Status update 8.6.2018



Hahaa! Surprise guys, its Eve-Mike! :wink:

I’ll be posting the update this time, as KK has a lot on his plate, and TBH I haven’t been active enough here in the community (probably almost invisible…)…

Apologies I’ve not been around.
We’ve been extremely busy with the investors and ofc I saw that @Konstantinos was already doing an awesome job here, along with our community managers @Helios and @nawthor, who I have the highest regard for.

Anyways you guys came here for an update so let’s get to it!


Our most important goal is to ship all units ordered so far and then focus on improving your experience around eve-tech.

Like noted, shipping is going according to the plan.

We’re also aware that some of you are not seeing the timelines correctly in the shipping estimator, and are trying our best to rectify this!

New stuff

I’ve been doing a lot of market research lately and I’m excited that in the “not-so-distant-future” there will be probably a lot of exciting announcements! Its too early to say now, but seems there might be a new product category coming up alongside PCs, that we can crowd-develop together.

But first, we focus on closing the funding round & shipping all the ordered units to you, our beloved customers!! :blush:

btw just crossed my mind:
Perhaps for some of you its even the first time seeing my messages. For you new guys, pleased to introduce myself. I’m Mike and I was the most active during the development phase of the V (when it was still known as “Pyramid Flipper”).

Pleased to e-meet you!


Ok, I’d accept a dual screen windows 10 phone as well :wink: Otherwise I still want an AiO :grin:

And glad to have you back (again and again :wink: ), @Mike :slight_smile:


I’m in for a AIOCollaborationDisplay! Sharp has touch-displays up to 70’’!!!


I want 70’ tablet.

Not a typo.


@Mike thx for this update but one more time you forget to mention the missing accessories…
Since February I have my V, I’m happy with it but I will be more happy if my $300 missing accessories were home too or at least on the way!!!

Request 7387

Last reply from your support on April the 17th then nothing, I am tired of this silence and I’m losting my temper.


Hi @Mike. Good to know the shipping is going on as planned.

I got my device today and I loved it. However the enter key on my keyboard is bent and the V was dusty.

Let’s hope you guys can get better at quality control.

(and can I have a new enter key? )


I am not alone!!! I thought it’s just me!


How about the refunds you owe us? Shouldn’t that be your top priority? Or is it because you have to ship computers in order to cover all the people you’ve owed refunds to for months but don’t have the money?


No, it’s because refunds will be made possible after june. This has been said in mails, previous updates and probably in the replies you’ve got from support.


No, it was “at the end of June”


Continuing the discussion from Eve Video Q&A 20.04 and shipping updates:

After end of June is beginning of July/after June


And those of us awaiting me keyboards, pens etc after broken accessories… 3 months of waiting now.


Your quote does not apply :wink:

“As a result we are unable to provide your refund at this moment, but we will in the end of June.”


Ah, thanks for correcting me!


Hi Kel! Nasty you got a possibly defective unit…
If you suffer from any issues or find the keyboard unacceptable, we can replace it according to our warranty terms.

To initiate this, I’d kindly ask you to contact our support staff :wink:


@Mike, not to put a downer on this but i have been waiting since March for my replacement keyboard and get pretty much no information from support… they eventually said it would be delivered at some point in May but of course it hasnt been and i have heard nothing since so i think now i was just told that to keep me quiet for a month

I know i am not the only one in this position. Can you please give us some news, i think we deserve it.


Hi Mike,
Apart from the “enter” key, everything is fine with the keyboard.
I am in touch with your support now.
The V is really nice.


Hi @Mike, great update and I really hope that Eve can move on quickly with a new investor.

But I wonder whether or when the BIOS update that is promised is coming (and a bunch of new, updated drivers?


I don’t have any news about that currently but will bring it up with the team this week to push this issue to the table.

As for getting information about individual customer’s order, payment, shipping & items -related questions, the support is the only place we have for that. This is for privacy as well as in the best interest of this crowd development community.

If we allowed this kind of support-related questions here, it would rather become a support forum than a nice tech community.

Hi @kaum I just talked with Xinjie and he said the update is almost ready, needs some testing so we can be sure everything works correctly. We’re working really hard and want to make it available as soon as its possible, but only if it really works :wink:


I’m totally agree with you and I didn’t want to use the forum to rise my voice but the support has to respond and this is not the case since 2 months for me…