairly light and portable. I paid a fair price for these headphones: only $250 CAD!.

I guess I’m interested in something that’s over-ear and closed back, but designed to be lighter and closer to the on-ear in size. Bigger and less portable than on-ear phones, but smaller and more portable than over-ear ones tend to be. (Small enough to not feel silly wearing them in public.) And wireless. I’m skeptical of the sound quality of wireless, but I’d love it if you proved me wrong.

And when it comes to sound quality, I’d definitely want accurate sound reproduction instead of headphones that just sound “full” or “rich.” I realize that a small and portable device can’t have the same sound quality as giant $500 cans, but my preference is for something that has the best sound reproduction possible given the size of the components.

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My dream headphones are of the over-ear type. They are very comfortable and sound great. I mostly use them for gaming. The thing I love about them most is that they sound really good. I paid a fair price for these headphones: only $100 !

Would have love to see what you would do for bone-conducting headphones though.


My dream headphones are of the in-ear (ear canal) type. They have a very good sound quality and long-lasting battery. I mostly use them for music during travelling and commutes but also for calls. The thing I love about them most is that they have a fantastic ANC. I paid a fair price for these headphones: only 149€!.


I don’t think a single pair of “dream headphones” exist for me. As such, I own multiple pairs and use them all. When I’m at the gym or work, I prefer to be able to hear what’s going on around me, sound quality is second to convenience, for which I own a pair of JBL Tune 205BT and Apple Earpods (in case the battery dies). When I’m at home, I usually prefer speakers, but if I have to be quiet, Skyping, or need to hear stuff accurately a semi-open design works best, like the VMODA Crossfade Wireless and/or M100. I have a pair of open back AKG K7XX, they sound fantastic and I know why people like them, but almost never use them anymore now that I’ve invested in a decent set of speakers. Are there better examples in each category, sure, but I really don’t want to pay extra for them, or I find them to not be as comfortable, $300 is a good ceiling for a good pair of headphones.

On the rare occasion when I want to shut out the world, I have an old pair of Sony ANC headphones, but the ANC algorithm in them isn’t great, so I was going to upgrade to a pair of XM3, but will hold off to see what materializes from Eve.

IMO, on ear headphones never make sense. You sacrifice a lot of comfort, to gain almost nothing in portability and absolutely nothing in sound quality. Bone conduction is interesting, but you pay a lot of money for the novelty, for little meaningful upside.


My dream headphones are of the in ear type. They are very agile and light. I mostly use them for biking but also to work at the office. The thing I love about them most is that it is very low profile. I paid a fair price for these headphones: only 30 euros!.


honestly i think eve should check out KZ they are cheap but they have good sound quality for their price at least. might give some inspiration.


What type of Driver’s will you want?
I think personally if Eve decides to go for InEar type design it will be best to have a combination of BA and Dynamic driver, ensuring both sound quality and bass.

Want to understand about drivers in Earphones, following articles explain in the concise way:



Just to clarify, active noise cancelling will not cancel outyour colleague’s voice or the sound of someone using a mechanical keyboard. It’s only good for drowning out very monotonic white noise, such as in an airplane. For all other environments, the best it can do is destroy audio quality while trying to reduce the noises a little bit. At least that’s how current products work. But maybe Konsta here has a super secret new noise canceling technology cooking :wink:

As a side note, I just want to point out that open and closed headphones, as well as in-ear and over-ear, have more differences than just aesthetic and comfort. Open headphones leak sound in and out, but have way bigger soundstage. It’s nearly impossibe to make a closed pair with such a big soundstage. Same goes for in-ears, they usually have narrower soundstage than the big ones. Oh and there are semi-open designs but they make no sense. They leak sound almost as much as open ones, but they sound like closed ones. Basically the cons of both, the pros of none.


This is not how I experience it at all. My girlfriend watches TV with the TV sitting literally only 1 meter behind me. She’s further from the TV then I am, yet when I use my Sony ANC headphones, and play a little music or something I do not hear the TV at all. Nor I’ll hear her talking.
At the office similar things. I do not notice people talking to me at all with the ANC on and some sound on. Sure if you only use ANC without additional sound then you’ll still be able to hear them (though significantly lower volume then if you aren’t wearing them). And yes, the sound quality is reduced but not to an level where the headphones sound bad.


**How about **
noty as Project name it’s the pronunciation (ноты) which a Russian noun for music.


That’s not only because of active noice canceling. That’s because of a combination of active noise canceling, passive noise canceling and just relatively high listening volume. Also, sound quality is very subjective and what is “decent quality” to you might be ear rape to me.

I’m not totally denying the possibility that you have some very good ANC headphones that I haven’t heard about, but last time I researched it, there were simply no good options and I came to the conclusion it’s just impossible to achieve without audio quality going to shit. It would be an interesting experiment if you tired disabling ANC of your headphones and seeing if there’s a difference in the same environment. Have you tried that? I just have a hypothesis that the most significant part of what causes your good experience is passive noise canceling (or sound isolation, in other words), but I can’t confirm nor deny that.

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The passive sound isolation does certainly contribute. Though the volume doesn’t need to be that high. Background music level in an bar is enough to cancel out all make up tutorials.

I’d say it’s about 60-40 when it comes to how much isolation and anc contribute to the fact. With 60 isolation.

I have the Sony wh 1000 xm2 btw. The sound quality isn’t audiophile level (is that possible without open back?) but it’s pretty good.

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Audiophile grade audio quality doesn’t necessarily equal open back. Different genres require different headphone properties to be considered hi-fi, and different audiophiles have different tastes :wink: For example, open back headphones are naturally worse at low frequencies.
The pair of headphones you’re using is indeed remarkably good at noise canceling, at least according to reviews. But the sound quality is often compared with other headphones for half the price, but even then I’m not so sure if Eve can make something similar. Sony has put a lot of effort into the noise canceling algorithm and I wouldn’t be surprised if all the good ones were patented. Also I’ve seen some reviews say that these headphones emit scuffing from footsteps when walking, and disabling the ANC function removes that noise. If that’s true, it means they still have their weak points.

To give a different example, I have a pair of Etymotic in-ear earphones and the first time I went out with them, a car had to honk at me because I was completely unaware of my surroundings (even the honking was kinda faint). There’s no active canceling involved, just isolation. Since then I learned I should not insert them all the way :wink: I’m pretty sure similar isolation is achievable with over-ear headphones :slight_smile:


Haven’t noticed the scuff footsteps. But I don’t really wear them outside that often. The positive thing about (most) ANC headphones is that you can turn it around. My Sony have an “Ambient sound” mode which mutes ambient sounds but enhances stuff like voices to make sure you don’t miss it.

But any algoritm that changes the output to such a degree to actively mute sounds probably isn’t audiophile in any way. I don’t need or want audiophile since non of my audio sources are even audiophile grade. I don’t have a DAC that is that great either. I’d prefer convience and for me the headphones sound better then most other consumer grade headphones I’ve tried. But that’s expected for a flagship device.

I also own a pair of Jaybird X2 which I don’t like the EQ that much of (X2 can’t change the EQ, later versions you can). They also have a high sound isolation. But i’d prefer them with an ambient mode for the purpose they’re build for (sport activities).

Lastly, I’m also doubtfull about the ANC performance of an Eve headphone. But I won’t dismiss it outright.


My request is simple: an alternative to apple airpods, I mean I hate eartips and airpods are the only option available.
So a pair of true wireless earphones with no eartips, possibly black, light and with a wireless case.

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Your understanding of active noise cancelling is somewhat incorrect. Active noise cancelling uses microphones to put all external sounds out-of-phase so that they are all reduced (not eliminated). This should not affect the wired or wireless signals. How well this is achieved varies among manufactures and type of device. For instance, if I’m on an airplane, the airplane noise is reduced. And if the person next to me, or the pilot says something, I probably won’t hear them either. :headphones:

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Here the dilemma begins! :smile:

I can’t use in ear phones without eartips. All the others, which rely on the shape of the outer ear to stay in place, are very uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful, after a few minutes.

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