Status update 8.6.2018



That’s ridiculous. The shipping date has delayed again and again, everyday I keep checking my email to see any update from Eve team, what I receive is only disappointment. Now the date has delayed once again, my patience has all gone. This product maybe is worth to wait. But the company is making a very bad communication and relationship with the customer, they just lose the trust from us. No matter how great the product is, if the customer don’t trust the company, they will never come back for your goods again.
This is the worst buying experience in my entire life. Is it really that difficult to tell the customer the truth? I just don’t understand.


The shipping estimator was a trap waiting to snap from before it was even launched.
But hey, people wanted more numbers to comfort themselves…

EVE never promised the devices would be sent in the given date range, I mean, it literally says estimator
What they did promise is end of June shipping; and for that we have plenty time left.
I’ve always stuck with this: you should assume end of June shipping, nothing else.

I do agree though that by actually setting up the estimator, EVE have of course added to the expectation of their customers and provided hope for an earlier shipment. It seems, in part at least, that hope was false and they shot themselves in the foot. And for that, I do expect them to provide us with a more detailed update describing the reasons for these postponements, and most importantly: if they actually threaten their only actual promise of end of June shipping.


Why’s this different than the end of March promise…or the end of May promise? :thinking:


It’s not, but it’s the only and current promise out there with regard to shipping.
So the whole They changed my estimation, woe is me is premature.
They are not breaking any standing promises, yet.

Though again, the level of communication is questionable given the history. They decided to give people the estimator, they should own it now as well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out changes would incur more frustration.
That’s on them. If they didn’t want to deal with that, they shouldn’t have launched it in the first place and just stuck with end of June shipping, period. (Which to me personally would have been perfectly fine and much less cause for additional confusion.)


I had written a rather detailed argument against Eve’s misconduct (past and ongoing), but I’ll boil it down to this:

Eve: Try to be more like Amazon. They are a truly successful example you should emulate to the best of your abilities.

  • Send customers emails about the status of their orders
    • They shouldn’t be expected to come to the forum for status updates [only to be belittled and have their questions dumped on by rabid trolls/fans]


Well probably we have a different way of thinking. As far as I remember, the previous promises were saying that everything is going according to plan… which plan? To deliver the Vs.

Let me refresh your mind: " We are now on track for End of March Shipping. ", “Those of you who ordered during our flash sale, we have started the shipping process of Vs.”, etc etc (don’t worry there are not from the same email)

By the way, how many promises have been broken so far?


So right now my shipping date has changed. What is frustrating about this, that by the time this gets finished, while I will have a “new” machine, it will be roughly 1 to 2 generations behind anything that is currently in production. It is hardly a revolution when you are 1. Getting a machine that is probably not as good as one of the ones from larger corporations that are readily available and can be serviced by your local Geek Squad. 2. Your tracking and shipping system has been poorly devised and thought out, which makes no sense in the age of Amazon, Every one of us has ordered something online, and have been bombarded by thank you emails, requests for satisfaction surveys, and shipping status. Eve has none of these things. I have taken a chance on believing in your company, and am being let down by the changing shipping dates. I have a credit for an accessory, but I am not confident that I will get it if I order ANYTHING else from you. Please have more additional information in your updates, talk about customs delays, specifics on raw material delays, because right now, I think the only reason you have been delivering defective goods, and had shipping delays is due to lack of financing. If I wanted a defective tablet, or one made of substandard materials I would just buy from a Chinese company directly, not one that is using the same manufacturers to build their tablet.


If so, then why were the shipping estimator dates just changed from “June 04 - 16” to “June 18 -30”?


So my estimated shopping date had always been from the 18th to the 30th. Just wondering if that means I’ll get my V even later now…


@GerTomB are you not been no reimbursed by your CC right now?


Just had mine delayed from 4-16 June to 18-30 June. It being the 15th here in Australia I was looking forward to good news not worse. Looks like I might have to seek a refund seeing as I won’t be in the country at the time of shipping, unless of course it gets delayed again.


I just can’t wait to see they announce on 30 June and postpone the shipping to July. See how big the slapping on face would be. You said a promised refund? Yup you may apply a refund and target to receive your money around Christmas.


I doubt they will reschedule past June 30th. There’s both written and video record of their refund policy which states they will refund everyone who has still not gotten shipment of their V by June 30th. Even if by then EVE goes bankrupt and cannot pay back the refunds (which I think is unlikely), most credit card companies will do a charge back if shown enough evidence of false advertising.


No it won’t as there hasn’t been a new Y-series yet. New ones might come later this year.


My estimated date was 18 -30 June always.
When the ones who had 4-16 June hasn’t been shipped, i guess mine doesn’t will in my estimated time :frowning:

I don’t unterstand the lies… they wrote everything is going according to the plan :confounded:


After 30/6 they have promised refunds. They have til then to deliver. If my Eve is not shipped by than 1/7 I am filing for a refund. Ofc, the obvious question to me is if they don’t have enough money to build and ship my Eve then how in hell do they have enough money to send me a refund? The refund saga goes much deeper than we have been told it seems.


The excuse that they don’t have the money is BS. My account says paid on it, as i’m sure many others do as well. To me paid means they have the money or have access to the money. They took the money day 1. Why should we have to wait when they can’t manage their finances…


As for getting information about individual customer’s order, payment, shipping & items -related questions, the support is the only place we have for that. This is for privacy as well as in the best interest of this crowd development community.
If we allowed this kind of support-related questions here, it would rather become a support forum than a nice tech community.

@Mike - there is an easy way to prevent folks posting support related queries in the community forum, and that’s to have support either deal with support queries in a timely fashion, or at a minimum ensure that support keep customers updated on the status of their issues.

A common theme visible among people who post/vent in relation to support here is that they are waiting weeks to months for any update on their case.

Are there any commitments or SLAs from support on how long it should take them to acknowledge queries, answer queries, resolve support cases, and on how frequently they will keep a customer updated?


It’s a contract for purchase of goods, not services.

The cost of the SLA when you purchase a Microsoft device (or an apple iDevice) is usually built in to the device cost - so you are literally paying for customer service, even if you never use it.

It’s easier for large organisations because they can divert existing resources (i.e. existing support staff) to handle first touch customer service, and these staff don’t need to know much more than “have you checked our online support?” (or “have you tried turning it off and again”), which solves a large portion of queries, otherwise its escalated to someone else with the technical knowhow.

It would be foolish to think they don’t consider how many support calls and man hours spent on calls specifically for Surface devices (in the case of Microsoft) when they calculate the total cost of a surface device.


@Wickedly I think everyone with some common sense are capable to understand that as a small company they don’t have estimate well enough or even take into account the charge of any customer service since they wanted to have devices as perfect as possible.
The problem here is the law. They are obligated to do some due diligence and respond in a correct time frame.
I’m sure that you have it too in Singapore but at least here in Europe, you can even buy something from a little company in Groenland or in Brazil or in Togo or pretty much anywhere in the world even if it’s a small island in the pacific, and they need to give you support. The only condition needed for the customer, is that the website (since we are speaking of buying something from internet) need to be reachable (without a vpn) from your country. If that’s the case, then they need to deliver the product, they need to respect the consumer’s law of your country and they need to give you support and a warranty. If they fail to comply then there is a specific service in the state(for example in Belgium it would be Spf economy) who can retaliate and endorse legal pursue and in fine seize assets if the court is in favor of the customer. Assets can be seized internationally through legal cooperation between countries and that’s not so uncommun that you may think.

Or maybe did you mean something else?